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Sleepy Jonin by KejaBlank Sleepy Jonin :iconkejablank:KejaBlank 1,106 42
When He Returns Your Feelings: Kakashi X Reader
“Thanks for agreeing to help me out, Kakashi. You have no idea how much I appreciate it.”
You and Kakashi are currently looking through clothes racks inside of a fancy dress shop in one of the wealthier areas of Konoha. Normally you would be out with friends at a time like this or at home doing your daily chores. However, due to a midnight phone call from your Aunt the previous night, over fifty percent of your weekend has been sucked away from you. It’s too bad that your cousins are away from the Leaf Village for the month and that you’re the favored niece out all of your Aunt’s nieces, otherwise you might be able to bribe another unfortunate relative into taking your place. Of course, based on where you’re currently at and on the fact that you’ll be spending all day tomorrow with your Aunt to “prepare for the occasion”, having someone take your place is practically impossible.
The copy ninja looks up from the rack he was
:iconfullmoonbloodbender:FullMoonBloodbender 185 16
I Will Come Back P2(Kakash's Homecoming)
A soft, light-hearted giggle was heard across the room. Your eyes shot opened as the delightful sound entered through your ears. It was quite surprising to hear the little creature giggling instead of crying. Well, how could the little baby be crying if she was going to see her new daddy?
A smile crept onto your lips as the mere thought of Kakashi coming home. Since the moment he had departed, you had been patiently waiting for him. Well, in reality, it was you and the little bean inside of you. Some days after he left, you had been rushed to the hospital, and had quite a birth. But, the most you desire was for Kakashi to be by your side, but sadly he was fighting to protect the world as you knew it.
Not wanting to waste more time, you walked over to the crib only to be meet with a pair of black eyes, the same color that Kakashi had. Her eyes seem to be glistening and her smile was breathtaking. You caressed her cheeks softly only for her to giggle again, and grab one of y
:iconmaptlv31:Maptlv31 68 6
Games (Jealous Kakashi x Reader)
“Aho! Aho!”
The streets buzzed with life as you made your way towards the Hokage’s office. It was one of your days off, but God, you were bored out of your mind. You didn’t care if the Third assigned you to clean the Hokage’s monuments, you at least would had something to do during the day. Just when you were about to step inside the Hokage’s building did you noticed the silver haired man.
“Oh, hey Y/N,”he greeted you. “What are you doing here?”
“Oh, Kakashi senpai,”you smiled at him. “I was just going to talk to the Hokage.”
“Is your day off, isn’t it?”
“Then why are you here?”
“Why are you making so many questions?”
You looked at him with an eyebrow arched. He just tucked his hands in his pockets, and looked at the horizon. “Enjoy your day, Y/N,”he ordered. “Tomorrow, we’ll be leaving in a mission to gather intel. T
:iconmaptlv31:Maptlv31 720 80
Kakashi x Student!reader part 13
Your mouth pulled into a line as you lay against your brother’s wooden body, his eyes causally wandering onto your weird expression.
“What are you doing?” he asked as he put down the book he had been reading
“Trying to pull a face like you” you smirk poking him softly as he shook his head
“My face does not look like that”
“Does too”
“Are you two finished?” Pein strolled into room in which you had been lounging causally. Sitting up quickly and smiling happily,
“Good morning Leader-sama!” you chirped as he gave you a gentle look back,
“Good morning, (y/n)” coughing he continued “Sasori, you and Deidara have a job. I’ve already given Deidara the details. Please be quick about it” and with that he left.
Sasori sighed “Well I have things to do” he turned and gave you a quick hug before leaving.
Shaking your head at yo
:iconthe-banshee-queen:The-Banshee-Queen 204 26
Kakashi x Reader II 'It was you'
“Woohoo!!!” you screamed from the top of your lungs as you jumped from rooftop to rooftop, searching for a certain silver haired ninja that had to pay up his bet. You somehow ended up in front of the academy; school had ended for the day so the only ones there were the teachers
“Hmmm… Maybe Iruka-Sensei knows where Kakashi is” You went inside and searched for your old sensei’s classroom, once there you knocked gently on the door and waited to hear the phrase ‘Come in’ leave Iruka’s mouth before entering. Once inside you were greeted by the sight of him grading papers, exhaustion written all over his face but with a smile that said ‘It’s worth it’.
“Hi Iruka-Sensei” He looked at you and a bright smile decorated his features.
“Oh ______! It’s good to see you, how did the jonin test go?” You giggled a bit as you approached his desk
“I don’t know Iruka-Sensei, you tell me
:iconyabre12:yabre12 389 16
When You Get Trapped: Kakashi X Reader
“I’m sorry, Ms. ______, but you can’t see her right now. Visitor hours haven’t started yet.”
You stand in front of the receptionist desk at the hospital, a large bouquet of flowers delicately arranged in your arms. A couple days ago your grandmother took a nasty fall while dusting off some high shelves in her house. While she didn’t hurt herself too badly with no brain damage or internal injuries, she did end up breaking her hip. It is because of this that she had to go in for hip surgery last night. Not only that, but you’re the only person in your family that’s willing to take the day off work to stick around and make sure her recovery goes well. Only, so far, things aren’t going quite the way you’d planned.
Putting on your best sad expression, you attempt tugging at the receptionist’s heart strings. “I know that visitor hours haven’t started yet, but I was hoping that you would reconsider. I told
:iconfullmoonbloodbender:FullMoonBloodbender 222 18
Hidden (Kakashi x Reader)
A smile played along your lips as you stood in front of the living room window, drinking your second cup of coffee. the sound of things being tossed and moved about filled your ears causing your smile to grow more.
Kakashi had been searching the bedroom for twenty minutes now, looking for his beloved book. And he was never going to find it, not this time. It wasn't the first time you had hid that damn book and sadly he always found it, but he wouldn't this time. You found a better hiding place that he would never look.
It was a rare day that the both of you had off together. You wanted to spend the day together since the both of you had been busy lately with training students and missions. Kakashi wanted to spend it with his nose in the book to catch upon his reading. That annoyed you. So when Kakashi was in the shower, you couldn't help but take the book and hide it. He got out of the shower not long after that and got dressed, then when he went to retrieve his book, he found i
:iconmidnightbrunette:MidnightBrunette 244 33
The Moonlight Book ( Kakashi Hatake X the Reader)
The Moonlight Book ( Kakashi Hatake X the Reader)
I gently shifted in my seat as Tsunade-sama looked straight at me from her desk. Her brown eyes narrowed at me and her hands were neatly placed in her lap. It is her normal and simple position she does whenever she tries not to hit me. Sometimes it even works, like today.
Anyone who walked into this office—even blind—could tell that there was something going on. It was that clear in the air between the fifth hokage and me that something was defiantly going on that was not good.
Two seconds went by.
Four seconds went by.
I start to rub the back of my neck with my right hand. Then I shook my left foot, still watching Tsunade-sama.
Six seconds went by.
"Are we done here, hokage Tsunade-sama?" I questioned, giving her a fake smile.
A second went by of her just gazing at me.
Tsunade-sama stood up from her desk, and then she walked around it. The older female now stood right in front of me. Within an instant, she leaned in and put
:iconariannanycholjohnson:AriannaNycholJohnson 133 13
when you're gone | kakashi x reader
I always needed time on my own. I never thought I'd need you there when I cry.
Silence filled the sullen room that you once shared with him. The air seemed stale and suffocating, but you had no intention of leaving the comfort of your bed. You turned to your right and caught sight of your own reflection, but the girl in the mirror looked nothing like you. Her matted hair full of knots with balls of lint, Her tear stained cheeks were dirty with make up. Her lips chapped and windburned. Eyes hollow and lifeless. This girl was you. You who had given up on all hope. You turned away not able to look at your own pathetic reflection.
And the day feel like years when I'm alone. And the bed where you lie is made up on your side.
You looked over to your left where he used to sleep. Running your hands along the empty spot, you lean in and engulf the faint, left over scent. Lifting up the pillow, you discover a small Polaroid photo of you two smiling like idiots. You felt the corners
:iconsobersenpai:sobersenpai 197 42
[commission] intro | kakashi x reader x genma
[f/n] stretched her limbs as she casually walked to the Hokage's office, passing by Team Guy. The three of his students were currently engaged in a conversation about whether the kunai or the shuriken was more accurate. Guy noticed her presence and greeted her with a smile.
"Ah, [f/n]! You're looking more youthful by day." He beamed.
Cue the signature thumbs up and sparkly grin.
The three students smiled and bowed respectively toward her making [f/n] frown; it always made her feel uncomfortable when the younger ones did that. It's not like she was much older than them. Okay, maybe she was, but it's not like she acted any more mature.
"Oi, oi. Tenten, Lee, Neji, quit it with that formal stuff. We're friends." She waved them off.
"But you're our elder [f/n]-sensei!" Lee exclaimed, bowing continuously. It caused Neji to grimace and an irk mark to appear on his forehead and Tenten to giggle at her ridiculous teammates. Guy heartily laughed and slapped Lee on the back with such force that i
:iconsobersenpai:sobersenpai 60 4
homecoming | kakashi x reader
The small loft that you shared with Kakashi was dark and the only light source was the blaring television that reflected upon your face. Your stared blankly ahead at the moving images blinking feeling the burning sensation behind your eyes. You averted your eyes to the ceiling above you and switched your body position so that you were laying on your back. It was days like these that you could barely sleep. Whenever he was gone you were a totally insomniac which was pretty often.
The sound of the door unlocking, a tired exhale and the floor boards creaking under your lovers weight was enough to make you breathe a sigh of relief. Your eyes flicker to the silver haired masked ninja who looked like he was going to collapse any minute now from exhaustion. He turned on the lamp beside him as you switched off the television.
"Hey." He said breaking the silence.
"Hey, you look pretty beaten up."
"Yeah, that last mission really took a toll on me. I swear everything I say to the knucklehead goes
:iconsobersenpai:sobersenpai 258 11
[commission] hero | kakashi hatake x reader
Drip. Drip. Drip.

She awoke to an excruciating pain that only seemed to be worsening by the second. Her whole body felt like someone had just set her on fire and her head felt like lead every time she tried to pick it up, so she just set her head back down on the concrete. Her limbs were so weak she could barely even lift her body up without her legs wobbling like she was a baby taking its first steps. The one question that kept nagging at her mind:
How the hell did she end up here?
"WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN HE ALREADY WENT?!" Tsunade angrily shouted at the very innocent Kotetsu and Izumo. They shrunk under her burning gaze only hoping to escape her wrath. Shizune only gave them a look of sympathy as if to apologize for Tsunade's brashness, but nothing she did could really lessen her anger.
"Well, um—" Izumo began, but he was cut off by Tsunade's furious tirade of questions.
"About t-two hours ago, M'Lady." Kotetsu answered as
:iconsobersenpai:sobersenpai 300 10
when you're gone [2]. | kakashi hatake x reader
Loneliness. It  always had been lurking within him and around him. It welcomed him in open arms, and yet he gave in. No matter how much he told himself he wouldn't the feeling was too good, for the meanwhile at least. He loved the feeling of not feeling anything at all. Numbness shrouded his body as he slumped against a tree, hands over his chest and he shut his eyes. Flashbacks soon emerged of loved ones being killed left and right.
"I-it's all your fault!" Rin's voice echoed in his head. Tears streamed down his face as he shook his head over and over again, grasping at his hair, watching his Rin's bloodied body shout at him. "You're a monster!"
He heaved for air, choking, gasping as he clutched at his throat. Sweat lingered on the surface of his skin, clinging to his body as he fought to catch his breath. 
It was just a dream.
"Just a dream." He repeated out loud, as he looked around at his surroundings. Where was he? How long had he been gone? How could he let himself sink
:iconsobersenpai:sobersenpai 129 19
Our Little Secret Kakashi X Student!Reader
                “Well,” Kakashi groans, putting his hands behind his hips and stretching, “I’ll have to rent an inn for the night…”
                “WHAT?!” Sakura screams, stomping over to Kakashi, “I, WILL NOT SHARE A ROOM WITH 3 BOYS!!!!!”
                “Sakura calm down.” I lean over and whisper in her ear, “maybe you’ll get to sleep with Sasuke.” I giggle and sarcastically drift away, leaving her to ponder with those thoughts. “But seriously.” I add. “If any of you try something I will break your neck. Sensei, colleague, doesn’t matter who you are.” All of them, well except for Sakura since she knew me well, shivered with fear when I thre
:iconfantagedawn:FantageDawn 227 42
Kakashi X Student!Reader|| All Night
A heated sigh penetrates the air as the Silver Fox glided his fingers down from (Name)'s bare breasts to her torso.
 His digits left a trail of fire in their wake; an unquenchable longing shrouded his student.
His student....
The male's fingers freeze.
This was wrong. He knew it and so did she. (Name)'s (E/c) eyes gazed into his bicolored orbs, as if reading his thoughts.
 "No one will find out," She smirked, fully aware of his mental debate. Her delicate hands settled on his bare, toned chest and pressed him backward, into the bed.
  That was what he loved about her. She didn't give a damn if he was her Sensei and she his pupil. She didn't care about the possibility of being caught, which would lead to disgrace for the both of them.
Besides, that's what made it so... Tantalizing.
   Kakashi's breathing hitched as she ran her fingers over his abs, delicately tracing his abdominal muscles.
   God, she was so addictive.
Like a drug.
   A groan
:iconhawkkage:HawkKage 40 6



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