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August 16, 2021
House by Lea1301
Featured by lovelessdevotions
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Peaceful place to live.

pratz95's avatar

Amazing! Loved this 😍

JMKirkpatrickArtist's avatar

Gorgeous! I wish I could live there.

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RiskyDash11's avatar

Wow! What did you make this on? And good job on the DD!

Lea1301's avatar

Thank you! I always use Photoshop.

Conni712's avatar
Lea1301's avatar

Im speec hless. Exquisite

Lea1301's avatar
Irondoors's avatar

That's a neat looking house. Do Elves live there?

Lea1301's avatar

Yes, this house was invented for elves.

UmaeKaw's avatar

Amazing lanscape hope i can get as good at you.

Lea1301's avatar

Thank you! Don't be like me, become better than me)

Hiya, would you be interested in drawing some pictures for a board game I'm making? I'm in final stages of concept design and I have no way of drawing the designs for my playing cards.

Kelpzilla's avatar

my dream house lol

cullyferg2010's avatar

At least he doesn't have to worry about mowing around the house! Wonder what the winds are like up there?

Lea1301's avatar

I think there is a strong wind blowing there. Because of the wind, the tree is too crooked..

cullyferg2010's avatar

Makes sense. Too bad he doesn't have a windmill to pump water up there.

cnotbusch's avatar

Only a wizard would be crazy enough to live in that house. Fantastic work!

Lea1301's avatar

Maybe) And thank you!

SeKeTcH's avatar

I saw this one drawring and new that I should watch you so congrats you have another watcher😆

Lea1301's avatar
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