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Kanto Pokemon Collaboration! *READ THE RULES*

Journal Entry: Fri May 9, 2014, 6:28 PM
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Join us!

Skin by pjuk

Big update for current, watching participants!

Please check the recent updates.

Based on the huge Pokémon Trainer collaboration, Tinker-Jet and

I have decided to start our own, but instead of drawing the

trainers, we'll be drawing the actual Pokémon instead.

Mouse over the bubbles below to join us.

#1. Recent updates.

Big Update:

For those of you who remember, we were once very adamant
about people watching us before participating in this collaboration.

I want to make it clear that we were not looking to punish you guys.

We are also aware that it's only become more difficult with
deviantART not allowing us to separate polls and status updates
from our journal entries.

With that said, the primary purpose of this exercise was to make
sure everyone was reading the rules and to make sure that we'd be
able to contact everyone easily once the collaboration was finished.

However, the news is good: since we first introduced this
collaboration, deviantART has implemented a Mentions feature
which will allow us to mention/tag everyone once the collaboration
has finished.

What does this mean? Well, congratulations. You can stop watching me now.

As for the rules, they've been updated to reflect the changes
mentioned above.

Newcomers, please read them. They are there to save you time
and grief.

Thank you.


- One Pokémon per user. (Dibs will go to the person who posts first, so even if you guys post "at the same time", DeviantArt's time stamp will determine who gets it.)

- Please choose wisely because you will not be able to change once you do.

- Anyone who misses the deadline will forfeit their Pokémon, giving someone else the chance to draw it, and will have to sign up again if they want to participate. Keep in mind that you cannot claim the same Pokémon again.

- All submissions must be new (specifically for the collaboration), coloured, have transparent backgrounds, and be submitted as a PNG. If anyone would like to do theirs traditionally, and remove the backgrounds themselves, then please remember: no lined paper. (Grid paper counts as "lined".) Quality must be acceptable, so no camera phone quality; scanners are the best way to go. Also, please do not edit your Pokémon after you've submitted it. We are very sympathetic to the fact that you may have missed a spot, or the shading doesn't look quite right, or the pose makes your Pokémon look debilitated, but we would like all submissions to be finalized pieces. If your OCD is acting up something fierce, then please ask the collaboration hosts before you change anything.

- Speaking of shading, if you do choose to shade, the light source must be in the top right corner. Please do not have your Pokémon cast a shadow on the ground. We will add that in the final piece ourselves.

- Pokémon must be depicted full bodied. The pose will be left up to you, but please keep it appropriate. (Images must be safe for work; in other words, no 18+ material.) Also, no objects to obscure the view of your Pokémon. Squirtle blowing a bubble or Charmander using Ember is fine, but please don't stick a giant rock in front of Geodude. We want to see your Pokémon.

- If you're going to include an attack, please don't have the edges cut off. Half a bubble doesn't make much sense placement-wise. It makes it really hard to place your Pokémon in the final collaboration. Also, keep the attack in your Pokémon's proximity. As a point of reference, no ice beam, hyper beam, dragon rage or any long beams or twisters. The focus is your Pokémon, not the attack.

- No tracing or copying of official art. All art must be original, and by you, so you may not do a sketch, then have someone else line/colour it. It must be yours from start to finish.

- When you sign up, please don't automatically assume you have the Pokémon. Please wait until you have a deadline to start work/submit or else your piece may not count as being "for this collab".

- Once submissions are completed, a Download button must be available. If it is not, then please upload a second copy to your and note me with the link so I may download it. The same applies if you choose to add a signature or watermark. Signatures and watermarks are fine, but they're not part of the Pokémon, and are therefore not part of the collaboration.

- The bigger your picture, the better. (Minimum size: 1,000px x 1,000px.)

- If your submission fails to follow the rules, we reserve the right to deny it.

- The deadline for submissions will be exactly one month from the time you sign up. (Ex. If you sign up May 13th, you will have until June 13th.)

- Place a star next to your Pokémon's name to let us know that you've read the rules. (We don't care what kind of star, okay? Just
as long as it's a star.)

#3. FAQ

"Are we allowed to submit Pokémon as sprites?"


"Are we allowed to submit black and white pieces?"

No. We will accept only coloured pieces. No sketches, and no digitally coloured black and white (monochrome) pieces.

"Are we allowed to submit shiny versions of our Pokémon?"

No. We will be accepting the Pokémon in only their common colours. If you'd like to do a shiny version of the Pokémon for yourself, however, that's perfectly fine.

"Do Mega versions of Pokémon count?"

No, classic Pokémon only.

"May I draw more than one Pokémon for the collaboration?"

Only one Pokémon, and you may not draw multiples of the same one either, even if it's the one you were assigned.

"May I draw clothes/props on/with my Pokémon?"

No. For all purposes, we'd like the Pokémon to be drawn as they are naturally, and don't want to see them with any accents that they don't already have like Machoke's belt, Primeape's boxing gloves, Jynx's dress, Farfetch'd's leek, and Cubone's bone.

"But I looked at the completed entries, and Pikachu has a neckerdoodle."

I admit it: I screwed up. I was hoping that Pokémon being drawn without trainer influence would be a given, but it's not. With that said, Pikachu was submitted before the no trainer influence AKA. no clothes rule was explicitly implemented, and in all good consciousness, we couldn't force someone to start over when (at the time of their submission) it wasn't against the rules. However, it is against the rules now, and we expect everyone to be aware of this, and abide by it. Any future Pokémon submitted with clothing articles or props not native to them will be denied.

"Why does our Pokémon have to be at least 1,000x1,000?"

Because if your Pokémon is smaller than 1,000x1,000, then your Pokémon will need to be moved to the back of the line. By this, I mean they will be in the distance and be harder to see. We will not make your Pokémon bigger for you because it will pixelate the image and bring down the overall quality of the collaboration. We also will not downsize the overall image just to accommodate you, so if you submit your Pokémon and it doesn't at least meet the minimum size standard, don't be angry when your Pokémon is hobbling along, out of sight, and blending into the background somewhere. (Also, don't try to be a wise guy. 1,000x1,000 refers to your Pokémon's size, not your Pokémon's size + transparent pixels.)

"How big is too big?"

If you're wondering how big "too big" is, then don't worry about it. It's far easier to downsize and retain quality than it is to make bigger, so if your image is very large, we will take care of it.

#4. Pictorial examples of what's acceptable.

No shading is fine:

DeviantArt Pokemon Collaboration - Gengar by Patrona

Shading with top right as the light source; no shadow(s) on the ground:

Charmeleon V2 by ValenAndNightInc

Traditional with the background removed:

[POKEMON COLLAB] Dodrio by Brizzlos

#5. List of Pokémon by Pokédex number, and their status. (Taken/Not taken.)

1. Bulbasaur (Taken by Ask-Currupt404 DONE!)

2. Ivysaur (Taken by bubbles123karate DONE!)

3. Venusaur (Taken by bzuuboo DONE!)

4. Charmander (Taken by TaksArt DONE!)

5. Charmeleon (Taken by ValenAndNightInc DONE!)

6. Charizard (Taken by zonesdragoness DONE!)

7. Squirtle (Taken by HOBYGRENOUSSE DONE!)

8. Wartortle (Taken by rhyINFERIROR DONE!)

9. Blastoise (Taken by KiiroiKat DONE!)

10. Caterpie (Not taken.)

11. Metapod (Not taken.)

12. Butterfree (Taken by Kiwi-chu DONE!)

13. Weedle (Taken by BigDaddyDowney DONE!)

14. Kakuna (Not taken.)

15. Beedrill (Taken by SerpentKingSaul DONE!)

16. Pidgey (Taken by StimaLaCima DONE!)

17. Pidgeotto (Taken by Laurosaurus DONE!)

18. Pidgeot (Taken by quila111 DONE!)

19. Rattata (Taken by ImpyDoo DONE!)

20. Raticate (Not taken.)

21. Spearow (Not taken.)

22. Fearow (Not taken.)

23. Ekans (Taken by Dragoleni DONE!)

24. Arbok (Taken by ChaoticUmbreon DONE!)

25. Pikachu (Taken by PNCOproductions DONE!)

26. Raichu (Taken by Little-Papership DONE!)

27. Sandshrew (Taken by tymime DONE!)

28. Sandslash (Taken by AR-ameth DONE!)

29. Nidoran (female) (Taken by calistamonkey DONE!)

30. Nidorina (Taken by SuperBashSisters DONE!)

31. Nidoqueen (Not taken.)

32. Nidoran (male) (Not taken.)

33. Nidorino (Taken by EagleIronic DONE!)

34. Nidoking (Taken by ralzor124 DONE!)

35. Clefairy (Taken by Catnipfairy DONE!)

36. Clefable (Taken by frostlie - DONE!)

37. Vulpix (Taken by Sylveon17 DONE!)

38. Ninetales (Taken by Boxpet DONE!)

39. Jigglypuff (Taken by SpotsTheYoshi DONE!)

40. Wigglytuff (Taken by XxSereneGracexX DONE!)

41. Zubat (Taken by Senwyn1 DONE!)

42. Golbat (Taken by orangedip02 DONE!)

43. Oddish (Taken by TaylortheSnailor DONE!)

44. Gloom (Not taken.)

45. Vileplume (Taken by DrZime DONE!)

46. Paras (Taken by ZueMasuo DONE!)

47. Parasect (Not taken.)

48. Venonat (Taken by aftertaster7 DONE!)

49. Venomoth (Not taken.)

50. Diglett (Not taken.)

51. Dugtrio (Not taken.)

52. Meowth (Taken by Nestly DONE!)

53. Persian (Taken by Hedgey DONE!)

54. Psyduck (Taken by Mafon DONE!)

55. Golduck (Taken by BirkesWorks DONE!)

56. Mankey (Not taken.)

57. Primape (Not taken.)

58. Growlithe (Taken by ObnoxiousGiraffe DONE!)

59. Arcanine (Taken by redyoshi77 DONE!)

60. Poliwag (Taken by Minish-Mae DONE!)

61. Poliwhirl (Taken by ThePontusAndersson DONE!)

62. Poliwrath (Not taken.)

63. Abra (Taken by uchihaguy DONE!)

64. Kadabra (Taken by Joceysheep DONE!)

65. Alakazam (Not taken.)

66. Machop (Not taken.)

67. Machoke (Taken by Iguruwashi DONE!)

68. Machamp (Taken by flippykicka DONE!)

69. Bellsprout (Not taken.)

70. Weepinbell (Taken by Desert-Poppy DONE!)

71. Victreebel (Taken by scilk DONE!)

72. Tentacool (Taken by Ursegol DONE!)

73. Tentacruel (Not taken.)

74. Geodude (Not taken.)

75. Graveler (Taken by Colarty DONE!)

76. Golem (Taken by dragonfire53511 DONE!)

77. Ponyta (Taken by AffinityShy DONE!)

78. Rapidash (Taken by spotty-bee DONE!)

79. Slowpoke (Taken by MightyBiteySnake DONE!)

80. Slowbro (Taken by sweet-misery788 DONE!)

81. Magnemite (Taken by Cortoony DONE!)

82. Magneton (Taken by TroilusMaximus DONE!)

83. Farfetch'd (Taken by Ollie-C DONE!)

84. Doduo (Not taken.)

85. Dodrio (Taken by Brizzlos DONE!)

86. Seel (Taken by TheWhiteWolf12121 DONE!)

87. Dewgong (Taken by negiixo DONE!)

88. Grimer (Not taken.)

89. Muk (Not taken.)

90. Shellder (Not taken.)

91. Cloyster (Not taken.)

92. Gastly (Taken by AskSplashWoman DONE!)

93. Haunter (Taken by comedy17 DONE!)

94. Gengar (Taken by Patrona DONE!)

95. Onix (Taken by TheBlox DONE!)

96. Drowzee (Not taken.)

97. Hypno (Taken by Metana DONE!)

98. Krabby (Taken by JerryKun DONE!)

99. Kingler (Not taken.)

100. Voltorb (Taken by Gemstrike DONE!)

101. Electrode (Not taken.)

102. Exeggcute (Not taken.)

103. Exeggutor (Not taken.)

104. Cubone (Taken by Sibsy DONE!)

105. Marowak (Taken by galaxycaptain DONE!)

106. Hitmonlee (Taken by BlueBandanaJake DONE!)

107. Hitmonchan (Taken by LadyLoriel DONE!)

108. Lickitung (Taken by CatWhitney DONE!)

109. Koffing (Taken by RetroOwl DONE!)

110. Weezing (Taken by WilliamJPierce DONE!)

111. Rhyhorn (Not taken.)

112. Rhydon (Not taken.)

113. Chansey (Taken by alexfang452 DONE!)

114. Tangela (Taken by Lycramosa DONE!)

115. Kangaskhan (Taken by shroomcat DONE!)

116. Horsea (Not taken.)

117. Seadra (Taken by Pohlranda3 DONE!)

118. Goldeen (Not taken.)

119. Seaking (Not taken.)

120. Staryu (Not taken.)

121. Starmie (Not taken.)

122. Mr. Mime (Not taken.)

123. Scyther (Taken by hooksnfangs DONE!)

124. Jynx (Not taken.)

125. Electabuzz (Taken by sJibbi DONE!)

126. Magmar (Taken Punch-Holer DONE!)

127. Pinsir (Not taken.)

128. Tauros (Taken by KuyaMiel DONE!)

129. Magikarp (Taken by platinum-starz DONE!)

130. Gyarados (Taken by Pandarah DONE!)

131. Lapras (Taken by KatNap8181 DONE!)

132. Ditto (Not taken.)

133. Eevee (Taken by Cyilla DONE!)

134. Vaporeon (Taken by LeafFox DONE!)

135. Jolteon (Taken by Tinker-Jet DONE!)

136. Flareon (Taken by LizziePotatoPad DONE!)

137. Porygon (Taken by MudSaw DONE!)

138. Omanyte (Not taken.)

139. Omastar (Not taken.)

140. Kabuto (Not taken.)

141. Kabutops (Not taken.)

142. Aerodactyl (Taken by sombrematsu DONE!)

143. Snorlax (Taken by Haxoron DONE!)

144. Articuno (Taken by Kosmotiel DONE!)

145. Zapdos (Taken by WistfulGem DONE!)

146. Moltres (Taken by Fox-The-Wandering DONE!)

147. Dratini (Taken by Kryaotic-Star DONE!)

148. Dragonair (Taken by TambaCat DONE!)

149. Dragonite (Taken by happy1873 DONE!)

150. Mewtwo (Taken by Breakdawn-Avenue DONE!)

151. Mew (Taken by LightningTheDragon20 DONE!)

If you have any questions, you may leave a comment or message Tinker-Jet or LeafFox

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Hello viewers who care!

Just to let you know, I'm going to be livestreaming again about 9:00 PM EST tonight (April 26)!

I recently watched Paranorman with my fiance, heard that :icontinker-jet: watched it, and showed it to my good friend Maxspaz, so I've been wanting to draw Norman naturally!  We can all hang out, talk about the movie and other things, and just have fun!  I'll be joined by my fiance :iconcomedy17:, mah wubwee :icontinker-jet: and dat :iconmaxspaz:, so it should be a good time!

Come join us if you'd like to hear my ramblings or watch me draw!  I'm not secretive of my...secrets xP  No insults or spam, or you will be ignored and possibly flammed (I make no guarantees since my Panda will be around >.>).

Derp.  A link would be nice…

Edit: Thanks SO much for joining us guys!  I'll be sure to post another journal as to when I'll be streaming again!  Take care all! :heart:
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EDIT: Thank you SOOOOOO much to all who came!  I had a blast, and I REALLY want to do this again soon!  I hope you'll join me again in the future! =D  If you missed the stream, or just want to relive the party, it is a saved video on the livestream page!  So whenever you'd like, you can check it out!  Thank you SO much again for being awesome!
Well, after moving AGAIN, we've hopefully settled into a place to call our own for a few years now.  ...No one likes moving.

But here is what this journal is really about: I've been wanting to get more active in my "career" of drawing, so I decided that it might be fun to livestream.  I created an account so that you may watch how I draw.  I don't hope to accomplish much from this, but if anyone cares, you might learn something!  I'm not secretive of my skills in the least.

Anyway, here is the link!…
I'm calling it FoxPirate Draws because that is what I want to call my series on YouTube.  ...I'm working on it -.-;  For those of you who watch :icontinker-jet:, you'll know she posted a collaboration between the two of us some time ago.  I recorded myself drawing my parts, and am in the process of speeding it up and posting to YouTube.  I hope to share my work, as well as get some feedback from the people who care to watch.

I will be livestreaming TODAY around 3:00 to 3:30 PM EST.  The beginning will probably be slow, because I need to make sure everything works, but I will be streaming a drawing of Beauty Stem from Toad Patrol.  This drawing will be my contribution to the :iconthe-toad-patrol-club:'s Toad Patrol Collaboration!  I will be joined by the group's founder Tinker Jet!  We'll just be talking about Toad Patrol or other related things...or anything we want really!  I happily invite anyone who wants to join us!  Just click the link given earlier, and I'll see you around 3 PM!  I'm new at this, and also a little shy, so go easy on me ^^;

That's all for now!  Hopefully my plan will work and you'll see more of me.
Thank you so much for watching!  I really appreciate all your support and every favorite! :heart:

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The generous WhiteDove is offering a chance for her watchers to win a free pony plushie!  I'm going to try my luck, and if anyone else is interested, you should try yours. 
Here's the link to the journal: whitedove-creations.deviantart…

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I don't know why I feel like writing a journal about this.  It's not like I want sympathy, because it won't bring her back, but here goes anyway.

We chose to put our cat to sleep yesterday..  Poor Hailey just crashed out of no where after we got back from my sister's wedding.  It was the hardest decision I ever had to make, but we couldn't watch her suffer anymore.  She was my first cat, and even though she hated me, she was our baby.  She lived a good age of 14.  Good-bye Hailey, We'll miss you.

In less depressing news, I've been trying to draw more for my deviant, but I've been so busy and drained.  I'd love to move back home to have more time, so we're working on it.  We really need a new start.

In light of my being depressed, I have been tagged for a journal meme, but I'm only doing the parts I want to do.  If you have a problem can bite me.

Take care all, be well and safe, and enjoy life.
Tagged by :icontrinityinyang:
1. You must post these rules
2. Each person has to share 10 things about them
3. Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the persons you
tag will have to answer
4. Choose 10 persons and put their icons on your journal
5. Go to their pages and inform them they are tagged
6. Not something like "You are tagged if you read that"
7. You have to legitimately tag 10 people


10 Things About Me:

1) Very non-confrontational.
2) Will to bottle up frustration rather than let it out.
3) Loves to draw, but hates her own style.
4) Wants to be a voice actress, animator, character designer, and plushie maker.
5) Loves animals.
6) Am Lazy
7) Hates the majority of people.
8) Loves to play video games.
9) Am engaged to marry next year.
10) Likes drawing memes; hates these journal memes


10 Questions Asked to Me:

1) What do you see yourself doing in 10 years?
I see myself very successful as a digital artist/animator.  I also see myself having at least a couple of kids by then.
2) If you can redo one thing that has happened in the past, what would you redo?
My parents divorce.
3) What are some principles, guidelines, or policies do you follow? (Such as being honest or treat others they way want to be treated)
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you definitely.  Respect each others spaces, Don't be rude, Be honest, Practice what you preach.
4) If you're stuck on a deserted island and you can only bring 3 items with you, what would you bring?
A hatchet, an mp3 player, and a plushie.
5) If today was your last day to spend time with a special friend, what would you do with them?
Go for a walk in a park, not crowded, and talk about good times.
6) What are some things about yourself that you want to improve upon?
Laziness, naivety, stubbornness and my art style.
7) What would your ideal lover be like?
He would be tall, dark and handsome.  He would be kind and caring, would take charge of a situation and be there for me, and I would be his favorite person.  He would also be a panda....oh wait =D
8) If you had a choice, where would you live? (Anywhere at all. Vegas, Hogwarts, Krypton, Star Wars, etc.)
Disney World
9) What are some moments in your life that has made an impact in your life?
Good or bad?  Meeting my fiancee, my parents divorce, my poor kitty's passing, moving out from home...high school.
10) If you had of choice of 3 people you can meet, who would they be? (Anyone at all, even the dead. In any time and anywhere)
Mel Blanc, Jim Cummings, Mel Brooks


10 Questions for my Taggees

1) What is your lifelong dream, crazy as it may be?
2) What is your greatest fear?  What do you love the most?
3) If you had all the spare time in the world, what would you do?
4) Who is your favorite person in the whole world?
5) Do you have any pets?  If so, please name them.
6) What is your favorite movie?
7) If you could travel anywhere on Earth, or space, where would you go?
8) If you had a million dollars, how would you spend it?
9) Do you hate Microsoft and EA? O=3
10) Whats your favorite holiday, any holiday?


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Howdy all!

I hope everyone had a wonderful and happy holiday, and I wish you all luck, health and happiness in the new year.  We made it!

As for me and deviant, I have no idea how much I'm going to be updating.  I'll try and get some more OC pony pics out, but as it stands, that just may be all I have time for.  I'm dwindling on funds, so I need to start doing things that will make me money again.  Blech...

On top of all that, I'm working on three big projects, one of which I already advertise here on my page.  The other two are super-secret until they're done.  Rest assured, I'll be advertising them here too!  They're both very extensive, and require I be finished ALL art before release, unlike Troidzone where we work as it unfolds.  Anywhos, I'm super excited for the both of them, and although they don't mean too much to any of you, I had to get it off my chest =3

I'd LOVE to get around to making a journal theme since my lovely wifey gave me 2 years worth of premium...perhaps something Foxglove themed =D

So the status update from me: busy.  I think the most I'll be submitting are ponies...which I'm pretty sure is the reason why I have half of the watchers on my list, lawl.

Take care all!  Hope you're not in a food coma after the holidays!

Troidone webpage:
deviantART: :icontroidzone:
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Hello one and all!

If any of you that watch me care, Troidzone is up and running!
Troidzone website:

We're in it for the long haul from here on in, and to those that care, I do hope you enjoy yourselves.  Troidzone can always be followed here on deviantArt too on :icontroidzone:

It's a very exciting day ^-^

As for news on myself, I've been so wrapped up in 3 big projects (Troidzone included) that I haven't had much time to do things for myself.  At some point, I will correct this.  For now, Ill just sketch my little doodles and upload what I can.  I have a LOOOOONG list of ideas to cover, lawlsies.

I hope you're all in the Christmas Spirit!  I know I am!  I'd like to take this time to thank both :icontinker-jet: and :iconfireflytwinkletoes: for being SO VERY AWESOME and surprising me with the best gift ever!  I'm sure firefly will upload her pictures on her account soon, so you all can see what I'm talking about ;)  If either of you are reading this, thank you SO much again!  I luffles her to iddy bitty bits! :heart:

Take care all, and have a wonderful life!
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Greetings and salutations happy watchers!  I bring tidings of great joy....for me and :icontinker-jet: that is.
If you'd like to be a part of this joy, we welcome you with open arms!

Wtf am I talking about, you ask?  Why TROIDZONE!  Devotees will recall I mentioned a secret project so many months ago.  Tinker and I have been hard at work getting our schedules together, and on this day (HER BIRTHDAY!) we have launched the Indiegogo campaign and Troidzone deviantART page!

The Troidzone page can be found here: :icontroidzone:
The Troidzone Indiegogo fundraiser can be found here:…
The Troidzone Facebook page can be found here:…
And, as stated in the last journal, the Troidzone ChipIn page can be found here:

The ChipIn fundraiser is more for the people who would like to donate anonymously without expecting anything in return, and without Indiegogo taking a portion.  The Indiegogo page, as I'm sure most are you are aware of, takes a portion, but also allows us to offer perks for your support.
Just to clarify: I'm not MAKING anyone donate, nor do I want to force anyone to donate.  If you check out the page and find you like the idea, show your support!  If you're like me and have no funds, showing support also means spreading the word!
This project is, at this point in my life, the BIGGEST project I've been involved in.  Nothing gives me greater pleasure than this, in all honestly.  I'm in charge of all of the artwork for the comic, site, and any other related aspect.  I'm very excited, and I hope I can share some of that excitement with you all!

In the next couple of weeks, I should have some artwork done for Troidzone's deviantART page.  These pieces will be previews of the trinkets being offered through the Indiegogo campaign.  One more time, Troidzone art will NOT be found here.
The official website will not be going up until the day that the first comic appears on the internet.  That date will be December 12, 2012.  If I can't pull my crap together by then, I don't deserve to be the artist, lawl.

Unfortunately, nothing awesome is happening in my life, just this.  So I will spare all the boring details and tell you all, if you're interested, to check out the campaign!  There will be more revealed about the comic as we near the 12th of December.

Take care all!  I hope you're having a wonderful life!
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Hi all!

I'm getting pretty excited!  October is here, and its all the closer to December!  If you recall, December was when I mentioned that :icontinker-jet: and I would be releasing our secret project.  Well, I can say a little bit about it now, and offer a way to support it!  Tinker has started a donations page for the project to keep it moving.  We're working on a webcomic called Troidzone, all written by Tinker and al illustrated by me!  I can't really say much else about it, but we're planning to launch a fundraiser soon through Indiegogo to move things along also.  If you'd like to donate now, here's the link!  
Again, I can't say much more about it, but if you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment!  Or if you have any words of support, feel free to also!  I'd love to hear input and opinions, and I'm sure Tinker would too!

I hope you all are having a wonderful life.  Mine is a bit hard now, but I'm still alive, so it's good.

PS. - I love Arrested Development :heart:
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Hi all.

I would like to post this in my journal, awareness of one of our fellow deviants :iconsahtori-kamaya:.
My wifey :icontinker-jet: has been running a campaign to help raise money for her medical bills, as she's severely in debt, and needs help to save her life.  I've offered art to help, and will even donate, but I feel like I could do more.  So I'm trying to help spread the word, and I would like to humbly ask anyone reading this do the same.

Here is the Chemotherapy fund:
Times are hard on all of us now, but please at least help by spreading word.  I think that'd be nice.

And for those of you who don't have anything nice to say at all, I won't tolerate it.  Kthxbai.

Take care all, and thank you for reading.

Update 9/5/12: Hey all!  Thank you SO much for your generosity!  We're over $1,500 dollars, and I gotta say, I'm pleasantly stunned.  I can't express how happy I am.  All I can say is thank you ^-^
Please keep it up!  Spread the word! :heart:
Update 9/6/12: Hi everyone!  Just thought you'd might like to know that I made my donation just now!  And we're almost to $4,000 dollars!  HOLY POOPSICLES!  I'm very happy for Karine, and I hope she's starting to get that fighting spark back ^-^

Ranting: Art Theft and Photo Albums

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 6, 2012, 8:01 AM
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Hey all.

I'm pretty miffed that a journal like this has to replace my shameless icon trolling, but I feel like I'd feel better if I got it all out.  Who knows, maybe someone will listen to/agree.  Honestly if you disagree with this, you are a horrible person.  GLaDOS says so.
You'll also have to forgive my grammar and sentence structure.  When I'm angry I tend not to care.

So here it is.  I'm SO tired of seeing so much art theft in peoples galleries here on deviantArt!  Now, I'm throwing around the term art theft, but it's theft enough to me.  A lot of times I'll see multiple posting of a piece that has ALREADY been submitted to deviant by the original artist.  A lot are photos found on image hosting sites like Photobucket, most of the time the image not belonging to the uploadee (or "artist") on deviant.  And the popular one everyone hates, the flat out lying and taking a piece from another artists deviant, putting it on theirs and saying, "I DEED THS!!ASA?A?S??A!!!! !!!!!oneoen!!!!"  That's the one that everyone gets up in arms about, probably because it's easiest to spot.  I've been seeing example 2 WAY more than I care to admit lately.
So what I have to say is, my mother taught me that if it doesn't belong to you, don't take it.  I know my generation makes HORRIBLE parents these days, but honestly people.  Did your mother teach you NOTHING!?  Chances are if you found a picture online, it belongs to some one else.  What goes through someone's mind when they see it and decide to upload it to deviant!?  What also goes through their minds when they see an image ALREADY uploaded to deviantArt, and then post it AGAIN!?  And how hard is it to scroll down in the description and just see that the original artist has NOT given you permission to use their art?

I had a discussion about this to my wifey :icontinker-jet: about this a couple weeks ago, and she brought up the point that most of these people don't even realize they're doing anything wrong.  While this is an excellent argument, and true most of the time, it's not an excuse to me (nor to her, I'm sure she would say too xD).  What makes users think deviantArt is Photobucket, which is indeed just a place to store pictures you like and want to reference later?  Just say the name in your head....deviantArt......DEVIANT...ART!  How do you misconstrue art for a place to upload pictures you like!?  Oh, and deviant has an album for you to use to reference your favorite pictures later.  It's called favorite.  Do the work yourselves.  Look up the things you like on deviant, and favorite it.

Artists get no justice in the system already.  The ones who use deviant as a photo storage center and go around calling themselves artists make me laugh.  I honestly don't care how many of you don't like this, but I think Panda has been a bad influence on me, as I enjoy pointing out those stupid enough not to be able to grasp common knowledge.  I know everyone loves social websites, but this is a social website to a degree.  Chances are people care more about your talent, not what's going on in your journal.  This is a place for INTELLIGENT discussion about the way you and other people see the world and express beliefs in art.  This is NOT Photobucket.  Wise up.

I don't care if you want to discuss this here, but keep it civilized.  I'm not very good at discussing or debating (as you can already tell) so I might stay out of it or I might offer two cents here and there.  Just keep it civil, and keep it here.  Honestly, don't spam pieces of work that an artist doesn't give you permission to discuss.  Just because it's not in the description doesn't mean you're allowed to.  I reserve the right to hide any comment I see distasteful.  It's my page.  If you don't like it, go home.  I also reserve the right to stop it if I see things getting too heated.  I don't want hate on my page, just love.  Of course...when these art thieves wise up, they're more than welcome to share the love too.

Have a wonderful day all, and be conscious of others.

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This journal will be dedicated solely to writing down my favorite plz ions for usage I'm very sorry about the journal spam to all my watchers ><

I suppose I could make this a little bit interesting though..  Tomorrow Panda and I leave for home, and then Sunday we leave for a four day vacation on the beach! :heart: I won't be back again until Thursday all, but I will bring my laptop to check messages when I have time of course.  I'm personally excited.  This is my favorite beach and I haven't been there in two years because of school and whatnot.
I've had a LOT of time to draw these past weeks, but it will probably diminish once I get back due to starting to find a job again -.-  *sigh*  I was having a lot of fun, so I'll try and keep drawing whatever comes to my crazy head.
As far as news goes, that's about it...  My cat Hailey still hates apartment life, and for fans of Panda and his recordings, he's working on them =3

:iconkermityayplz: :iconsqueeeeplz: :icontrollestiaplz::icontrollestia2plz::icontrollestia3plz: :iconohyoudogplz::iconohyouplz: :iconzeusplz: :icontrollmorphplz: :iconwankaplz: :icondatspyplz: :iconyeahplz: :iconangelwingleftplz::iconangelwingrightplz: :iconohmyplz:
:iconucantplz::icontouchthisplz: :iconderpplz: :iconmorecowbellplz: :iconover9000plz::iconover9kplz: :icondramaticplz: :iconyoureverywelcome: :iconcuteheartplz: :icondananana3dplz: :iconboottotheheadplz: :iconceilingcatplz: :icondansenplz: :iconfaceshovelplz: :iconstriveforplz: :iconlickbootplz: :iconbisonplz: :iconthxfavplz: :iconimhappyplz: :iconamazinghorseplz: :iconmahboiplz: :iconmonkeymeowplz: :iconbegplz: :iconumadbroplz: :iconpandaglompplz: :iconfurrydanceplz: :icondragonglomp: :icontrollfaceplz: :iconlatiasyayplz: :iconlatiosyayplz: :iconcarltondanceplz: :iconredscoutplz: :iconraritywhineplz: :iconraritygangstaplz: :iconajliarplz: :iconfacebooklikeplz: :iconyesgoodplz: :iconyoumadbroplz: :iconcelestianoplz: :iconsweetiebellescootplz: :iconbigmacnoesplz: :iconplzhug: :iconpongoplz: :iconchucktestaplz: :icongroostonplz: :icondidneyworlplz: :iconwordplz: :iconrdrapefaceplz:
More to come as I fine ones I like and use ^-^
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First off, I would like to spread word of my lovely wifey :icontinker-jet:'s endeavors to raise money for charity.  She's offering sketches and colored images of your choice for a small fee, and trust me, everything is going towards a GREAT cause.  Please, if you have a couple extra bucks, take a peek at her promo-journal entry here…

Also to mention my wifey, I would again like to mention our top secret project!  I'm hard at work drawing for my wifey/boss to bring all web-goers a special surprise.  Again, expect this around December.

Now that business seems to be taken care of, I am indeed engaged!  It happened April 21st in a beautiful park at our soon-to-be new home.  My fiancee?  Why :iconcomedy17: of course!  I'm sorry all you fans of his videos...he's mine now. ;)  As of now, we have no wedding plans, because we have no money.  Which leads me to my next point.  We will be moving at the end of the month, so yay for moving stress.  Its a cute little apartment, but it will be closer to Panda's job.  So this means that all you fans of his should be happy, because he'll have free time to record again.  The official move in date is the 19th, but we'll be moving things in the meantime.

I am still unemployed, but am hoping to break into a career in art.  Wish me luck!
I wish I could update to deviantART more, but considering the project, job searching, and another project I'm in on with another of my friends (not to mention projects with Panda), I don't have very much time...  However, I will continue to try to upload anything funny that pops into my head.
I still find it hilarious I draw so many ponies when I'm not a Pony myself xD

So that's my life in a nutshell now.  I'm mostly depressed, but I'm hanging in there.  Being engaged helps.  I'm happy and blessed that the man I want to marry is so good to me, and more importantly, wants to marry me just as much.
Until next time all!  I'll try to draw more!


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Well, although a good game, Skyward Sword failed to live up to OoT, and yes, I will argue that to the death with anyone, even IGN *coughcoughwhodoesntknowwhattheyretalkingaboutcough*

As for me, I've been laid off and am currently looking for another job.  Art has not been a priority, but I look forward until the day where it can be again.  I have however been working on a top secret project with my beautiful wifey :icontinker-jet: that involves me drawing...a lot.  If you care, I suggest checking back here around December 2012 =3  It'll be awesome.

Well, I'm going to keep this short, as I've been addicted to Digimon Masters online and also sick with Bronchitis.  Time to try and find me a Gomamon! <3

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This fever sure has got me good D=

I haven't been looking forward to this game as much as I have in the past two weeks.  I'm not the biggest Legend of Zelda nerd in the world, but I L O V E those games! <3
I just saw an IGN review saying that Skyward Sword is the best Zelda game out there.  You know, that's a big, BIG boast, especially considering most games out there now a days.  IGN knows it too, but they STILL feel secure saying that.  EVEN AFTER OCARINA OF TIME!  I'm sitting here saying, "Whoa now, I'm not sure if it's safe to say this game is BETTER than Ocarina of Time, but I have been so pumped for a game equally as fun and enjoyable as Ocarina of Time was.  I think I'm going to get it on November 20th! <33333

I'm looking forward to seeing just how awesome the Wii Motion Plus makes the game, but more so I'm looking forward to getting to know Zelda.  She's absolutely adorable from what I've seen from trailers, and I feel like this is the game you'll really get to know her in.  Yes, I say this even though you did get to know her a little in Ocarina of Time, and even more in Wind Waker. But still.. <3

Also am expecting Ganondorf at some point, even if it's at the very end of the game where it's alluded that he'll make an appearance in the later games. Ghirahim does look like a little unintimidating Kuja-wannabe, but I'm not going to let that ruin a good game!  Hell, FF9 is one of my favorites! <3

So I guess the reason why I wrote this was to satisfy some hidden need to nerd out, and you all are my victims.  Aren't you lucky!
If you're pumped for this game as much as I am, only a couple more days!  We can do it!  ......................*splodes*

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So about Squiby...

I logged in yesterday and found that EVERYTHING I had was gone.  I found that VERY odd, so I logged out and logged back in.  Still nothing. So I clicked the link in my description of the Cyndaquil and Chikorita submission, and low and behold, everything I had was there!
So I don't understand.  I can't access my account for some reason.  Squiby has always been glitchy, but now it's worked my last nerve.  I'm sorry to everyone I promised I would have more. I really did have a couple new ones to upload, but Squiby won't let me back onto my account.  I'm afraid I have to abandon the site.  I didn't really want to, and Squiby is a great idea; but it's too glitchy to be worth the headache.

As for what's going on in my life, I'm a bit busy now. Working a LOT lately and haven't had much time to draw.  But when I do, I'm really working on a project with Tinker Jet.  I am her art bish =3
So when I can upload, I will. And I apologize greatly for my choice about Squiby )=
If it makes anyone feel better, I'll post the would-be adoptable spoilers

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So yeah, it's been a while since I've written anything.  I should say what's up even though not very many of you care xP

2011 is the Year of the Rabbit.  It's totally my year.  Yesh, I'm a rabbit.  I plan to have some artwork up to commemorate soon.  It'll be late, but better late than never right?
So I just graduated this past December, and have started my first job as a Veterinary Technician today!  It was pretty uneventful, but I'm still learning the ropes.
That has to do with my resolution, promise.  I thought this year it would be good to set a goal to draw more.  I have been drawing non-stop since February...let's say 9th, and it feels really good.  I may not be great, but nothing can change the fun I have when drawing.  I didn't draw that much last year or before because of school (my drawing folder shows) and I'm really sad about that.  It's time that I'll never get back.  I think setting this goal will not only be good for my skills, but also my mental health through this time xP

Anyways, thanks for listening!  And thank you so much for all the favorites and comments ^-^  Just because I can't thank you each individually anymore, it doesn't mean I'm ANY less grateful for every one of them! Not in the least! <3  Take care and be safe all!

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Hi all, and Happy Halloween! =D

I'm glad I got my Halloween submission in on time.  Although not original, whatever, I like it.  I hope all of you have a safe and happy Halloween tomorrow, and stay out of trouble!

As for what's been going on lately, school's been taking up most of my time.  I'm pretty sure I passed last semester, now all that's left is this one til the middle of December, then I become a working stiff!  I'm so excited =3  As for submitting art, whatever I have time for I'll put up.  I thank you all for your support and nice comments =3  Feel free to give some constructive criticism too, I think I can handle it.....I think xP

So yeah, I've said my peace.  I mostly wanted to write a new journal because I was tired of seeing the same one over and over xD  Take care all!

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Yes...yes this is how I feel.

After a semester of agonizing, worrying that I'm going to fail work, I did it!  Well, the last exam is over.  I'm not sure how I did grade-wise, but we'll see later!  Aside from that I'm too happy to care!

This is good news for me because I finally get to finish some things I've been meaning to post here <3  I'm so excited to do fun things this holiday season!

I hope you all are as happy as I am, and are enjoying the holiday season! =D

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Greeting's fellow deviants ^-^

I'm actually feeling reeeeeeeally lousy right now.  I have the symptoms of a fever, but no fever; and I'm really busy this week...3 exams ._.

Needless to say Imma be busy.  And I recently got my first hours of work.  So hopefully that goes well...  Right now, as the title says, I am stalling from doing any work =3
Please hope I feel better tomorrow? D=  I mean...missing a day of high school is one thing, but missing a day of college is a WHOLE other ball game )=

I hope you all are feeling better than I am, and are having fun too ^-^
I'll be here...writing my lame lab report... *grumbles*