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Weighted Storage Cube Cursor

yay weighted storage cube cursor, as said

credits to Valve, portal flash game, aero cursors from microsoft windows 7

UPDATE: somehow a wrong frame was there, caused the cube to glitch - fixed
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Thank you man.This is awesome.Thanks!!!
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how it can be installed ???????
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if you are on windows 7 you rightclick on desktop - personalize - change mouse pointers in upper left sidebar (or just [win]+[R] input 'main.cpl' [enter] works in all windows') switch to pointers, selects which to change, click browse and so on
on linux you need to check the setting, depends hard on the distri: in ubuntu you have a windows-like dialog, in others you might need to edit config files per hand
if you are using OSX unfortunately i cant help you, i know nothing about macs

hope this helps
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Yes, I like this very much.

Any chance of you making this cube in various colors. I'm using it right now, but it's always nice to have different color choices for different wallpaper. Thanks.

Keep it up.
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any specific colour request?
Hi Leon, Thanks for the reply.

One in blue and one in green. That would be nice. I use your storage cube cursor as my default "busy" and "working in background."

You should offer this in a "Le0n Color Pack." This cursor is too cool to just be one grey color.

Anyway, awesome job!
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meh i just cant seem to get it right, i tried to tint the entire cube but it looked rather unpleasent, then i tried to tint just the inner ring but that wasnt satisfying aswell
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WANT I wanttt!~
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2 thumbs up - looks very good......
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whua, that's super cool! I am proud of you, man! : )
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Just remember to avoid it from being emancipated.
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