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Reminder that this account is abandoned :P
Find me here:

Loafi :iconloafi:
I'm still setting it up and fixing the ugly ass folders. I'll still check this account for the active YCH

Loafi Loafi Loafi  Loafi  Loafi  Loafi 
for buyin, check em out. More on the way. Feel free to suggest some themes i should make adopts off of ?

Horned Orikero Adopts -open- 2/3 by LeafsAdopts
Red and White Floral Orikero Adopts 1/3 -Open by LeafsAdopts
I probably cant do too many but o: ey send some and.. i'll try to draw them to overcome these depressive fuck u leaf feels.

Orikeros, humans, monsterdoods, w/e (COUGH GORE, PLS)

-edit 12/31/17 cough i'm finially doing these after months, sorry.
<da:thumb id="678779434"/><da:thumb id="678779434"/><da:thumb id="678779434"/><da:thumb id="678779434"/><da:thumb id="678779434"/>
i mean look at that spicy art, and a cult for mint, go watch u dingle beans. \o/
So send me/tell me what inspires you to draw? 
Why do you draw?
Why do you keep drawing?
Are there some artist that inspire you and make u want to draw?

It's really hard for me to enjoy drawing, and to get myself to finish something so it would be nice to hear from you guys o:...
Humans/Humanoid chibis for $2.50 / 250 points Full color, Steps included if i can! Extremely cheap chibis so i have examples for my commission sheet! <3
These will be posted on my adopts account LeafsAdopts

Rakies by Leafjelly

Slots (unlimited)
  1. hoz-boz (5)
  2. ForsakenVanguard (1)


babymoonjellies :iconbabymoonjellies:
His art is amazing and a good dear buddy dood of mine lOOK AT THOSE GOOD AS FUCK DRAWS
Hipsters by babymoonjelliesJames St. James by babymoonjelliesportrait dump by babymoonjelliessketchez by babymoonjellies
nullpunkts :iconnullpunkts:
my eggu honey boob bae 
macaroni with nice pepperonis thats also taking commissions
Paypal Commission Chart (OPEN) by nullpunkts091 nice by nullpunkts

my Boys by nullpunktsits 2017, boys by nullpunktslost on you by nullpunkts
Radical-Shark :iconradical-shark: 
senpai that deserveswayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more watchers. fucking amazing paintings, constantly improving and increasingly becoming more fabulous by the second
HarveyInAHat by Radical-SharkI drew a full body kill me now [Art Request] by Radical-SharkWOah my art is edgy :: Art Trade by Radical-SharkBirdOfParadise by Radical-SharkRevamp Harv by Radical-Shark
Emberrypie :iconemberrypie:
senpai such a great style and everything, amazing designs, just love ALSO TAKING COMMISSIONS!!
Commission Sheet!! by Emberrypie
Red Moon by EmberrypieMikan by EmberrypieOh i love, my pretty little flower by Emberrypieoh my love by Emberrypie
ThoruPanda :iconthorupanda:
senpaii. Amazing solid lines and colors, such nice af contrast
d i f f u s e by ThoruPandaEXTINGUISH by ThoruPandaxxx by ThoruPandaHIME CUT SQUAD by ThoruPanda
zonus :iconzonus:

Goat13 :icongoat13:
so amazing, such a unique good style!! I admire them so much
menu eat yum by Goat13Aloof by Goat13trespass by Goat13Ira by Goat13

hoz-boz :iconhoz-boz:
best memelord, i am going to nut
InSanity by hoz-bozWoof by hoz-bozMillie by hoz-bozDark by hoz-boz

Marlon Webb #JoggingManChallenge Chat/Comment Icon Marlon Webb #JoggingManChallenge Chat/Comment Icon Marlon Webb #JoggingManChallenge Chat/Comment Icon 
Taking these for commission examples some might be sketches, sketches with color, just lines, etc. I'll try to do a full color for most <3
I'm thinking of getting it but i'm iffy about it. If you have it do you have any comments about it that might help me o:? Any personal experience with it, stuff u like and dislike about it?
I think i read in a review that u can touch the drawing area with ur hand to zoom in and shit? That might be a problem for me because i draw with my wrist on the tablet qvq! I'm iffy about that part the most. 
they/them pronouns stamp by urastamps they/them pronouns stamp by urastamps they/them pronouns stamp by urastamps they/them pronouns stamp by urastamps Nonbinary Stamp by librafeminine
PLEASE use they/them pronouns when u refer to me, do not use she/her
IT REALLY KILLS ME INSIDE and i just feel like shit and dead for a whole day
pls, i like to feel less dead than i already am, thx.

if u gotta be an ass, at the very least don't use she/her or i will die x∞
dysphoria already kicks my ass with a combo from my mom so, please please.
Nasha emotion - Lying
I miss the frogs and feel like drawing them again :) it's been a while since i drew them.
Link however many orikeros you want and I'll pick which to draw, i may draw more than 1 if i like them :} maybe all if i'm ambitious 
lined, colored, shaded and all :}
Asoooobubuuualonge by LeafjellyNeutrophil Kero by Leafjellyikuku by Leafjelly
Black hole kero by Leafjelly
Guro = gore + sex / gory porn
Gore = blood, guts, and all that
1)What are you're opinions on it?
If you watch me, and can see the SINstuff i draw :0 I obviously like guro.
I'm not going to shit on you if you don't, I just want to hear others opinions on it O:
I mostly see guro of just, girls and for me I really don't go for that.
Another question:Are there any other artist that draw guro of dudes?
If there are, omg plz link them to me!!Big Fool Emoji-12 (Pervy Flirt) [V2] 


Thank you for participating in the contest!, and if you didn't, thank you for looking at the amazing entries.ifyoudid It was really fun for nullpunkts and I ^^!! We hope to do more contests in the future!but without critiques b/c time haaaaaaa Thank you to the contributors for adding to the prizes I'm really happy that the turnout was so successful ;u;!!:heart:

Below In Order:

THANK YOU words :} (above)
Place winners (1,2,3,4, 5,and 6)
Runner Ups (7,8,9, and 10)
Judges Favorites (Leafjelly and nullpunkts )
All Entries Gallery(link)
All scores Sheet (link)
All Points sent(screenshot)


Link: here
IT IS DONE, thank you for being so patient waiting for them quq!!
It's a majestic 38 pages long.

***Emote skullPlace Winners Read ThisEmote skull***

I will send the points once the place winners somehow acknowledge their place in winning. You can contact me by note, comment, journal (linking to contest), whatever.
If you want to deny the prizes, then no one will get the prize by default.
Give time for the artists to award your prizes! Send them a note to discuss what you would like drawn.
Please don't rush any of them, because most of them have to draw for the other place winners too!

Once you've note the artist for your prize and you both agree to the terms, please tell me that you have noted them and what you're asking from the artist.
Once you've received your prize, NOTE ME that you have received your prize.


I just want to be in your skin... by LovelyLoren
:iconlovelyloren: LovelyLoren 
Score: 70.5/80
Leaf: Impact 20/20 - Originality 8/10 - Technique 4.5/5 - Quality 5/5 - Total: 37.5/40
Egg: Impact 16/20 - Originality 7/10 - Technique 5/5 - Quality 5/5 - Total: 33/40

2000 points 
 Pick anything from my gallery, and I'll draw what you want in that style; from Leafjelly 
 Digital Painting from nullpunkts 
 Full Body Flat Color from septums
 2 commissions from SamPixeler
 Sketchy Portrait w/ a simple background from LovelyLoren
Colored Waist Up from Grossbites 
Winners Package from AnotherContestGroup and a llama badge


 Pincushion by Grossbites
 :icongrossbites: Grossbites
Score: 69/80
Leaf: Impact 18/20 - Originality 8/10 - Technique 4./5 - Quality 4/5 - total: 34/40
Egg:Impact 16/20 - Originality 9/10 - Technique 5/5 - Quality 5/5 - Total: 35/40

 1500 points 
 Colored and Shaded Full Body, Choice of Style 1 OR Style 2 from Leafjelly
 Waist up Colored Sketch from nullpunkts 
 Fully Body Flat Color From septums 
 1 commission from SamPixeler
 Sketchy Portrait w/ a simple background from LovelyLoren 
Winners Package from AnotherContestGroup 

***3RD PLACE***

Splitting by hoz-boz
 :iconhoz-boz: hoz-boz
Score: 68/80
Leaf: Impact 18/20 - Originality 8/10 - Technique 4/5 - Quality 5/5; Total: 35/40
Egg: Impact 15/20 - Originality 8/10 - Technique 5/5 - Quality 5/5 TOTAL 33/40


***4TH PLACE***

:iconlabyrinth77: Labyrinth77 
Score: 64.5/80
Leaf: Impact 16/20 - Originality 8/10 - Technique 3/5 - Quality 4/5 - total: 31/40
Egg: Impact 18/20 - Originality 6/10 - Technique 4/5 - Quality 4.5/5 - Total: 33.5/40



Score: 62/80
Leaf: Impact 18/20 - Originality 8/10 - Technique 2/5 - Quality 4/5 - total: 32/40
Egg: Impact 15/20 - Originality 7/10 - Technique 3/5 - Quality 5/5 - Total: 30/40

200 points
Colored Waist Up Sketch from Leafjelly 
Flat Colored Headshot from septums
Icon Commission or a static pixel from SamPixeler
Shaded Bust Icon from LovelyLoren 
Colored Sketch from frnknfrtr
Winners Package from AnotherContestGroup


Score: 61/80
Leaf: Impact 15/20 ; Originality 9/10 ; Technique 2/5 ; Quality 5/5; total: 31/40
Egg:  Impact 18/20 ; Originality 5/10 ; Technique 3/5 ; Quality 4/5; Total: 30/40

100 points + 30 points from septums
Colored Headshot Sketch from Leafjelly 
Colored Headshot from septums
Icon Commission or a static pixel from SamPixeler
Winners Package from AnotherContestGroup

Runner ups


Score: 60.6/80
Leaf: Impact 18/20 - Originality 7/10 - Technique 4.8/5 - Quality 4.8/5 - total: 34.6/40
Egg: Impact 12/20 - Originality 4/10 - Technique 5/5 - Quality 5/5 - Total: 26/40


Its All over COMPLETE by The-Royal-Ink
:iconthe-royal-ink: The-Royal-Ink
Score: 60/80
Leaf: Impact 14/20 - Originality 6.5/10 - Technique 4/5 - Quality 5/5 - total: 29.5/40
Egg:  Impact 15/20 - Originality 7/10 - Technique 4/5 - Quality 4.5/5 - Total: 30,5/40


ce:: DESTROYED by Imagine-MidnightCats
:iconimagine-midnightcats: Imagine-MidnightCats
Score: 59.3/60
Leaf: Impact 16/20 - Originality 7/10 - Technique 3.8/5 - Quality 5/5 - total: 31.8/40
Egg: Impact 13/20 - Originality 5/10 - Technique 4.5/5 - Quality 5/5 - Total: 27.5/40


Score: 58/80
Leaf: Impact 15/20 - Originality 7/10 - Technique 3/5 - Quality 4/5 - total: 29/40
Egg: Impact 15.5/20 - Originality 6.5/10 - Technique 3/5 - Quality 4/5 - Total- 29/40

Judges favorites

:iconleafjelly: Leafjelly 's Favorites!
My Psyche Is In Pieces (OC gore contest) by CyborgChildOfPerkelelet them BURN!!!!!!..... by little-spice I just want to be in your skin... by LovelyLoren
Finally (OC GORE CONTEST ENTRY) by Soulsaber67Gore Titan by Savamoth
ce:: DESTROYED by Imagine-MidnightCats

:iconnullpunkts: nullpunkts 's Favorites!
Kamberlyn OC Gore Contest Entry by LaughterLover
Alice T. ( gore contest) by iNutsIts All over COMPLETE by The-Royal-Ink
Splitting by hoz-boz

All Entries: Click Here

All Scores Sheet

If your name is underlined then your critique is not finished.
For critiques that are done, do not ask for your critique early.
To see your place, look under the column labeled "Place", on the direct left to names in WHITE. not gray.
Black Text = Totals
Red Text =/20
Mustard Text =/10
Purple Text =/5

Find your name using ctrl+F
Link: Here

All Point Prizes Sent

The points I promised have all been sent, here is a screen shot (with the edges brought in to look nicer) to reassure everyone.
I didn't add a memo for all of them'';0


*Critques: ~December 12, 2015*

**EDIT 3: We made changes again, and the results will be out TODAY so ties could be broken, and you will get the results. The remaining critiques will be done by this Saturday.
**EDIT 2: I'm really sorry for delaying the results for so long.... It's exam week and I have a lot of work to submit that depends on me passing for failing. I can't give any scores out for the ones that have been finished because there maybe some ties to break.
**EDIT : Judging may take longer because, wow 29 critques and 45 entries takes more than 2 weeks to judge and write without heavily conflicting with our lives!! Sorry to delay the results!! I don't want it to be rushed and poorly decided.**
Grace Period: November 2, 2015 11:59 pm EST
Critique Notice Deadline: November 5th, 2015 11:59pm EST

Emote Pumpkin The Gore Contest has ended! Emote Pumpkin 
Thank you to everyone that joined, I'm surprised and extremely happy with the outcome!! ^^ 
Below are details on how nullpunkts and I will be judging. 
A list of Remove Contestants, Grace Period Contestants, and Accepted Contestants are also below.
Details on receiving prizes will be including on the final journal announcing the winners.

.:little bullet star:. by Chipi-Chiu Arrow left by Drawn-MarioEmote skull CRITIQUE NOTICE Emote skull Arrow right by Drawn-Mario .:little bullet star:. by Chipi-Chiu


Deadline: Nov 5th, 11:59 PM EST
 Please tell me, note or comment, if you want your entry to be critiqued!
Meaning, if you want the judges to write and explain why your entry got the score it did based on the point system(below.) If you do not say anything, then I will assume you do not want a critique.
All place winners will automatically get an critique from the judges.
(including grace period contestants, when you submit your entry, tell me too)

.:little bullet star:. by Chipi-ChiuEmote skull Judging Emote skull .:little bullet star:. by Chipi-Chiu

Judgesnullpunkts and Leafjelly 
Places: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th (prize details on the Gore Contest Journal)
Runner ups: Entries that were close to winning a place.
Judges Favorites: Entries that the Judges love!

Point System
 Entry with the highest amount of total points wins.
Numbers 1, 2, 3, and 3 show the scale that we are weighing each on. So 1 - Impact will make up most of the score, it is the most weighted. 3 technique and 3 quality are both weighed equally. All will add up for a total of 40 points from each judge, which then again, will be added for a total of 80 points. The final score for each entry will be out of 80 points.
1 Impact - 20
The "wow" and "grossed out" factor. 
"grossed out" winners will not get extra points in judging. Everyone is judged on a clean slate. 
Considers how everything(originality, technique, and quality) in the entry is put together to give an lasting impression.
2 Originality - 10
Content, what the subject in the entry is. Is it something new and creative.
3 Technique - 5
Technical art stuff. Composition, color, shading, linework, form, anatomy, etc. AKA skill.
3 Quality -  5
Is the entry clean, and well done. Overlaps with some parts from technique.

Emote skull Accepted Contestants Emote skull

Your entry has been accepted, and it is ready for judging!
x Links to each contestant's entry is on the right. We will be judging in this order ^^
♥ Grossed out nullpunkts
❣ Grossed out Leafjelly 
✩Not competing, just making art for fun!
★Critique requested

Critiques: 29

CatSaucEe x
CyborgChildOfPerkele x
little-spice x
septums x
hoz-boz x
LovelyLoren x
ChesterPalm x
TheInfiniteChaos x
killerdragon12 x
The-Royal-Ink x
Shadowhunter625 x
TheVerriganHolmes x
iNuts x
niqhtliqhtts x
CreedDiskenthFanGirl x
Soulsaber67 x
★ @anime-greek x
TranslucentMirror x
FicLoverSmiles x
Orcrest x
Foxaldor x
NemiCrow x
anxpreslar x
Savamoth x
fancycatto x
DeepSleepNation x
♥✩Mtn-Man x
Schattenkunst x
Grossbites x
devildads x
Imagine-MidnightCats x
Labyrinth77 x
J-amesT x
Spaceri x
 babelfish4 x
stephaniescarlet x
Chaostic-Nights x
LaughterLover x
arrivemedi x
monsterownage x
QuasiEidolon x
Aldrifor  x

Emote skull Grace Period Contestants Emote skull

The grace period is closed, no entries are being accepted.

You did make a journal entry before the deadline, you can still submit your entry within the grace period. Which is on November 2 at 11:59pm!!!
If you do not submit your entry by then, than your entry will not be accepted.

Emote skull Removed Contestants Emote skull 

You did not make a journal entry before the deadline, you can NOT submit your entry as of now.

Featured artist musicians~

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 12, 2015, 11:10 AM
I love these artist, go show them some love because they're just so amazing ♥♥♥♥

1. 4Setesh4 I love their drawings of disease :0c! amazingly creative and disturbing
Gangrene + scared organs by 4Setesh4hot bimbo tapeworm by 4Setesh4Yeshua by 4Setesh4SCREEK! by 4Setesh4
2. LovelyLoren Amazing paintings and realism O:!
I just want to be in your skin... by LovelyLorenSarah by LovelyLorenMorgana by LovelyLoren
3.hoz-boz aaaaaaaa amazing designs and styles ;u;!
Woof by hoz-bozFusion by hoz-bozLaunch Salvo by hoz-boz
4.Labyrinth77 aha, their makeup work really grosses me out xD, and their drawings are really creative :}

Black Party by KorpseBridePC- Samantha by KorpseBride
CE: Mr.Bohemian by KorpseBride
6.Paixin I love everything this artist has every made +O+! Such amaazing style, depth and color! Inspires me to make art with a lot of depth O:

7.teeething amazing details, really inspires me to do more with my own art.
lovers by teeethingWICKED YOUTH by teeethingSUCH AS I by teeethingMaster/Slave by teeething
selvatica by Katarsiumeh by Katarsium
Atlas by Katarsiumgutsman by Katarsiumwritten word by Katarsium
9.foolwave amazing style <3
Oh Shit I'm Feeling It by foolwaveThe Clown by foolwaveSomething Familiar by foolwaveShifting by foolwave


1. Alina Baraz & Galimatias, really different and soothing to listen to!

2. XXYYXX, really different and unusual music that i LOVE

3. Chance the Rapper, I really love this song, and almost all of their other songs

4. Caravan Palace ELECTRO SWING, first artist that i listened to that I ADORE and got into ELECTRO swing for.

5.Ta-ku I love all of their songs. I can listen to them forever ;u;!!


YASSSSSSS Fool Emoji-32 (Crazy Dance) [V3] 


Journal Entry: Tue Jun 30, 2015, 2:40 PM
haha fill it out if you will.
"Came for the __________. Stayed for the __________."
I know a number of my watchers came for orikeros months ago, but idk why they stayed, because there's just a bunch of blood everywhere now. =u=

  • Listening to: Ta-ku - drive slow homie



DEADLINE: October 31, 2015 11:59 pm EST
*Grace Period: November 2, 2015 11:59 pm EST
Look at *edit 9/29 for information on the grace period!

Emote skullUpdatesEmote skull
  • Edit 11/1 - 40 entries check point met!! WOW there is now a 6th place!!!!
  • Edit 10/24 - 30 entries check point met! There is now a 5th place!!!!
    • Removed Updates 6/30 - 9/12 it was getting longggg.
  • Edit 10/14 - Grossbites is contributing to 1st place!
    • Added Winners Package from AnotherContestGroup to 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place!
      • A month long feature from AnotherContestGroup on their homepage, and acceptance of your entry into their exclusive gallery.
    • Added a 40th and 50th entry check point. More things may be added if I can think of it.
    • Edited my contribution for 2nd place.
  • Edit 10/4 - Another checkpoint met!, there is now a 4th place prize.
  • Edit 9/29 - frnknfrtr is contributing to the prizes! Also, I changed my contribution for the 1st place prize, I'm too busy with college applications and school to make an example of what I wanted to offer UnU''
  • *Edit 9/29 - About a month until the deadline everyone!!!! New rule on deadlines:
    • There will be a TWO DAY grace period for contestants that have already made an journal. Meaning, up to 2 days after the deadline, you may still submit your entry, ONLY IF you made a journal BEFORE the deadline.
    • Please tell me if you can't meet the deadline for whatever reason, and I might allow you to submit more than 2 days after the deadline.
    • After the deadline I will make another list, in another journal of "Removed Contestants" and "Grace Period Contestants"
      • Removed Contestants means, you did not make a journal entry before the deadline, you can NOT submit your entry.
      • Grace Period Contestants means, you did make a journal entry before the deadline, you can still submit your entry within the grace period.

Emote skullCheckpointsEmote skull

Once these markers are met, the prizes will increase.

Emote skullTopicEmote skull
Draw Gore of your OC. It can be a human, humanoid, monster, alien, furry, whatever! But there must be gore. Do not draw/create fanart gore, only OC gore.
You do not need to be watching me, or any group to join! Just look at the rules on how to join.

Emote skullJudgingEmote skull
Submissions will be judged by Leafjelly and nullpunkts .
The most creative gore, best art, best design, really original wins. Just wow us, don't stress out over the specifics, or being super original. Most wowing art wins.
Grossing us out will give to the wow factor.

We will judge harshly, and zoom in on your creations.

Emote skullRulesEmote skull
  • Respect other Contestants, do not go and tell them they're going to lose or fail. Play nice.
  • Everything in your entry must be made by you and your collaborating partners!!!
  • If you are using other peoples OCs, using a reference, or using an adopt, YOU MUST HAVE PERMISSION FROM THE CREATORS to draw gore with what you are using!!!
    •  I will go ask them to confirm if you do have permission (unless it's stated on the deviation, or something saying people can use their -blank- for gore.)
    •  Please don't be a spoiled stool, follow this rule! It makes gore artist look like shits, don't be a shitty stool :thumbsup:
    • Screenshoting their written permission helps.
  • Link to this Journal in your entry/deviation.
  • Write a journal entry linking to this contest journal to join, then comment on this contest journal with a link to your journal entry.
  • You must put a mature content warning on your deviation!
  • Comment on this Journal to submit your deviation to the contest.
  • Deviations must have gore!
  • One submission per contestant! You can resubmit it, and swap out old submissions with new ones. (Just do it before the deadline) Comment on this journal to swap your submissions
  • You may not ask the judges for their fears to wow them more.
  • No sketches, only finished art.
  • More prizes will be added if a lot of people submit. (look at the checkpoints above)
  • Contributors: You can join the contest, and submit an entry. You can add to the prizes but if you win, you will not get anything for the prize that you offered for whatever place you win.
    • Ex: If you win 2nd place, and you contributed a sketch for the 2nd place. You get the other prizes, but there is no back-up prize for the sketch you were going to contribute to 2nd place. This is the same for points, and any other prize you may give.
  • Judges: May not participate in the contest.
  • *Deadline: There will be a TWO DAY grace period for contestants that have already made an journal.
    • Meaning, up to 2 days after the deadline, you may still submit your entry, ONLY IF you made a journal BEFORE the deadline.
  • Ask Leafjelly if you have any other questions!

Emote skullWhat is okayEmote skull
  • Your OCs only, it can be from a show or series, but it must be your OC.
  • Other people's OCs (YOU MUST, have permission from the owners!)
  • OCs you have adopted, but you MUST have permission from the creator! Asking if it's okay to draw that adopt in gore.
  • You can use references, YOU MUST HAVE WITH PERMISSION from the reference creator! Some people don't want their references to be used for gore.
  • Slight gore is okay, but it probably won't wow us.
  • Collabs are fine, the award will be split between the people. The creators can decide how to split it, or split it evenly 50/50, or whatever even proportions.
  • If you collab you must include all the people who worked on it. Submit only one deviation for collabs
  • Really intense gore.
  • Murder in your creations.
  • Finished art can be in Black & White, it doesn't have to be in color to be finished!
  • Digital art, traditional art, 3-D art, sculptures, cosplays, make-up art, gifs, animations, anything VISUAL!
  • Comics, but it can only be 1 page, since you can only have only 1 entry. Multiple pages would give an unfair advantage to show more, than other contestants can in 1 picture.
  • Replacing your old entry with a new one. Only the ONE latest submission you gave will be judged.(the one that is on this journal, in the list of entries. If it's on the Entry list then it's accepted & ready for judging :Heart: ) You can swap out new ones for old entries.
  • In the list of contestants, If I see an account deactivated it will be automatically removed from the list, assuming that the account won't return under the same name. I'll probably forget the name of any deactivated accounts from the contestant list.
    • So, if you deactivated your account and want to join again under a new account, or the same account, that's fine just join as you did before.
Emote skullWhat is NOT okayEmote skull
  • Fanart gore.
  • No gore.
  • Copying other artist.
  • Using a base.
  • Stealing art.
  • Sketches, and unfinished art.
  • Entries that are not visual.

.:little bullet star:. by Chipi-ChiuEmote skullPrizesEmote skull .:little bullet star:. by Chipi-Chiu
If you'd like to contribute to the prizes, feel free to note Leafjelly 

Intense gore drawings from Leafjelly are fine, but nullpunkts can't do intense gore like guts falling out. Egg can only do blood. Leaf can do skinned people and all intense gore. septums is fine with drawing anything! SamPixeler can't do nsfw and gore, but blood is fine. LovelyLoren is fine with drawing any kind of gore. frnknfrtr can draw animals, humans, blood, and gore; but can't draw nsfw!

.:little bullet star:. by Chipi-ChiuEmote skullContestantsEmote skull .:little bullet star:. by Chipi-Chiu
Comment on this journal if you plan on joining, and your name will be added here! In your comment include a link to your journal entry that links to this journal to join!!
◻ journal entry linking to this journal was made
Contestant submitted art, and journal entry
★ Art made, approval is pending.
Not competing, just making art for fun!
❎ Not competing, just making art for fun, and art was made!
♥ Grossed out nullpunkts
❣ Grossed out Leafjelly 

Total: 72

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I'm watching horror movies

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 16, 2015, 9:45 PM
I'm binge watching all the Hannibal movies with a friend in IRL. lol. I'M NOT GOING TO A LONER ALL SUMMER HA, no jk I'm still just staying stuck in all summer. Not going out for 2 months and a half. HAaaaaaaaa
Also going to binge FMA with egg (person)

Have any other horror movie suggestions?? Any advice about the hannibal movies?? I read the hannibal books, Silence of the Lambs, the book was some freaky nasty shit. Idk about the movies tho.


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