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Paper Wings



With these new paper wings
Fly, fly to a sky made of dreams.
Let the fantasy guide all your way
as you imagine your runaway.

I'm preparing an artbook to help me fund my studies. Would you be interested in buying it? It will be around 40 pages and cost around $20 (no shipping included). Pieces will be in this style, painted, and theme is monsters.
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O___O ?

well, i can honestly say that i never thought i would return to find this....

I'm actually at a loss for words, what could one possibly say about this that isn't already apparent? 

well its obviously a metaphor for life right? how all people from all walks of life will be able to appreciate the universal goal of covering their naked post-concentration camp body in post-it notes and flying through the air with their giant magical pencil while trying to remember whether of not the bottle said tylenol or CRYSTAL METH!!!

which is obviously what you must be on because this is fucking crazy!!

just what kind of concept for a picture is this? is this supposed to be some kind of embodiment for your own personal goals? like what else could it be? obviously your some kind of masochist right? thats the only logical conclusion as to why you would create such a heinous work of filth such as this, what else could possibly justify this other than as a means of torture!

and how appropriate then! because that is precisely how i feel after seeing it, tortured! 

not only are my eyes in physical distress just from glancing at this abomination but i feel like my brain is actually trying to tear itself out of my skull as a means of escaping this atrocity that you have created!

and thats just great, your thinking of making more works like this? and charging people to see them? 

well thats just fantastic! because i would actually love to own some of your work! that way i might have the pleasure of burning it! though not before i take out $20 in pennies and kill myself consuming them while struggling to to grasp why it is any sane human being would ever fucking pay to see the dull meanderings of an idiot like you!!!