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Hi everyone,
I would like to let everyone know about a couple of updates to the group, regarding its status, future, and some additional folders being added.

Other Riot Games

As Riot has now released Legends of Runeterra and Valorant, we are starting to see artwork for those games pop up in the submissions. Going forward, we will be accepting Legends of Runeterra fanart alongside League of Legends fanart, as the games are directly related to each other and feature many of the same characters. Valorant fanart will not be accepted to this group, however, as I'd like to keep the group's focus solely on League and things related to it.
A new folder will be created for Legends of Runeterra fanart. This is the place to put your artwork of that game when a League champion is not featured. If a League champion is featured, you can just submit it to the regular Fan Art folder as normal.

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With the recent changes to deviantArt and the fact that this group and League of Legends are both around 11 years old, there's not nearly as much going on in this group as there was before. We have seen drops in the amount of submissions we're getting as well as engagement with group activities like contests, monthly events, etc. (which is why most of those things have stopped).
With all that said, this group is not going anywhere. It will continue to be a place where you can share your League fanart, cosplays and more with other players, fans and artists. I will continue to run a Secret Santa event during the holidays every year if there is interest, but no further monthly events or contests will occur.
Thanks for reading.
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A Break In MonotonyHunger pains were a constant in Vladimir's life. It was a part of his being, something he could not stop or will away. This hunger made him stuck out like a sore thumb amongst the cosmic court. Even his so-called "brethren" have a certain degree of tolerance towards his unnatural hunger.It flares in the pit of his stomach, rising to his throat working his saliva to pool on his mouth. Embedded stars in his purple robe twinkles with his movements. Golden talons in deadly brilliance heralds his arrival. His shoulder-length, white hair falling into place to cover his red right eye. His pale face was hidden partially under a purple gray scarf. A black hole, ever present, floating on his blue right hand which flows with life essence he had drained from planets. He was in an obscure part of the cosmos, an area where a galaxy had been bereft of life. He stretches his arm towards the dead worlds as he prepares to consume it."Must you always spy on me while I feed like some kind of perverted deviant, fish." He says to the vast space before him, voice echoing and unanswered."I have a name and you know it." A girlish voice whined as a mermadic creature floats gracefully to stand beside him. White hair trapped in their golden clasps on her helm into twin pigtails as their blue tips sway with her. "And it's kinda your fault too. You always say no when I ask." She giggles at him. A golden staff held behind her in both hands as the girl childishly leans ever closer to him. The cosmic destiny looked up to him with her big, blue, curious eyes, full of wonder just like a new born yet not as exasperating as one. Blue eyes were a characteristic of all cosmic deities, as having gold ornaments. He had to admit, he missed having two.He could feel her intense stare focused on him. Being stared at was unnerving especially when he feeds. He looks towards her direction. Nami stood on his left, a creature of half fish and half humanoid. She was a peculiar creature to say the least. She was the only one that sought him out on her own volition. The white of her clothes emphasizes her gray-bluish alabaster skin and her dark violet star sprinkled tail. A frown grew on his face.Why was she bothering him? And why was she interested in this morbid act? Was it because he was the only one who voiced his doubt on her misdiagnosed corruption? The cosmic devourer tsked and turned to feed on the lifeless rocks before him.He was just the new fancy of the fish ever since Jhin’s corruption, he surmised. He did not know what connection the two had but whenever a court meeting was called, Nami was a permanent fixture at the masked fool’s side. Both of the male cosmic, more often than not, butted heads whenever she tried to interact with Vladimir in Jhin’s presence.To say that she was devastated when he got corrupted was an understatement. They thought she was going to get corrupted next. She thought so too, that was why she surrendered herself, chained before the court. They were ready to end her and she was ready to die.She came out fine. Everyone kept a close eye on her but the cosmic queen ultimately decided that she was fit to resume her duties. Although… Vladimir sighed …she’s not what she used to be.He began devouring the planets under her unforgiving gaze. He wonders what had drawn her to Jhin, and him for that matter. He couldn’t imagine the egomaniac sharing a spotlight with her, or the stars forbid, out shine him. Which, in his opinion, she was easily capable of doing so. And he wasn’t an improvement either companion-wise.Not including his unnatural hunger’s likeness to the dark star, he knew he exuded an aura of arrogance around him and acted in kind which earned him the ire of most of his brethren. He could not stand the presence of another unless he had to. The only thing he was thankful for was that Nami was not as insipid and annoying as Lux or Lulu. Too happy. Too energetic. Too much.He began infusing the essence of the dead planets unto the dying ones. Ushering a much-needed rebirth of the planets. He could sense the living organisms there recuperate. He dismisses the orb on his hand as he stands tall, pride filing his chest. The sudden contact of skin made Vladimir aware of her presence once more.She had grazed him as she glided forward. His earlier thoughts of being a replacement to Jhin suddenly flares. Silent anger goaded him to react thoughtlessly. She was so captivated by the renewed worlds he had created that she gasps when she feels the tip of his sharp golden talon resting under the hollow of her chin.He moves his hand, the talon of his index finger still against her flesh, forcing Nami's head to follow until even her body is facing towards him. Her bewildered face tilted up at him as he looked condescendingly down at her. The cool, iridescent eyes shone like the galaxies that surrounded them. They were a lovely sight to behold. Warm yet cool. Trusting yet cautious. The rage almost drowned beneath her within those eyes but a tiny voice in his mind yelled a name. Jhin.With that one name, his rage roared back to life."I am no one's replacement, girl." Venom dripping from his words. Crimson glow bled through the white curtain of hair. Confusion surfaced within her eyes before any other reaction did. Then it was replaced by a spark of recognition, akin to that of the spark of creation, when she finally gets what he meant.At first, he sees one of the most beautiful destructive red flash of anger, then tempered onto a glowing ember of annoyance. She scoffs and smiles arching one of her delicate eyebrows. She guffaws at the notion and berates him on how he could even think such a thought. "You really think highly of yourself, don't you? You aren't even on the same level as him."He tries controlling the bubbling rage within him. Such insolence! The scowl he wears had etched deeper on his features. The cosmic devourer bore one of his fangs at her. But she did not flinch even as he puts more pressure against her skin that it almost drew star-spangled blood.“No one can replace him. Not even as exceptional as you.” His ego taking another hit even as she tried stroking it. Then he felt her fingers wrap around his wrist. Her thumb lightly gliding back and forth against the back of his hand. Nami’s expression softens as she averts her eyes. “You’re not the only one who’s irreplaceable.” Glossy eyes looked back at him as if it could make him understand what she was going through.The only telltale sign of his reaction was how his eyes squinted at her. The sorrow in her eyes made her seem like a fragile little thing and for some reason he wondered if he would be able to pull the same potent grief from her if he should fall, not that it would likely happen, but he had to wonder. After all she proclaimed to love them all, even the one that had been corrupted.Wasn’t it an inevitable question to be asked?Those same shiny orbs searching for something within him. What does she see? What value did it have on her? Questions after questions itched to be let out yet dares not voice it aloud. He did not want to be disappointed with her answer, so instead he answers for her. Responses that made sense to him, answers that he deems fit for the questions he asked.“I just want to spend time with everyone as much as I can. Is that too much to ask?”She was so naive, too naive. Her heart bled for everyone so easily. He ponders what would she become when that soft heart dries out. Was she the next one to fall prey to the dark star? He straightens his posture and relieves the pressure on his hand so that it was now Nami who was pressing down against the sharp point.No. He declares, She won’t. She already told him; her cosmic brethren were the fuel of her resolve. Until every cosmic deity had turned, Nami would never break. And Vladimir would outlast every single one of them. She would be safe as long as he was himself. But there was no question, he would kill her if she ever turned. He would rather see her dead than… He sighed, strangling the thought before the image of Nami beside Jhin fully formed in his mind. The ex-cosmic being was not worthy of dedication of even a single strand of brain cell, especially his brain cell.Some instinct of his wanted to reach for her face but squashed it. Not an atom of his being was weak nor sentimental. He was certainly not starting today, and most certainly not for this young, empathetic, novice. “But...” she started, her voice shakes and threatened to break, “...If. If my presence is truly bothersome to you.” her voice gradually descending into a faint whisper that only the keenest hearing could pick up. “I can go. I-I won't ever bother you again.” The mermaid's hand was still enclosed on his wrist, gentle yet firm. With one swift pull, he broke her hold on him.The image of her crestfallen face ingrained itself in his mind even when he turned away from her. He could feel her eyes on him, melting him, turning him soft. He gritted his teeth at the thought becoming mushy with feelings. That was beneath him, he will never succumb on such silly notions. Then he felt magic gathering where he knew she was. Slowly he swiveled to see her concentrating with the newly revitalized worlds in front of the cosmic destiny.She started spinning gracefully as if she was dancing. Life essence trailed after the light of her staff. Soon, she was wrapped in the twinkling life magic. As she swirls, she makes her staff spin with her while balancing it on each shoulder, her back and as it rotates on one of her shoulder blades her whole body follows with the turn. She raises the staff high, then plants it in front of her. It floats on its own and absorbs the gathered magic until none is left. Nami folds her hands into a prayer and gradually separates them. In the hollow space between her hands a ball of sparkling magic from the staff occupies every inch of distance she gives. Just like a balloon being filled with water.Then she started swaying and swinging her hands like a conductor of a silent symphony that only she could hear. Nami seemed at peace just like her old self, lost in a trance of her own design. With every sway of her hands, magic falls like raindrops onto the lifeless rocks speeding up the propagation of life within them. Soon he could feel it, the movements of new bacteria, the evolution of new single celled organisms and the thriving of dying floras, then the first breaths of the new faunas. It was the first time he saw life being given to his static worlds. It was breathtaking, for the first time he had no words to describe for what he witnessed. The cosmic devourer switched his focus on her again. The fish-tailed mage had stopped her movements and had picked her staff up. Good thing the fish was preoccupied with something on her mind, enough time for him to compose himself.The cosmic destiny appeared lonely to him, broken, somehow. And it did not sit well with him, the emotion that laid bare on her face did not suit her. She held her staff like it was her last anchor into the reality she lived in. He gritted his teeth and released a heavy breath through his nose. “Are you done?” he almost shouted and it shook her awake. She stared at him with those sad, sparkling, blue eyes and it took a little bit more of his self-control not to react.“I...” she looks back to the worlds she gave life to and clears her throat. His jaw clenched at the idea that she was just so close to tears. Or was it because the idea of her concealing her vulnerable side from him was infuriating to comprehend? “Yes. I’m done.” she continued to look longingly at her, no, at their creation. Both of them were the reason this galaxy was able to bear life again.Together.“Then let’s go.” Her head whipped to his direction, big, doe eyes stared at him in surprise. A smile steadily grew on her lips. Vladimir could not help but smile with her. It was rather infectious so he really did not have a say on his reaction, he reasoned to himself. “No need to stare like that, fish. I already know I’m such an alluring piece of divine celestial magnificence.”“What?! Really?” Excitement was evident on her tail as it swished side-to-side restlessly.“Of course.” Vladimir scoffed at her and placed a hand on his hips. “You doubt the authenticity of the irresistibility of my charm?”“Pffft. Not that!” she chirped. “There’s no way of denying that!” a snow-colored brow rose at that. Did she… Did she just admit that she found him attractive? No. She’s just appealing to your vanity. He told himself. She’s just buttering you up so you’d allow her to accompany you and feed her strange fascination. But he’d already said yes. There was no need for this useless flattery, though it wasn’t unwelcomed. “You're really going to let me go with you!” she drifted closer to him. “Truly? Really?”“Another ‘really’ and it might not be so in the next hour.” the cosmic devourer crossed his arms across his chest. “But yes.” he leans down as a sly grin was plastered on his face. “I prefer my stalkers to be somewhere I could keep an eye on. At least then I am sure you aren't doing unsightly things while you’re watching me.” A fierce blush dusted her cheeks as she stuttered for a reply too flabbergasted to react. “Trying to deny the facts, aren’t we.” he hooks the side of his finger under her chin, mindful of his talons. “A word of advice. If you’re going to deny the truth, try not to look obvious.” The sly smirk turns into a grin and the bewildered expression turns into light-hearted annoyance.“I am NOT a stalker.” she said defiantly, her cheeks puffing,Adorable. He thought as he placed both hands behind him. The male cosmic being continued to study her face, then calmly shrugs. “Whatever floats your fin, obsessed admirer.” Then pats her head like she was a toddler."Hey! I'm not like that! It's nothing like that!" pouting at him as if it could make him take back what he said.He just chuckled at her and turned, sure that she would follow him without question. He was that just that damn, undeniably charismatic. "Come now, my little flounder. There's a dead galaxy near the Upsilon quadrant that has my name on it." He summoned the black hole again upon his right hand. “Do try to keep up.” Before she could even gather her wits, he dropped the dark orb and he melted with it. Turning into a swirling mass of space dust and constellation."Huh? H-hey! Wait up!" with an overhead twirl of her staff, three floating orbs made of light seemingly appeared out of nowhere and began to revolve around her. Nami’s movement became more fluid and faster as she glides effortlessly, trailing after him no matter how wide the distance he puts between them.
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LoL Skin Idea - Aquamarine Akali Revamped by FunnyWarfare
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