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Hey Summoners!

As of recently, we are looking for a new admin to take over charge of the LOLFanGroup, as time has become a factor and our current admin is falling behind. For those that are interested, please submit your qualifications to :iconsorincrecens:, and we'll be sure too look over them and let you know if we decide.
To Apply You Must Be:
- 18 or Older
- Have Been a Member for 3+ Months
- Submitted Works Before
- Be Self-Disciplined
- A Reliable Individual
- Good Blogging Experience
- And Obviously a Fan of LOL

For more info, send a message with your qualifications and we'll get back to you ASAP! Thanks Summoners!

Rules for Submitting

- All Artwork Must Be Submitted to the Correct Folder!
- No Copyright Infringed Work (Seriously, stealing arts a crime. So if it's not yours, don't submit it.)
- All Artwork Must Be Related To League
- No Bullying (We make art about League, not bully others!)
- No Explicit Language (Crap, Ass, and Damn are fine, but no others.)
- Have FUN! (Seriously, have fun! Overwatch is awesome, so lets make sure we all keep it awesome!)

If any of the following rules are not followed, your work will either be rejected or deleted from the group.

Old News:
As of April 5th, we now have acquired space in all folders for new works to be displayed! Hurray!! :D
Some older works where deleted from the folders due to: not being relevant to League, copyright content, or poor quality. If your art was one of the victims of this purge, I'm terribly sorry. If you'd like for it to be resubmitted, please send me a message and I'll let you know what we can do for ya and see about getting it back up.
Few Things:
There are some new rules to submitting work. I will no longer have the group open to freely add submission and rather I will have to accept them. Sorry, I know that makes things rather difficult, but there was A LOT of art in the folders which just wasn't what the group was about.

THERE ALSO is a new folder for NSFW (Not Safe For Work) art so, please Please PLEASE use it if your art contains any content which fits that category. If I find it in any of the other folders, I will delete it without any warning. Then you'll be left like "Hey, what happen to my art?" And I'll be like, "Sorry, not sorry, yo! Ya didn't put it in the NSFW folder. Gotta pay attention next time. :I"
The Featured folder also will now ONLY be for works that we have decided as admins to display. These will consist of work we see as being creative, colorful, and really embody the summoner spirit. So if you would like you work to be in there, let us know and we'll see if it's "worthy."

Otherwise, you can always submit your work to the New Art folder and we'll sort if into the other folders if you didn't already. This folder will be purged completely every now and then though, so ye be warned.

And FINALLY, please, for the love of all artist and things holy, don't submit work which is under copyright infringed. We found a few works in the folders which where VERY close, and others which blatantly where taken from the Awesome artists at Riot. If we catch any art by other artists you claim to be you own or you are displaying in your gallery JUST to get followers, we will delete the work, ban you from the group, and no longer permit you till you delete it from your account, faster than a blue hedgehog collecting coins. ;)

So, with all that in mind, keep up the AMAZING work and stay fed out there summoners. And remember, be nice to your opponents. Cause without them there would be no game.
That's all for now!

TLD Version:
- Some works where deleted from folders to make room
- New NSFW Folder, Please Use
- Do Not Submit to the Featured
- All Works Go Through Admin Now


Your Friendly Admin
~ :iconsorincrecens:
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Gallery Folders

Miss Fortune by Prolich
Le Blanc by Prolich
Ahri-portait by Prolich
Project: Vayne Banner by SlothSenpai
New Art
Pool Party Fiora ~Fanart~ by xKzan
Ahri by NovaYin
Pink Ahri by straywolfart
Nami, the Tidecaller by Zarory

Mature Content

Pool Party Ahri by deathsgiver
Xayah | League of Legends by TiamatAkaTakhisis
Together... we are unstoppable, Zed by Stukimura
Akali Blood moon (Comm work) by Stukimura
Jinx by Anioco

Mature Content

Luxba by NiaCady
Riven by JessxJess
Bloodmoon Elise by Tony31892
Jinx - League of Legends by Axilirator
Magma Lux by Zelda74
Magma Lux by Zelda74
Look within yourself by Zelda74
2015 Fan Art Competition
Warring Kingodms Xin -- League of Legends by ArhyaM
Nami - I decide what the tide will bring by AdrianoL-Drawings
Pool Party Lulu by sushiroe
Inquisitor-Thresh-Fanart by nguyenvl08
Neeko Neko Neeeee - League Of Legends by Solaphea
League of Legends - Evelynn by Solaphea
Xayah and Rakan Chibi by Iwillstayhappy
Xayah and Rakan Chibi - SSG Skins by Iwillstayhappy

Mature Content

Ahri - optional NSFW on Patreon 3 by evandromenezes

Mature Content

Sona-League of Legends by yarahaddad


Lux Dark by Pipan1452

Mature Content

Rakan y Xayah by 0Anachis0
Ahri - League of Legends by SoClassic
League of Legends | Janna -  Harmonic Calmness by sphelon8565
Splash Art
Leona Project Edited by juliomsg
Ashe Project Edited by juliomsg
Project Fight by juliomsg
Katarina by aeli9
Fan Art
[Fanart] Challenger botlane 100% winrate by Meownishes
Morgana fanart by NamdYaIllust
leona veraniega :v by reportgg
Jinx by Pipan1452
Lunar Contest
The Art of Revelry contest. by The-Knightwalker
Star Guardian Ahri by BlackFoxTeam
Ekko | The Boy Who Shattered Time by kiRkXD
Irelia vs Akali - time to fight! by Daraya-crafts
Nunu TPA Cosplay - League of Legends by hiiraguizaua

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i know that the awesome community of deviantart will overpower the bad one of league
searching for players who play for fun and their passion of the lore and artworks
note me if you wanna play :)
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