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Quest of the tiny v0.3

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Finally updated this game! I know it's been a while, but it took a long time for me to add everything that I wanted.

The game was made in Twee. It's a HTML file so it runs on web browsers.
Textadventures mirror:…

(Warning: Any files from v0.2 are NO LONGER COMPATIBLE with the game in it's current state. Please delete them. Future updates will likely remain compatable with files in the current update, but I could not avoid breaking save files with this update.)

This is a size based text adventure/rpg that I've been working on as a personal project for a while now.

You play as a boy or girl who's been given a quest by a mysterious angelic figure to defeat a great evil... while only a few inches tall! In order to progress, you will have to gain the attention of some girls, now significantly larger then you. This will usually result in getting into an encounter with them, where you have to escape or do something else, or potentially be at the girls mercy, with occasionally fatal consequences. This game features RPG like combat, as well as elements of exploration. Some problems will have multiple solutions.

This game now has a discord server! Join it for discussion of the game, and for updates on the progress of future updates.
Invite link:


-Added the area outside the door (featuring two new girls)
-Changed battle numbers from pure numeric display to health bars (with some animation)
-Background color changes in certain scenes
-Made some improvements to the framework of the battle system
-Changed the thresholds for reaching certain body parts on Jennifer's climbing encounter (The difficulty of the encounter as a whole is unchanged.)
-Added a title screen and patch notes

-Game created
-Inventory system created
-Equipment system created
-Battle system created
-Added one girl
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Don't know if you're still around and working on the game, but I'm a huge fan.