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Hallow's Night In

By LeAndraDawn
Happy Halloween :)

Buncha stuff in here including Salem by VAMP3D and clothes by Littlefox.

Rendered in DS with Reality, postwork in Photoshop.

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Sooooo cooool!
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"double double, toil and trouble fire burn and cauldron bubble"
Great picture.
spartiAtes's avatar
Now that's a brew!!

Love it...
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Again, nice work with that dark creepy yet cool green!!! Love it. Thanks.
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Fantastic! I love the little details like the cat and the bubbles. Most excellent render!
nounoumou's avatar
awsome lighting! The smoke effect is a prop from the product or Photoshop?
LeAndraDawn's avatar
Photoshop ;D Brushes by falln-stock ;D Thanks!
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Really love this! great lighting and colour... was the smoke rendered, or was that post work? Either way, it works very well!
LeAndraDawn's avatar
Post work ;D Made with fabulous brushes by falln-stock ;D Thank you for your comment!
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This is fantastic
LeAndraDawn's avatar
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The smoke really makes this piece come to life, good job!
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Awesooome!! :D I love this, great lighting!
Vampyre-Lover's avatar
WOW!!! Gorgeous!!!
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I just submitted a pic to daz gallery. I hope it gets in so I can get a discount on the reality plugin.. SUUPER WANT IT
LeAndraDawn's avatar
You'll have no problem getting in, but I'll vote for it (I bet I can spot it <3 )
It's a great plugin. Its so foreign at first because you're doing things differently than you are used to. But the results especially on glass and such is phenomenal. It can take a bit of playing around with to get the right look, so I recommend reading that manual as well as checking out the video tutorials.
vexiphne's avatar
I just picked it up thanks to my bestest *Rozbeans . I'm going to play with it!!!
LeAndraDawn's avatar
Squeeee! :D Can't wait to see what you come up with!
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