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Thank you to Lilybreeze and Soulwolf(Silver) for submitting to the contest! Means alot!
Now it was a tough pick between the two great banners, I love them both!

Silver: I adore the painting cat, and I feel it represents the page very well. You had a very focused and neat entry.

Lily: Your banner is very appealing and visually you did great. Like the cute banner and it seems very well designed.

This was a very tough decision. I really adore your banner Lily, I love the great design. But Silver she really captured the idea of the page!
Silver (Soulwolf) your banner wins!
The banner entry contest ends tomorrow! (February 1st) Make sure to submit your entry before its to late!
Hey guys, Silver here! Now, when you finished your entry for the banner contest, submit the piece of art to the folder "Contest Entries" and your done! That's all :3 Good luck!
As you can see our banner is just a temporary, makeshift, so to fix our little predicament, I would like to hold a contest for our new banner. Digital submissions are preferred. The banner must represent our group with picture, lettering, and symbols. Rules of course. Make sure all art used is copyrighted to YOU. NO lineart, stock, or stolen art will be accepted! Please keep your art to a PG level, no blood or guts. You may include your OC. But no cats from the books.
         Please submit by 2/1/13, late submissions will not be accepted! Be creative and have fun!
Just a little intro to the group. My name is Fallenwhisper, and I am an admin on Leafheart12. This group is made to bring LH12 artists together in a collective assembly of positive attitude and support! You can post anything warrior cat related, including your OC's on the site. Please do not post non-related art, it would be greatly appreciated. Would also like to put a notice that no art with sexual or R rated gore should be submitted even with a filter. This is due to the fact many members of the site are below the ages of thirteen. So I will be accepting a few admins, but please don't ask, I will decide based off of experience and trust!

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