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Published: July 3, 2015

Hello to all my lovely watchers!

I will be back on the 19th of July and will start posting artwork again soon after that. However I am hear with a message about where you can find me in the land of social media. So the following will be the site you can find me at and a description on what you can tend to see on it.

:bulletred: Facebook :bulletred:
Here you will find the combination of my art and photography. This includes sketches,, linearts, doodles, and high quality art for my artwork. On the photography stand point you will most likely see high quality photos but there will be photos here that you might not see on my photo deviantArt account. Other possible things you might see here is some crafts like jewelry I have made.

:bulletorange: Tumblr :bulletorange:
I am more of a lurker on Tumblr then a submitter. I have put some of my art and photos up here but I have not kept it up to date. I usually just heart peoples things and enjoy the quirkiness of the site. You can still follow me but don’t expect much.

:bulletyellow: Website (currently down) :bulletyellow:
Once I get this back up and running you can find a combination of my art and photography like at my art Facebook page however this is a more professional site and I plan to use it for that purpose to help me get jobs in the future or once my art career gets going to show potential clients.

:bulletgreen: Pinterest :bulletgreen:
I am usually pretty active on Pinerest, have not been lately due to the poor internet connection I was experiencing at my job, however I plan to get back to be more active in the future. Right now you can find my photography here. Might add artwork in the future.

:bulletblue: Twitter :bulletblue:
I have not posted much on the Twitterverse yet but I plan to in the future, so this would be a worthy one to follow. Right now I post good pictures that I take on my phone or when I have access to a computer or good internet my art and photography. Also you might see some blurbs about wildlife related stuff like facts or things I find out in the field. So you might learn something as well.

:bulletpurple: Zazzle :bulletpurple:
Here is were you can buy some of my art and photography on merchandise like on t-shirts, mugs, mouse pads, button pins, and more! I would really appreciate it if you guys would suggest what you would like to see on what and to even purchase some of this stuff. Since how this site works is that I only get paid if I get more than $100. Please check it out!

:bulletpink: Google + :bulletpink:
Okay so I have had a Google + for a while but I didn’t know it had all these nifty profile things until now. So I just updated it and this will also be a place that I will post art and photography, but this will only be the best of the best works or personal favorites. I have uploaded all the photos of 2015 so far. You can look me up at Leah C Klehn. It should be a picture of an oak tree as my little circle icon.

I hope you have found this informative and I hope to see some of you at these other sites. :)

Also remember I am still taking commissions and information on that can be found at Commission Page.

My commissions are cheap, for the same price as a hot chocolate and bagel you can get good quality art to put it in perspective.


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