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Real Life Umbreon

By leafeon-ex
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My dog's awesome Umbreon costume! =D

She's such the good sport. I put her in the classic Umbreon pose and she stood still till I got the picture.
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I don’t mean to be rude or anything, but putting something on a dogs head can really traumatize them, Please make sure that you lift it up now and then to check on them.

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i was looking back at my old faves thinking was this made in a computer is it a plushie
then i see
it is your actual freaking dog
you sir, win all the internets.
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lol Hand over your dog!
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oh my goooodddd this is so awesome!
please tell me there is a video of him wearing this 8'D
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Looks like skin and bones to me
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My favorite Pokemon! <3
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This is awesome! You should totally make the rest of the eeveelutions, ahhh! :D
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What? What?! WHAT? WHAT!?


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Looks like a really Umbreon! Running Umbreon 
how did you make this?
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best Quadsuite ever! :D
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Can she see out of it?
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Yes. :) The eyes are made out of a see through mesh.
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man,hod did you put it on the dog?! LOL XD
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