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Art Submission Rules

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If you are wondering about folder rules, or which folder is the best fit for your artwork, READ UP ON OUR FOLDER RULES AND SUMMARY HERE. The rules listed below are very basic outlines and we encourage you to read our folder rules before submitting.

Red Minion Animated Pixel Icon by ZenBlood Main Rules: Blue Minion Animated Pixel Icon by ZenBlood

:poro: by NerdyGeekyDweeb Submit to the correct folder.
:poro: by NerdyGeekyDweeb Please don't submit Works In Progress.
:poro: by NerdyGeekyDweeb Anything you submit must be your original work.
:poro: by NerdyGeekyDweeb If you use third party artwork, you must give credit AND have permission to use it.
:poro: by NerdyGeekyDweeb Work must be League of Legends related.
:poro: by NerdyGeekyDweeb Mature content MUST be tagged correctly.
:poro: by NerdyGeekyDweeb We do not accept 18+ (depicting/implying sexual acts)
:poro: by NerdyGeekyDweeb No screenshots will be accepted.

!! Please be patient with submissions, there may be a waiting period depending on when contributors are able to log in and vote. !!
If you have any problems or questions please contact any one of our friendly staff members or send the group a note and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

A list of known Riot staff/artists on dA:
Hi everybody,

Just wanted to get a couple messages out about some things happening for 2019, so let's get started!


Group Discord Server

For a while now, the contributors of this group have been using a Discord server to help communicate and chat. I would now like to open it up to you guys and provide a place where members of this group can get together to find others who play on the same server and organize games of League. It's also meant to be a good place to just hang out and chat or share any artwork you have. You'll also be able to ask questions about your artwork submissions or get feedback if you need to.

Here is the link in case anyone would like to come and hang out:
This link will also be featured on our home page at all times.

Once you've joined up, send us a message in the "#welcome" channel with your deviantArt username and what server you play LoL on, so we can assign you the appropriate role based on your region. You'll need to do this before you have access to any of the text or voice channels.

Looking For Additional Contributors

In light of opening up the Discord server to the group, I'd also like to put the call out for a couple more contributors to join the team here. Contributors are an important part of keeping the group running as well as it does, and responsibilities include:

:bulletblue: Vote on incoming artwork submissions, ensuring that artwork is submitted to the correct folders and follows all the group rules.
:bulletblue: Provide feedback to members and visitors who have questions about the group.
:bulletblue: Occasionally move or remove artwork from the group folders if needed.
:bulletblue: Participate in the Feature Journal, selecting some of your favourite submitted art to be featured in our Monthly journals.

You'll also get the perk of being able to freely submit your own work to our 'Contributors Work' folder, no voting required!

If you'd like to apply, send Blizzmaster a note with the following info:

:bulletblack: Brief info about who you are/what timezone or location you live in.
:bulletblack: Show me the last League of Legends related artwork or content you made (literally anything League related).
:bulletblack: Why would you like to join up as a contributor.

Thank you to everyone who applies.

Artist Spotlights: Coming Soon

New this year, we will also begin releasing Artist Spotlight journals alongside the Feature Journals. Artist Spotlights will:

:bulletred: Showcase a variety of a single artist's League of Legends related work.
:bulletred: Provide info on where else you can find them and their artwork, such as Twitch, Twitter, or other websites.
:bulletred: Increase exposure for the selected artist and their work.

Stay tuned for more information about how to sign up for Artist Spotlights.
More Journal Entries









Here are our affiliates feel free to check them out!


Gallery Folders

Order of the Lotus Irelia by Daraya-crafts
KDA Kaisa | League of Legends by MiraiHikariArt
Gnar - League of Legends - Sketch by MarieDArtist
Bewitching Janna by Zarory
Fan Art Submissions
Varus by SilentBodomLake
Lotus Order Irelia by zoulkill
K/DA Evelynn by Axsens
K/da Eve by Viollyn
Contest and Event Submissions
Secret Santa -- G-E-N-E by PailKnight
Sexy Santa Xin Zhao by SkyeTerri
Pajama Guardian Janna - League of Legends by Gabo-7
Tristy by Halgalaz
Official RIOT Work
Neeko Login Screen by CJXander
Kai'Sa | Login Screen - League of Legends by CJXander
League of Legends : Season 8 | Login Screen by CJXander
Masquerade Evelynn by Lagunaya
Contributors Work
[Collab] Lulu by Sugar-Rei
Star Guardian... Fizz? by Blizzmaster
Pajama Guardian Lux by Wulvenr
Cute Lulu Sketch by Blizzmaster
3D Artwork
League Of Insta 1 : Fraternal selfie by FanOfUs
League Of Insta 2 : Strange stalkers around Akali by FanOfUs
KDA AKALI(Widescreen) by StormWolfSFM
ZBrush - Eternum Rek'sai - League of Legends by Rebecca1208
[c] YungSijo by mizartz
Nami animation doodle by Nestkeeper
Talon-nya by utautouya
Miss Fortune | The Bounty Hunter by Saeye
Colored Line Art and Collaborations
KDA SwiftyBay Photo-edit Meme by Lavellian
League of K/DA by JamilSC11
Another One by utautouya
In Carnage We Bloom by Hashiara
Teemo Snowdown Gift by GuardianLulu
LoL - The Party p2 by Aleriy
LoL - The Party p1 by Aleriy
K/DA Kai'Sa Cosplay - We Pop Stars! by TineMarieRiis
Arcade Ahri Cosplay by Lavellian
Star Guardian Ahri by BlackFoxTeam
League of Legend: Star Guardian Jinx by BelphegorTF
KDA Poro Evelynn by workshopNich
Meeting by Cloneq
Customized Artwork
Lovebirds | Divider | F2U by Ayane-Luna
Custom Champions
League of Legends OC: Zoey 'Sombra' Kilduff by NikBarinova
Victory! by Hashiara

Mature Content

Time to steal your ult by turfex
Pixel Artwork
Ryze, the Rune Mague by GeraldLeyva
Pro Player Artwork
Faker by SHNJKKR
Skin Ideas
Lunar Wraith Varus - Concept Art by xSaphy
Event and Contest Archive
Secret Summoner Thingy for Amxen-No-XV by Silkythecat
External Contest Archive
Frost Dragon Aurelion Snow  by JKLiew92
Fan Art Archives 10
Nightbringer Yasuo by Mylennasden
Fan Art Archives 9
League of Legends, Poppy, Lulu and Tristana by SplashBrush
Fan Art Archives 8
Jinx [Request] by publicStupidity
Fan Art Archives 7
The Starchild by RazeSilverlake
Fan Art Archives 6
Zac Attac by Shenaniganza
Fan Art Archives 5
Soraka - The Starchild by EnigmaPhenomenon
Fan Art Archives 4
Jinxu by ohhLenai
Fan Art Archives 3
Champions of the League by NIELSPETERDEJONG
Fan Art Archives 2
League of Legends fun - Zac by sharrm
Fan Art Archives
LoL Skin Idea - Aquamarine Akali Revamped by FunnyWarfare


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