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Thank you for visiting my page!

I’m Leafywind! You can call me Leafy or Kitty XD

^^Compliments are really huge helps and thanks to everyone who left compliments to my arts!!!

ps:My English is not perfect so plz tell me and forgive me if I made funny mistakes

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your art is so pretty !! do you do commissions?

Hi there! Sry I don't do commissions currently due to school stuffs TT I might open them next year

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https://www.horse-news.org/2018/04/cringe-corner-audiowave-dashers-years.html this guy is bad news! he is only looking for free art and refuses to pay for commissions because every time it's brought up he immediately backs out

Can you pls draw one of my OCs for free?

Sry I'm currently very busy and I do not have that much spare time lol

All of your art is SO cute, it makes me squeal 😍