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Anime: Axis Power Hetalia
Characters: Italy [Feliciano Vargas] - Japan [Kiku Honda]

Cute!!! *blush*

Gif by ~APHetaliaGIFS
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why did japan push italy hes always giving him hugs and he doesn't do anything
NatGosRawr2's avatar
what eps is this??
I hate this couple but this stamp is as funny as hell.
PokeBW4Evr's avatar
I loved that scene in Hetalia!! :D :D
CaptainPrussia's avatar
:iconitalyplz: Hey Japan *arms wide ready to hug*

:iconkikuplz: DENIED

It's sooo cute :+favlove:
WolftenDragon's avatar
C'mon Japan you know you love it!!
ChanChanRaran's avatar
yeah! you're right!
red-hoodz101's avatar
Italy's like "HUG ME,DUDE!"
Japan's like "Don't touch me. Get away!"
Venenziano's avatar
Ve...that wasn't fun.
ThatOneMuffin's avatar
hahaha i love italy :3
Okami-Yasha16's avatar
Just imagine his first kiss. Which I shall be the one to give Oh Japan, he's so freaking HAWT.
therawrmaster's avatar
same reaction i get when people hug me......either screaming or shoving teehee
SatanicSnowStorm's avatar
I seen this and was like

maangelica123's avatar
LOL I ts funny!! xDD!!
kcsketch's avatar
Italy: Veeeee~ :iconitalyplz: *hug*
Japan: Rejected!
Italy: :iconrejectedplz:
ChinaCho's avatar
akume-no-kame's avatar
so much for a hug!
JoKirLove's avatar
Someone who supports them:D
Personally, I support GerIta, but these two are SO cute.
Sandfur17's avatar
So much for Italy x Japan...*watches Japan push Italy away*
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