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Join us!

Skin by pjuk

Big update for current, watching participants!

Please check the recent updates.

Based on the huge Pokémon Trainer collaboration, Tinker-Jet and

I have decided to start our own, but instead of drawing the

trainers, we'll be drawing the actual Pokémon instead.

Mouse over the bubbles below to join us.

#1. Recent updates.

Big Update:

For those of you who remember, we were once very adamant
about people watching us before participating in this collaboration.

I want to make it clear that we were not looking to punish you guys.

We are also aware that it's only become more difficult with
deviantART not allowing us to separate polls and status updates
from our journal entries.

With that said, the primary purpose of this exercise was to make
sure everyone was reading the rules and to make sure that we'd be
able to contact everyone easily once the collaboration was finished.

However, the news is good: since we first introduced this
collaboration, deviantART has implemented a Mentions feature
which will allow us to mention/tag everyone once the collaboration
has finished.

What does this mean? Well, congratulations. You can stop watching me now.

As for the rules, they've been updated to reflect the changes
mentioned above.

Newcomers, please read them. They are there to save you time
and grief.

Thank you.


- One Pokémon per user. (Dibs will go to the person who posts first, so even if you guys post "at the same time", DeviantArt's time stamp will determine who gets it.)

- Please choose wisely because you will not be able to change once you do.

- Anyone who misses the deadline will forfeit their Pokémon, giving someone else the chance to draw it, and will have to sign up again if they want to participate. Keep in mind that you cannot claim the same Pokémon again.

- All submissions must be new (specifically for the collaboration), coloured, have transparent backgrounds, and be submitted as a PNG. If anyone would like to do theirs traditionally, and remove the backgrounds themselves, then please remember: no lined paper. (Grid paper counts as "lined".) Quality must be acceptable, so no camera phone quality; scanners are the best way to go. Also, please do not edit your Pokémon after you've submitted it. We are very sympathetic to the fact that you may have missed a spot, or the shading doesn't look quite right, or the pose makes your Pokémon look debilitated, but we would like all submissions to be finalized pieces. If your OCD is acting up something fierce, then please ask the collaboration hosts before you change anything.

- Speaking of shading, if you do choose to shade, the light source must be in the top right corner. Please do not have your Pokémon cast a shadow on the ground. We will add that in the final piece ourselves.

- Pokémon must be depicted full bodied. The pose will be left up to you, but please keep it appropriate. (Images must be safe for work; in other words, no 18+ material.) Also, no objects to obscure the view of your Pokémon. Squirtle blowing a bubble or Charmander using Ember is fine, but please don't stick a giant rock in front of Geodude. We want to see your Pokémon.

- If you're going to include an attack, please don't have the edges cut off. Half a bubble doesn't make much sense placement-wise. It makes it really hard to place your Pokémon in the final collaboration. Also, keep the attack in your Pokémon's proximity. As a point of reference, no ice beam, hyper beam, dragon rage or any long beams or twisters. The focus is your Pokémon, not the attack.

- No tracing or copying of official art. All art must be original, and by you, so you may not do a sketch, then have someone else line/colour it. It must be yours from start to finish.

- When you sign up, please don't automatically assume you have the Pokémon. Please wait until you have a deadline to start work/submit or else your piece may not count as being "for this collab".

- Once submissions are completed, a Download button must be available. If it is not, then please upload a second copy to your Sta.sh and note me with the link so I may download it. The same applies if you choose to add a signature or watermark. Signatures and watermarks are fine, but they're not part of the Pokémon, and are therefore not part of the collaboration.

- The bigger your picture, the better. (Minimum size: 1,000px x 1,000px.)

- If your submission fails to follow the rules, we reserve the right to deny it.

- The deadline for submissions will be exactly one month from the time you sign up. (Ex. If you sign up May 13th, you will have until June 13th.)

- Place a star next to your Pokémon's name to let us know that you've read the rules. (We don't care what kind of star, okay? Just
as long as it's a star.)

#3. FAQ

"Are we allowed to submit Pokémon as sprites?"


"Are we allowed to submit black and white pieces?"

No. We will accept only coloured pieces. No sketches, and no digitally coloured black and white (monochrome) pieces.

"Are we allowed to submit shiny versions of our Pokémon?"

No. We will be accepting the Pokémon in only their common colours. If you'd like to do a shiny version of the Pokémon for yourself, however, that's perfectly fine.

"Do Mega versions of Pokémon count?"

No, classic Pokémon only.

"May I draw more than one Pokémon for the collaboration?"

Only one Pokémon, and you may not draw multiples of the same one either, even if it's the one you were assigned.

"May I draw clothes/props on/with my Pokémon?"

No. For all purposes, we'd like the Pokémon to be drawn as they are naturally, and don't want to see them with any accents that they don't already have like Machoke's belt, Primeape's boxing gloves, Jynx's dress, Farfetch'd's leek, and Cubone's bone.

"But I looked at the completed entries, and Pikachu has a neckerdoodle."

I admit it: I screwed up. I was hoping that Pokémon being drawn without trainer influence would be a given, but it's not. With that said, Pikachu was submitted before the no trainer influence AKA. no clothes rule was explicitly implemented, and in all good consciousness, we couldn't force someone to start over when (at the time of their submission) it wasn't against the rules. However, it is against the rules now, and we expect everyone to be aware of this, and abide by it. Any future Pokémon submitted with clothing articles or props not native to them will be denied.

"Why does our Pokémon have to be at least 1,000x1,000?"

Because if your Pokémon is smaller than 1,000x1,000, then your Pokémon will need to be moved to the back of the line. By this, I mean they will be in the distance and be harder to see. We will not make your Pokémon bigger for you because it will pixelate the image and bring down the overall quality of the collaboration. We also will not downsize the overall image just to accommodate you, so if you submit your Pokémon and it doesn't at least meet the minimum size standard, don't be angry when your Pokémon is hobbling along, out of sight, and blending into the background somewhere. (Also, don't try to be a wise guy. 1,000x1,000 refers to your Pokémon's size, not your Pokémon's size + transparent pixels.)

"How big is too big?"

If you're wondering how big "too big" is, then don't worry about it. It's far easier to downsize and retain quality than it is to make bigger, so if your image is very large, we will take care of it.

#4. Pictorial examples of what's acceptable.

No shading is fine:

DeviantArt Pokemon Collaboration - Gengar by Patrona

Shading with top right as the light source; no shadow(s) on the ground:

Charmeleon V2 by ValenAndNightInc

Traditional with the background removed:

[POKEMON COLLAB] Dodrio by Brizzlos

#5. List of Pokémon by Pokédex number, and their status. (Taken/Not taken.)

1. Bulbasaur (Taken by Ask-Currupt404 DONE!)

2. Ivysaur (Taken by bubbles123karate DONE!)

3. Venusaur (Taken by bzuuboo DONE!)

4. Charmander (Taken by TaksArt DONE!)

5. Charmeleon (Taken by ValenAndNightInc DONE!)

6. Charizard (Taken by howlinghyaena DONE!)

7. Squirtle (Taken by HOBYGRENOUSSE DONE!)

8. Wartortle (Taken by rhyINFERIROR DONE!)

9. Blastoise (Taken by KiiroiKat DONE!)

10. Caterpie (Not taken.)

11. Metapod (Not taken.)

12. Butterfree (Taken by Kiwi-chu DONE!)

13. Weedle (Taken by BigDaddyDowney DONE!)

14. Kakuna (Not taken.)

15. Beedrill (Taken by SerpentKingSaul DONE!)

16. Pidgey (Taken by StimaLaCima DONE!)

17. Pidgeotto (Taken by EmpressLaurosaurus DONE!)

18. Pidgeot (Taken by quila111 DONE!)

19. Rattata (Taken by ImpyDoo DONE!)

20. Raticate (Not taken.)

21. Spearow (Not taken.)

22. Fearow (Not taken.)

23. Ekans (Taken by Dragoleni DONE!)

24. Arbok (Taken by ChaoticUmbreon DONE!)

25. Pikachu (Taken by PNCOproductions DONE!)

26. Raichu (Taken by Little-Papership DONE!)

27. Sandshrew (Taken by tymime DONE!)

28. Sandslash (Taken by AR-ameth DONE!)

29. Nidoran (female) (Taken by calistamonkey DONE!)

30. Nidorina (Taken by SuperBashSisters DONE!)

31. Nidoqueen (Not taken.)

32. Nidoran (male) (Not taken.)

33. Nidorino (Taken by EagleIronic DONE!)

34. Nidoking (Taken by ralzor124 DONE!)

35. Clefairy (Taken by Catnipfairy DONE!)

36. Clefable (Taken by frostlie - DONE!)

37. Vulpix (Taken by Sylveon17 DONE!)

38. Ninetales (Taken by Boxpet DONE!)

39. Jigglypuff (Taken by SpotsTheYoshi DONE!)

40. Wigglytuff (Taken by XxSereneGracexX DONE!)

41. Zubat (Taken by Senwyn1 DONE!)

42. Golbat (Taken by orangedip02 DONE!)

43. Oddish (Taken by TaylortheSnailor DONE!)

44. Gloom (Not taken.)

45. Vileplume (Taken by DrZime DONE!)

46. Paras (Taken by ZueMasuo DONE!)

47. Parasect (Not taken.)

48. Venonat (Taken by aftertaster7 DONE!)

49. Venomoth (Not taken.)

50. Diglett (Not taken.)

51. Dugtrio (Not taken.)

52. Meowth (Taken by Nestly DONE!)

53. Persian (Taken by Hedgey DONE!)

54. Psyduck (Taken by Mafon DONE!)

55. Golduck (Taken by BirkesWorks DONE!)

56. Mankey (Not taken.)

57. Primape (Not taken.)

58. Growlithe (Taken by ObnoxiousGiraffe DONE!)

59. Arcanine (Taken by redyoshi77 DONE!)

60. Poliwag (Taken by Minish-Mae DONE!)

61. Poliwhirl (Taken by ThePontusAndersson DONE!)

62. Poliwrath (Not taken.)

63. Abra (Taken by uchihaguy DONE!)

64. Kadabra (Taken by Joceysheep DONE!)

65. Alakazam (Not taken.)

66. Machop (Not taken.)

67. Machoke (Taken by Iguruwashi DONE!)

68. Machamp (Taken by flippykicka DONE!)

69. Bellsprout (Not taken.)

70. Weepinbell (Taken by Desert-Poppy DONE!)

71. Victreebel (Taken by scilk DONE!)

72. Tentacool (Taken by Ursegol DONE!)

73. Tentacruel (Not taken.)

74. Geodude (Not taken.)

75. Graveler (Taken by Colarty DONE!)

76. Golem (Taken by dragonfire53511 DONE!)

77. Ponyta (Taken by AffinityShy DONE!)

78. Rapidash (Taken by spotty-bee DONE!)

79. Slowpoke (Taken by MightyBiteySnake DONE!)

80. Slowbro (Taken by sweet-misery788 DONE!)

81. Magnemite (Taken by Cortoony DONE!)

82. Magneton (Taken by TroilusMaximus DONE!)

83. Farfetch'd (Taken by Ollie-C DONE!)

84. Doduo (Not taken.)

85. Dodrio (Taken by Brizzlos DONE!)

86. Seel (Taken by TheWhiteWolf12121 DONE!)

87. Dewgong (Taken by negiixo DONE!)

88. Grimer (Not taken.)

89. Muk (Not taken.)

90. Shellder (Not taken.)

91. Cloyster (Not taken.)

92. Gastly (Taken by AskSplashWoman DONE!)

93. Haunter (Taken by comedy17 DONE!)

94. Gengar (Taken by Patrona DONE!)

95. Onix (Taken by TheBlox DONE!)

96. Drowzee (Not taken.)

97. Hypno (Taken by Metana DONE!)

98. Krabby (Taken by JerryKun DONE!)

99. Kingler (Not taken.)

100. Voltorb (Taken by Enlightened-Titan DONE!)

101. Electrode (Not taken.)

102. Exeggcute (Not taken.)

103. Exeggutor (Not taken.)

104. Cubone (Taken by Sibsy DONE!)

105. Marowak (Taken by galaxycaptain DONE!)

106. Hitmonlee (Taken by BlueBandanaJake DONE!)

107. Hitmonchan (Taken by LadyLoriel DONE!)

108. Lickitung (Taken by CatWhitney DONE!)

109. Koffing (Taken by RetroOwl DONE!)

110. Weezing (Taken by WilliamJPierce DONE!)

111. Rhyhorn (Not taken.)

112. Rhydon (Not taken.)

113. Chansey (Taken by alexfang452 DONE!)

114. Tangela (Taken by Lycramosa DONE!)

115. Kangaskhan (Taken by shroomcat DONE!)

116. Horsea (Not taken.)

117. Seadra (Taken by Pohlranda3 DONE!)

118. Goldeen (Not taken.)

119. Seaking (Not taken.)

120. Staryu (Not taken.)

121. Starmie (Not taken.)

122. Mr. Mime (Not taken.)

123. Scyther (Taken by hooksnfangs DONE!)

124. Jynx (Not taken.)

125. Electabuzz (Taken by sJibbi DONE!)

126. Magmar (Taken Punch-Holer DONE!)

127. Pinsir (Not taken.)

128. Tauros (Taken by KuyaMiel DONE!)

129. Magikarp (Taken by platinum-starz DONE!)

130. Gyarados (Taken by Pandarah DONE!)

131. Lapras (Taken by Kat-Naps DONE!)

132. Ditto (Not taken.)

133. Eevee (Taken by Cyilla DONE!)

134. Vaporeon (Taken by LeafFox DONE!)

135. Jolteon (Taken by Tinker-Jet DONE!)

136. Flareon (Taken by LizziePotatoPad DONE!)

137. Porygon (Taken by MudSaw DONE!)

138. Omanyte (Not taken.)

139. Omastar (Not taken.)

140. Kabuto (Not taken.)

141. Kabutops (Not taken.)

142. Aerodactyl (Taken by punkcherries DONE!)

143. Snorlax (Taken by Haxoron DONE!)

144. Articuno (Taken by Kosmotiel DONE!)

145. Zapdos (Taken by WistfulGem DONE!)

146. Moltres (Taken by Fox-The-Wandering DONE!)

147. Dratini (Taken by Kryaotic-Star DONE!)

148. Dragonair (Taken by TambaCat DONE!)

149. Dragonite (Taken by happy1873 DONE!)

150. Mewtwo (Taken by Breakdawn-Avenue DONE!)

151. Mew (Taken by LightningTheDragon20 DONE!)

If you have any questions, you may leave a comment or message Tinker-Jet or LeafFox

© 2014 - 2022 LeafFox
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uchihaguy's avatar
Is this still going to happen? Do we just need more Pokemon drawn?
Lycramosa's avatar
Can I draw Tangela*? 
LeafFox's avatar
Sure!  I'm sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner!

Your deadline will be Thursday September 15, 2016!  Have fun! :heart:
Lycramosa's avatar
#114 Tangela Here it is!  Let me know if something needs changed and I'll get right on it!
LeafFox's avatar
This is great!
Thank you so much! =D
calistamonkey's avatar
Hi there, great idea!  Always wanted to take part in a Pokemon collab!  May I have Nidoran female Star!  please?  ^_^
LeafFox's avatar
Yes of course!  I'm sorry I haven't been able to get back to you until now, but she's all yours!

Your deadline will be Thursday September 15, 2016!  Have fun! :heart:
calistamonkey's avatar
Finished! Pokemon Collab: Nidoran Female
Please let me know if there's anything that needs changed ^_^
LeafFox's avatar
No need to change anything, it's fantastic!
Thank you so much! =D
calistamonkey's avatar
No problem!  I'll get right on it ^_^
Hedgey's avatar
Hiya! I was wondering if I could please draw Persian ? :D :star:
LeafFox's avatar
Yes of course!  I'm so sorry I got back to you so late )=

Your deadline will be Friday August 26, 2016!  Have fun! :heart:
Hedgey's avatar
Thank you! Here's Persian, I hope it's ok! ^^ hedgey.deviantart.com/art/Pers…
LeafFox's avatar
This is purrfect! (sorry)
Thanks so much! =D
Hedgey's avatar
Haha you're welcome! ^^
Dragoleni's avatar
Can I have EkansStar!  please?
LeafFox's avatar
Sure!  Ekans is yours!

Your deadline will be Friday August 12, 2016!  Have fun! :heart:
Dragoleni's avatar
Here it is :) dragoleni.deviantart.com/art/E…
Do I have to submit it in a folder?
LeafFox's avatar
Nope, that's perfect!  I'm saving them to a folder on my hard drive for ease of putting it all together in the end ^-^

Thank you so much!
Joceysheep's avatar
I'd like a shot to do Kadabra Star! (if it's not already taken by the time I post this)  o3o
LeafFox's avatar
Sure thing!  Kadabra is yours!

Your deadline will be Tuesday July 5, 2016!  Have fun!
happy1873's avatar
Here it is!La la la la 
If there is something wrong with it, please let me know
LeafFox's avatar
Nothing wrong!  It's perfect!  Thank you! =D
dragonfire53511's avatar
Hello all, 

If the Collab is still up and running; I'm willing to draw something

I'll do Charizard if he still available if it not  my second choice would be Golem and third choice Hitmonchan

Let me know what one u want me to do for the collab
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