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I received a wonderful critique from :iconshinerai: and I wanted to give her a little present back. She really helped me understand what my art lacked, and even though this piece lacks too, I am pretty proud of it. Also, OMG I MADE ART. /art block.

Shin (c) Shin! :D
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Oh man I finally get to comment on this!!
I've been holding it in my inbox forever and looking at it very carefully every time I visit dA. xD

First I must say thank you so much for the kind gift. ;u; It really is sweet for you to make a lovely drawing for me over something I offer to all. As for the actual drawing, he is fantastic! I love the subdued color palette here; it helps to accentuate his anatomical features and the textures you shaded with in this piece.

I really love that you have paid such sloe attention to his design! From his lil snaggle teeth in front to his markings and ear notch, to even his personality and . . . hygiene! I don't know what else to call it. His scraggly feathers are just amazing; the mane of tiny feathers all the way down his neck and his gigantic feathers with the little missing pieces. And those little squiggly ones between the big ones! I have no idea what they are but they are so cute!!

Ugh I love him so much XD I tend to draw him looking too regal and beautiful. This is perfect! And that grin there; he is either super smug about something bad he just did or he is thinking about what he is about to do which is probably bad!

Ugh I want to write so much more about this but I don't know how to use words xD

thank you again for the wonderful gift hon ;u; it means a lot to me.
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You're very welcome!

I made this as an attempt to use the helping hints you kindly gave to me! I really did appreciate that, and you were very inspiring.

I also LOVE Shin... I think he's wonderful! His design is amazing and he's so unique and recognisable on dA.
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I gotta leave a comment tomorrow but since I've looked at this 93 times since you submitted it I thought I'd say SOMETHING. It's 1am.
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Haha GO TO BED! 
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OH-MA-GOSH!That dragon is the awesomeness personifyed!I mean, your gallery is extremely good, but this dragon is...Love
I work with clay, and I SWEAR that if someday I sculpt that good, I'll do that dragon. in fact,I'm learning now to improve dragon sculpting ,sooo someday that head will be in 3d ;) (Wink) Can't wait to iiiit!!!La la la la
Aaaaand congratulations, you have my word that your work is awesome!!!Hug
have a nice day!Meow :3 
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Wow thank you so much! I really appreciate your comments :) But this dragon does belong to Shinerai (Like, the best dragon artist EVER) So you probably want to be letting her know ^^

You have a wonderful day too!
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Oh my glob!!!so much dragons...they are too beautiful, I'm gonna exploooodeee!!!:lel: Well, may I'll tell her, but not sure,imagine that the other dragons get jealous if I don't sculpt them!Llama-Emoji-12 (Left and Right) [V1]
Aaaaaand yor gallery, I say it again, is wonderful too!!;) (Wink) 
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I was stalking the comments and I must say thank you for complimenting my character's design! If you ever want to sculpt him, you definitely can ;u;
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Anyways, I HAD to compliment it, I mean,It's awesome gosh!XD Now I'm a bit bussy with studiyng aaall the damn time, but may I try to sculpt him;) And I sculpt a lot of figures, but then I have nothing to do with them and they just stay in a shelf collecting dust...( ._.)
so I'll see if I try to open a little shop in the internet or something:( (Sad) I just feel sorry for themLlama Emoji-08 (Crying) [V1]
I'll see what I doMeow :3 
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oh my!
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Thank you very much ^^
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Oh my. *-----* I would love to learn how to draw and paint dragons!!!
This is just awesome.
Cool artworks! What program do you use??
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And so you should! Dragons are so much fun to draw, as you can make a dragon look like whatever you want it to!

I use Photoshop cs5 and a wacom pen tablet. Any version of will be fine!
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Whoa, good idea then! I will start to learn to draw dragons *-*
Great, I have a version of it! Thank you for the support and keep up the awesome works *o*
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