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General rules (apply for all folders)
- You may submit your piece once
- We do not accept WIPs
- Credit Riot when using official splash arts

Featured Folder
Submissions to this folder must be either Secret Santa gifts (Christmas event) OR artwork for prized contests that are not a part of our monthly events. It must be stated in the deviations description that it's for one of our prized contest or Secret Santas by displaying the group icon- : iconleagueoflegends:

Official RIOT Work
This folder is ONLY for art from Riot Game employees or artists hired to do works for Riot. General fanart can NOT be submitted here.

Fan Art
All general fanart will go in this folder.
- All artworks must contain an existing/announced character from League of Legends.
- We do not accept other characters dressing up as LoL characters or drawings of summoners (unless it has a champion in it too).
- We DO accept LoL related items such as, but not limited to: Poros, shop items, Urf, champion weapons.
- Must be a complete work, as we do not accept WIPS.
- Please make it of acceptable quality. Finished sketches are fine as long as it is not too blurry or smudgy.
- Mature content is allowed, but must be tagged as such. Any pieces containing explicit sexual content or sexual acts will be declined, regardless of nudity.

3D Artwork
Any artworks containing a model in 3D digitally modelling software will go here. Please make each piece distinctly unique- For example, please don't submit multiple pictures of the same model/s in slightly different pose. Collages are recommended.

All animations should go here, including animated versions of official splash art. Please make sure to credit any art involved (So if you've used a splash, credit Riot games). Animated comics do not go in this folder and will only be accepted in the 'Comics' folder.

Multi-panel comics are submitted here. Single panel comics may be submitted as long as they are a part of a continuing comic. Comics may include OC's as long as it still involves an existing or announced League of Legends Champion.

There is a one submission a week limit on this folder.
If you have multiple angles/shots of the same cosplay, we encourage making a collage version with all of them instead of individual photos.
You must credit both the cosplayer and the photographer, even if both of them are you. We need a clear statement of who both of them are. Proper credit is important! If you do not provide credit you will be asked to or you will be declined. The reason both need to be credited even if the shot and cosplay is completely done by you is because we as mods don't know who is who- even if we go through your gallery it still may be unclear. Adding credits before submitting will speed up processing your image into our group.

Physical arts and crafts are submitted here. Including, but not limited to, sculptures, earrings, jewelry, stickers, bookmarks, shots of cosplay equipment or handmade champion weapons/items.
- One picture of your craft will be accepted. Multiple pictures will be declined. We suggest making collages of your various shots together and submitting it as one.

Customized Artwork
This folder consists mainly of modified artwork from either Riot Games or other artists, such as wallpapers, banners, signatures, or custom overlays. It also includes twitch overlays, stamps, mouse cursors, modded skins etc.
- Credit to all artists is necessary. Please credit Riot games for any of their artworks used. If you use artwork from non-Riot Games artists, it must be "free to use" or be used with permission. Please state so in the description.
- Saying 'artwork by someone else' or 'not by me' will get you declined.

Custom Champions
Custom (original) Champions may be submitted here. In order for your idea to be accepted, at least one or more of the following must be present:
a) Information about champion abilities
b) Some type of back story
c) A link to the League forum post about the champion
These can be in written text or drawn, as long as it contains one of the above. Remember, the more information, the better!
Please state that is an Original Champion idea for LoL in the description.

Any literature or fanfiction based around LoL content.
Your work/s must be focus on an existing/announced champion or character from League of Legends. This folder follows the same mature content rules as drawn artwork.

Any League related memes can go in here. If your artwork is a personal take or an edit of an existing meme, it goes here.

Pixel Artwork
This folder is for pixel artwork only. Please note that animated pixels should be submitted into the 'Animations' folder.

Skin Ideas
This folder is for artwork that is your personal take on a new or existing skin for a champion in League of Legends. Please state in your description that this is your original skin idea- otherwise it will be declined.
- Simple changes such as colour and simple wardrobe will not be accepted. For example- Giving Ashe a recolour or giving Lulu different boots is not enough. Please put actual effort into your ideas for the skin.
- Skin ideas based upon simple themes such as Christmas or Pool Party will not be accepted unless significant work has been done to modify the visuals of the champion.
EXAMPLE: Dressing Garen in a bathing suit is not enough. Why not give him a Pool Noodle for a sword, or shoulder plates that spray water around during Judgement?
EXAMPLE: Dressing Ahri in a Santa Suit is not enough. Why not show her orb as a Christmas ornament, and make her tails made of tinsel instead?
- If your skin idea is inspired by an existing character (From anime, show, etc) then please credit that. If it looks exactly like the character, it will be declined. Make sure you give it a League of Legends twist to it, to make it unique!

Pro Players
This folder is specifically for fanart of pro-players. We will only accept artworks of proplayers here at this time. We will not accept fanart of streamers, youtubers, etc, UNLESS they are also a proplayer.
- For group art, for example, only one person in the image would need to be a pro player.
EXAMPLE: You draw some of your favourite League players, five of them are youtubers and one of them is a Pro-Player. This would still get accepted because of the pro-player.
IMPORTANT: You would also need to specify the pro player or we will as you to in the submission process. Not all of our mods are familiar with pro-play so we may need to ask for confirmation.

If you have any questions or are unsure of anything, feel free to ask our admins for help! We're here to assist you, we won't bite!

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