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Undertale: The Novel - Chapter 20
There was another gray monster there to greet me when I got out of the L3 elevator, a humanoid creature about my height with large round eyes that stared blankly ahead. I went up to the monster, and it spoke without turning to acknowledge me, that vacant expression still on its face. "It makes sense why Asgore took so long to hire a new Royal Scientist. After all, the old one...Dr. Gaster. What an act to follow! They say he created the Core. However, his life...was cut short. One day, he fell into his creation, and..." The monster paused before finishing with "Will Alphys end up the same way?"
I shuddered as I walked by, but the monster still didn't look at me. When I reached the doorway to the next room, I turned around, and just as I predicted, the monster was gone. I tried to put those words out of my head, but that last sentence kept echoing in my mind and making my stomach turn. Poor Dr. Gaster, to hold such a prestigious position in the king's court,
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Undertale: The Novel - Chapter 19

A few steps away from where I found the Saving Star, Alphys called again. "S-see that building in the distance?" she said when I answered the phone. "That's the Core. The source of all power for the underground. It converts geothermal energy into magical electricity, by...Uh, anyway, that's where we're going to go. In the Core is an elevator directly to Asgore's castle. And from can go home."

Those last words echoed in my mind as Alphys hung up and left me in silence. I kept walking down the road, but my steps were slow from the heat and the weight of my thoughts. Ever since I woke up from that first awful dream, all I've wanted was to leave this place, and now that I'd seen more of what these monsters are capable of, that hadn't changed. I couldn't truly feel safe until I was back in the world I knew and understood. But once I resurfaced on Mt. Ebott, what would I do then? Where exactly was home? The city? Mr. Fox's house? Or should I jus
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Undertale: The Novel - Chapter 18
By the time I woke up, the overhead lights were back on, although I couldn't hear anyone else around. With a prayer of thanks for a restful night free of nightmares, I got out of bed, changed back into my clothes, and took stock of my inventory. [I better get out of here soon,] I thought as I rummaged through the bag. [Or else I'm gonna have to get creative. There's only enough underwear in here to last a week.] Once again, the only consumable thing on me was the slice of butterscotch pie, my only connection to Toriel since she still wouldn't answer her phone. [Maybe I can go without breakfast today...] But as soon as I thought that, my stomach protested with a loud grumble. There was still no sound coming from downstairs, so I rode the escalator down and made my way over to the kitchen area. Sure enough, Dr. Alphys was nowhere to be found; I couldn't even see her feet under the bathroom door. My stomach growled again, and with a tinge of guilt, I opened
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Convictor Verlisify
A sinful network…the Pokémon community…I, the guardian of YouTube, am the only one who can return the corrupted and ruined franchise to its true form!
At trial, present the charges to the court
Presume the judgment will have tentative results
Assume guilty until proven innocent
Make clear the difference between black and white, and convict!
Duncan! (Duncan!) Creator of the Roulette Free-For-All
He’s a selfish bastard who takes the glory for himself
Twisting all my words to make me look like the bad guy
Your Pokémon are genned because you suck as a trainer!
Hoodlum! (Hoodlum!) The Scottish wannabe rule breaker punk
Glorifying hacking both in tournaments and games
He gets a sick kick out of making fun of me
To be honest, I think he’s secretly in love with me
Liam! (Liam!) You pretend to be a voice of reason
But you try to justify hacking on your own channel!
P.D.! (P.D.!) You’re nothing but a dirty liar!
Misleading your viewers in eve
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Undertale: The Novel - Chapter 17
The laboratory doors parted open, and with no one to greet me, I started down the dimly lit corridor. The pale green walls and blue tile floor helped to reflect what little light there was, and most of that light was focused on me, as if I were about to walk out onto a stage. There was no hint that anyone was waiting inside; the hallway was empty, and the only sound I could hear was the humming of technology. At the end of the corridor was a wider room, also empty, and the first thing that caught my attention was the large machine against the wall that looked like an old arcade game. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw something move on the screen, and when I turned to look, I found myself staring at the back of my head. [Is] I approached the screen and my head grew larger in it, and when I turned to the side, the image of me turned as well. I turned around and found the camera on the wall opposite the machine, and a light was projecting from it, the
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Undertale: The Novel - Chapter 16
When I followed the path leading north from the river bank, I found myself right in front of Gerson's shop. I considered stopping in to look for a gift for Undyne, but then I decided I didn't want to put this off any longer than I had to. Besides, I had no idea how long the rest of the journey would take, and I had to be careful with my money. The dimensional box was still sitting outside the store, and I took a quick peek inside, but nothing in there seemed appropriate for the occasion. Finding my way to Undyne's house from here wasn't difficult; I remembered where everything was from yesterday. Turning left in front of Gerson's, I came to the square and took the first northward path on the left, and just as I predicted, Papyrus was standing at Undyne's door, waiting as patiently as ever. I don't know why he was so certain I would come, but I was relieved at not having to go into Undyne's house alone. As I came closer to the house, I could hear someone in
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Undertale: The Novel - Chapter 15
CHAPTER FIFTEEN: Spear of Justice
It was still pitch black in the cavern when I woke up for the second time, and the days I'd spent without sunlight were starting to throw off my biological clock. But there was no point in waiting around, and if I was early enough, maybe I could make it out of Waterfall before Undyne picked up my trail again. After stretching out my stiff muscles, careful not to stand up and risk exposing myself, I pulled the Crab Apple out of my bag and had myself a quick breakfast. The first bite caught me by surprise; while the color reminded me of a red delicious, the fruit was as sour as a Granny Smith. Still, by the time I was down to the core, I felt refreshed and ready to take on whatever was waiting for me down the path I had not yet traveled. I looked both ways before emerging from the grass, then turned right and right again to follow the only other road available to me other than the one I had come down. The air was full of little yellow lights, fireflies p
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Undertale - Chara's Song
Long ago I was alone, with no place to call home
Hated by the world I knew, and nothing I could do
Things would never be okay, and so I ran one day
Climbed up to the mountaintop to throw my life away
Fell into a gaping hole, to what I didn’t know
I’d heard all the tales of those who met their end below
Woke up and became aware, I’d never been so scared
Looked around and called for help, but there was no one there
Then a voice and a face
Came and met me in this place
He was kind, he wasn’t scared
It was the first time someone cared
He brought me back to his home
I saw the castle and the throne
And I would stay determined
Child of the king and queen
I would give them hope and dreams
I wanted to set them free
Said “I have a plan, listen to me
I’ll take my life, you’ll take my soul
We’ll cross the barrier, leave this hole
With seven souls, we’ll save the day”
He wasn’t sure, but he said “Okay”
And we would be det
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Undertale: The Novel - Chapter 14
CHAPTER FOURTEEN: Battle Against a True Hero
I had only taken a few steps into the next room when I noticed more plaques on the walls to my left, and ever curious, stopped to read the first one. "Hurt, beaten, and fearful for our lives, we surrendered to the humans. Seven of their greatest magicians sealed us underground with a magic spell. Anything can enter through the seal, but only beings with a powerful soul can leave." I paused before going on to the next passage. Mr. Fox told us that humans sealed the monsters underground after the war, but the implications of that never really hit me until now. To think there was once a time when humans could use magic, when all the nuns tried to tell us there was no such thing. My mind raced with thoughts of finding some hint down here as to who these great magicians were and where they lived. If they passed down what they knew to their descendants, then maybe somewhere in the world, there were people who still knew how to use magic. [Maybe wh
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Undertale: The Novel - Chapter 13
My whole body felt numb when I returned to the world, and the only part I could feel was my head, which throbbed with a pain the likes of which I'd never felt before. All around me was blackness, and as I lay paralyzed, my mind raced with a million fears. [Is this permanent? Will I never be able to walk again? Have I gone blind? Am I having a concussion? Did I die?] Dead silence filled the air, and I wondered whether that should tell me how deep I had fallen or if my headache was just blocking my hearing. Then a voice, young, gentle, and unfamiliar, cut through the fog in my head, although I couldn't tell from what direction. I tried to open my eyes, but my body was too weak to do even that, so I lay still and gave the voice my full attention.
"It sounds like it came from over here..." it said. "Oh! You've fallen down, haven't you...? Are you okay? Here, get up..." There was a short pause before it spoke again. "Chara, huh? That's a nice name. My name is..
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Undertale: The Novel - Chapter 12
As soon as I stepped out of the room and into the adjacent hallway, my head fell into a haze and my thoughts suddenly became fuzzy. Though I clearly remembered waking up that morning, I started to feel as if I was dreaming and nothing around me was real. In the center of the hallway, there was a dull gray door that seemed very out of place against the dark blue wall and floor. [Maybe I really am dreaming.] I opened the door and entered into a room with no walls or ceiling, just a gray path leading to an open floor and all around that, a dark void. In the middle of the floor stood a figure dressed in a flowing black suit, as still and as thin as if he were a cardboard cutout and not an actual person. I walked up to the man and looked into his hollow black eyes, one long and wide, the other shaped like a sideways crescent moon. His face was ghostly white with a small crack running down one side to meet his eye, another on the opposite side connecting his other e
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Undertale: The Novel - Chapter 11
I woke up the next morning to a light turning on in the living room and the sound of footsteps coming down the stairs. Facing the couch, I couldn't see who was approaching, but I found out soon enough when he spoke up, cutting through the morning silence.
"Lazy bones," Papyrus scolded, sounding refreshed and ready for action. "Couldn't even make it up the stairs, could you? Well, it's time to get up now, or you'll be late for work!"
Still half asleep, I couldn't figure out why Papyrus would think it was Sans lying on the couch. Then I shifted a little and realized there was something draped over me, something soft and warm and blue. Sans' hoodie.
"I have a meeting with Undyne this morning," Papyrus spoke again, "so if you want breakfast, you better get a move on!"
Just then, a small POOF! sound came from behind Papyrus, and I heard Sans say "Okay, sure. What are we having?"
I peeked out from under the hoodie and saw Papyrus turning his head back and forth between
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Undertale: The Novel - Chapter 10
CHAPTER TEN: Dating Start
Everyone in Snowdin Town was going about their business when I returned, and as a new set of unfamiliar carols played in the square, I thought about how I should prepare for my very first date. I never thought it would happen before I turned thirteen, the age when the nuns finally let up some of their restrictions on us, let alone that it would be with a magical talking skeleton. [Will this world ever cease to amaze me?] Truthfully, I never thought anyone on Earth would want to go on a date with me. Most people I knew only liked either boys or girls, and since I was neither, I figured that ruled out the possibility of anyone taking interest in me altogether. No one ever told me that I would grow up to be beautiful or handsome, and while the nuns kept insisting that wasn't important, that true beauty came from inside us, they've said it at least once to every other child in their care. But none of that mattered now. Now, someone had his eye on me, and I was goi
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Undertale: The Novel - Chapter 9
CHAPTER NINE: Bonetrousle
When I woke up for real the next morning, the first thing I did after saying a morning prayer was hurry into the bathroom and wash my face. Normally I didn't bother cleaning myself up in the morning, but today was a big day and I had to make myself look as inviting as possible. Papyrus was willing to be friends with me after I had killed everyone in Snowdin, so if I looked my best and made the offer first, with clean hands and honest intentions, there's no way he could bring himself to capture me. I made use of the toothbrush and toothpaste that were tucked away at the bottom of my bag; Toriel must have left them in there just in case one of her children went off on an adventure. As I put on one of the clean pairs of underwear that Toriel also snuck into the bag and changed back into my regular clothes, I could hear the guests in the room next door discussing their plans for the day. Hearing all the signs of life around me filled me with determination and reas
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Undertale: The Novel - Chapter 8
There was nowhere for me to go except forward, so I followed the path that Greater Dog had taken and it brought me to the edge of the cliff. A vast canyon full of snow-topped trees lay below me, and a long wooden bridge stretched across it, with ropes to hold onto all the way. The bridge was sturdy enough that I didn't feel the need to hold onto the ropes, but when I saw who was waiting for me on the other side, I had to stop and reach out to them for support. At the end of the bridge, blocking my only way forward, Papyrus stood proudly, bearing his most menacing grin. Sans was beside him and looking directly at me, his smile as casual as ever. I should have known they would be there. This was the only way for me to go, and I had witness this scene play out countless times in books and movies. Just when the hero is convinced they're alone and try to cross the bridge to safety, the villain greets them at the far end and gives a speech about how they've finall
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Undertale: The Novel - Chapter 7
CHAPTER SEVEN: Enemy Approaching
I hesitated before turning any corners from that point on, just in case there was a skeleton waiting for me on the other side. Sans on his own wasn't a threatening sight, but something told me that wherever he was, Papyrus couldn't be far away. Once I saw that the coast was clear, I followed the path out of the clearing, and the first thing I noticed was a sign on the side of the road that read "Absolutely NO MOVING!!!" [What a strange sign to have on a road,] I thought. [How is anyone supposed to get where they're going if they can't move?] Ignoring it, I continued down the road, and not far along, I found another wooden sentry station. This one had a more rounded roof than the one Sans was supposed to be occupying, and it was enclosed all around except in front, which only had a low counter with a bell sitting on it. Assuming it to be empty, I tried to walk past it, but when I came close enough, I heard rustling from within and stopped in my tracks. A
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Fireworks Endangers Wildlife
Animals hate fireworks, and we need to think about how it affects them. July 4th fireworks are set off days before and days after by people using them for personal use. Loud fireworks cause a great amount of fear, stress, and anxiety in animals. This fear causes them to run, which results in leaving their nesting areas, injuries, and death. Look at this list and see what horrible effects fireworks have on wildlife. We should respect and treat animals as we would a human child you love.
Large animals, such as deer, can run into roadways causing injury and death. This would happen as a result of being hit by a car, which also causes damages to humans - car damage, injuries, and death.The panic can cause so much disorientation that wildlife parents, such as birds, squirrels, ducks, cannot locate their nests and their babies die.Panic and disorientation also result in birds flying into windows and buildings, or too far out to sea to escape the noise. Waterfowl
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Leah Kate
United States
Law student, tree hugger, bird watcher, pacifist, feminist, bisexual, amateur yoga instructor, singer, musician, songwriter, author, American Idol enthusiast, and Muppet fanatic. I also have Asperger's syndrome and love improv games. Favorite fandoms include Pokemon, Disney, Marvel, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Star Wars, and Lord of the Rings. I enjoy a good walk in the woods or trip to the beach on nice days. No need to thank me for llamas, just give me one in return and that will be thanks enough.
Hey guys! How's it going? I'm back home for the summer and about to start my internship with the Court Service Center, so I just wanted to give you guys an update as to what you can expect from this page (if there are enough of you to even care about that).

We'll start with the good news: now that the school year is done, I'm going back to work on Undertale: The Novel; the story is more than halfway done now, and Chapter 20 should be up sometime soon. I'll try to get as much of it out as I can before school starts again at the end of August. It would have been done last summer, but I didn't make the best of my limited free time, and I won't make that mistake again.

Now for the bad news: many of you probably saw this coming, but due to my free time becoming more limited and other writing projects taking priority, The Adventurous Adventures of American Idol is being shelved indefinitely. I don't want to say it's outright cancelled, because I've put so much time and effort into it already and I am happy with the stories I've come up with, so I'd like to fully tell them someday. But there is still so much work that needs to be done with the majority of installments in that series: the first three stories need to be written, The Showstoppers and No Boundaries need to be finished, Time of a Life and Beautiful Days need to be reworked, This Is Now, A Love This Big, Forever Home, and Glowing Beauty all need to be restarted, Life Is Beautiful needs a few things added, and I haven't even begun outlining the final installment. Plus, I have absolutely no interest in the new season on ABC, so anyone who came here looking for that would just be disappointed. Not to mention the biggest problem with the series: it stands absolutely no chance of being published due to a multitude of copyright issues (and because it's fan fiction), so even if I did take the time and effort to finish it completely, I'd get nothing for it. So as much as I'd like to return to it someday, that won't be happening anytime soon.

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