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As folks can see, I've been drawing the first gen teams for friends and myself. If you want your own Pokemon Team drawn in my style, colored lineart (like the WIP currently uploaded) is $25, and a fully completed piece will by $35. Payment methods will be available through Paypal.
You can also comment to this post to let my know you are interested, with your team and what you'd want to look like. I will allow up to 5 changes on a piece (fyi). That doesn't include the initial figuring out of what you want. 
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I was tagged by Frozen-Sol
1. How did you begin art? Or if not, how did you get on DeviantART?

 This is my second time on Deviant-Art. My first time was some time around 2007-2018? I had another account through an email from a dial-up provider. Never remembered the password and never could recover it. I found Deviantart through a friend of mine in high school nicknamed Spork. 

2. What type of art do you appreciate?

 Um... Lots? Though, I really do like just a black and white sketch. Something about the darker shades and gritty look has always drawn me in.

3. What type of art appears pointless to you? (ie. Contemporary art?)

 .... The dot in the middle of the white canvas? Well, I'm sure there is a point. I just don't seem to enjoy it. o(>.>)o

4. What type of fantasy do you like? (everyone loves something!)

 I like a good ole adventure quest, like LOTR or Records of Lodoss War! Can't go wrong with SciFi though. Babylon 5, Farscape, and Star Trek were my childhood (with a dash of Andromeda). 

5. Is there one sad thing you can think of that you wish you could change?

 Calling my dad the night before I came home. I had really wanted to, but I was afraid of my sister and her friends, and they didn't give me the hotel room key to get back in. We came home to find out dad was no longer with us upon our arrival home. It had just been found out at that moment.

6. Tell us a joke! (try to keep it clean)

 .... Fart knuckles? I dunno. I"m not good at jokes. I don't even know what that phrase means. My sister just randomly shouted it after getting angry one day. (o.O)

7. Are you more beautiful/handsome/cute or more cool/tough?

 Um... (<.<)... (>.>)... Something? Let's go with "yeah, that".

8. Tell us about something that’s precious to you.

 Well, since people aren't things.... My Playground Kid doll, Ginger. When I was little, I had a different one. I was seven at the time, and I took her with me on our only family vacation. We went to Disney, The Florida Aquarium, my great grandma's house, a museum of history somewhere in South Florida, and to my other grandma's house in Hollywood, Florida. But the time we reached Hollywood, I found she was gone. I cried and cried, and was absolutely sad for days. She went with me everywhere. When I got home, my sister came into my room with hers (oddly enough made the same year I was born). She told me to take care of Ginger. I've been taking care of her ever since. At some point, I even put a sweater on her to keep her warm. ^.^ She is always where I can see her, as she always gives me comforting thoughts.

9. What’s unique about you that no one else in this world is like?

 I found a way to mix Dungeons and Dragons into my job. (@.@)

10. If someone could turn you into a child so you could grow up all over again, would you let them?

 Heck no! I would not want to go through that again! Besides, I am actually extremely happily with my life. I love my hubby and puppy. I have super special awesome friends I am close to. I have the career I want. Sure, there are negative things that occur, but so many good things are happening right now. 

11. If you had the ability to morph into an animal and back again whenever you please, which animal would you be?

 Hmmmm.... It would have to be something that my dog wouldn't eat... It couldn't be a dog either... Um... A bird. In the hopes that I could speak the bird language and tell them to "leave me alone, or I will find a way to roast you all!"

12. Did you ever wish that you were the opposite gender for only one day?

 Hmm... Kind of. Just to know how it felt. I wouldn't want to stay that way though. I'm content with who I am. 

13. What is the deepest dream or desire you have? (even if it may never come true)
To finally finish one of my book, comic, or game ideas!!!!

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Update: Hubby figured out how to get money fast to me. As I did post this, I will leave this sale up for a week.
Sketch- $1
Lineart- $ 2
Color Basic- $3
Color Advance- $4
Basic Backgrounds-$2

No NSFW. Donations accepted. Payment through Paypal

Thank you
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Found on Frozen-Sol 's journal

Interview with Puffin "Jigglypuff" McMasters

Puffin Jigglypuff McMasters by Le-Smittee

1) What gender are you?



2) What is your age?



3) Do you want a hug?

I could always go for a hug!


4) Do you have any bad habits?

Well, I tend to choose the wrong audiences! Always falling asleep on me! The elves to well though!


5) What is your favorite food?

By Yondalla! All food is my favorte. Food is a sacred thing!


6) What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

Ice cream? What is ice cream?

Gives an ice cream cone

What a wonderful delight! I must obtain the recipe!


7) Are you a virgin?

Wh-Wh-What kind of question is that!


8) Have you killed anyone?

Oh, no! No, no, no! I sing my songs and cook the meal. I used to be a chef, you know.


9) Do you hate anyone?

Why would I hate anyone? The only thing I hate is negativity, but that’s easily cured!

10) Do you have any secrets?

Well… No one seems to ever know who has drawn on their faces, once they’ve awaken from my performance. They don’t seem to mind much either. Giggles.  They just become so perplexed!


11) What is your favorite season?

Fall. It is time for the harvest, and there are always plenty of food to go around! 


12) Who are your best friends?

I suppose Kara, the lonely shaman; Tamish, the tricky glau; The kitsune twins, so “polar” opposite; Miiryum, the gentle sea draconic; and Nikola, the sparky one! Yes, I believe that it all of them. You know, I would know which one is which, but the twins were introduced at the same time, and with no motion of which ones which! Though, I believe they had done that on purpose. They like to play games as much as that shadow dancer!


13) What are your hobbies?

Cooking, singing, playing the lute.


14) What is your favorite drink?

Elderberry Wine


15) When is your birthday?

The 4th day or the 12th month


16) What age did you die?

(O.O) Die? I am dead! Oh my! Frantically looks around himself


17) Are you nice or mean?

I try to spread kindness and cheer to all I meet!


18) What do you think of your creator?

I am happy that Yondalla has chosen me to enjoy the plentiful wealth of the harvest! Though, I do dream of a strange lady sometimes saying the things I plan to do the next day. Always a strange dream, it is.


19) What is your weakness?

I am not good in combat. Though, I must also work on the performance. I simply can’t understand why so many people fall asleep on me. At least Kara never has. Though, it is hard to understand if she enjoys the performance. One day, I hope to make her happy, like everyone else!


20) How long can you stay under water?

I’m a bit embarrassed to say, but I don’t worry about water to much. Pats belly. I’m a floater, you know.


21) What do you do on a regular day/basis?

I cook breakfast, wake everyone up with a smile, and start the day by discussing our itinerary. Then, we are off on whatever adventure we may be on next, while my song and lute boosting our morale! From there, who knows where the road may take us? Perhaps to some new recipes. Perhaps to a new song to sing? Only Yondalla knows!


22) Do you love someone?

Once…But that was a long time ago! Please, let us move on.


23) Does that person love you back?

Please. Please, let us move on.


24) Do you like me?

But of course! There is not a soul that I do not like!


25) What do you consider fun in the day time?:

Why, making sure everyone’s day stays a good day!


26) At night?

A good rest after a nice meal is always nice. Sometimes, I stay up just to make sure our paperwork is in order. Can’t be too cautious when going to new lands!  


27) Do you like meatballs?

I love them!


28) Do you like Chef Boyardee's meatballs?

Why, I’ve never had them. Is he located in Johto?


29) Are you gay?

I’m as happy as a lamb!


30) Say that you were trapped in a closet with your lover for 2 days straight.

Oh my. Blush. You ask such personal questions!


31) What superpower would you like to have?

Why, the power to keep everyone awake and happy during every performance. Always lifting their hearts, no matter where I go!


32) What is your place of origin?

On Route 3. That’s what we call the road. There is much farmland around, so it’s easier to just number the little areas, instead of naming them.


33) Large or small family?

Quite a large family! We McMasters always have a large family. Well… till me… But, my friends are my family, and so are many of the people I meet. At least, I treat as many people as I can as family.


34) Who are your parents?

Peters and Mauween McMasters. They too are chefs, as they run their own restaurant.


35) Do you have a phobia?

Well, I don’t much like being alone. Tis a frightful thought.


36) Piercing/tattoos?

Yondalla, no! Though, perhaps an earring would be nice one day. Though, I fear it may make me unbalanced. Chuckles.


37) Is this quiz over?

If it is, then a good day to you and yours! If now, let us continue on! There have been some strange questions, but I am quite enjoying myself. Are you?


38) Do you like cats?

Oh yes. A lovely creature is the feline. One of the few animals I would never want on my plate.


39) What’s your lucky number?

I don’t seem to have one. Most say it is their birthday, but I believe everyday is specials. So, I suppose I favorite all of them!


40) What’s your favorite color?

Pink, though folks think it is a foolish color to enjoy. It is just so hard to come by. It took a lot of my savings to buy this lovely turtleneck you see here.


41) What color are your eyes?

Teal, I think? No one has really asked me that.


42) Quick! Someone kissed your love! What do you do?

Ah! I’d ah! Well, I guess I’d thank them. That seems a little much, but still an awfully nice gesture.


43) What is your favorite type of music?

A great tale of a grand adventure!


44) No one cares about you!

That doesn’t seem very nice. Perhaps I should play you a tune, to cheer you up! Begins playing on the lute.


45) Where do you want to be right now?

It would be nice to visit home, but I am enjoying my time here with you as well. I do love meeting new people.


46) What are you in your love's opinion?

Is silent.


47) You just walked into a bathroom and someone's taking a shower, what do you do?

Getting flustered. Now, I may have to put my foot down. These are not even the questions you’d ask someone you’ve known a while!


48) What do you do for a living?

That’s better! Why, I’m a bard and my comrade’s chef!


49) You are in jail what do you do?

I try to cheer up those around me with a song, while I wait for the honest mistake to be corrected. After all, I don’t believe they would imprison you for drawing on someone’s face now. Would they?


50) Bye!

Good morrow to you too! May your days be merry, for both you and yours. And remember, everyday starts as a good day!

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I'm glad to get in most of the practice (even though one day was awful in the art way). I don't have art for the 13th, because some kids saw my drawings for that day and wanted them. So... I gave them away. They weren't anything special really. Just art I don't really need practice with. xD Soooo... Yeah. I also went home and fell right to sleep. So, no chance to make new pieces. This week has worn me out, so I'm surprised I was able to push myself to make time to draw. 

I will work hard on the piece today, but must first get some other stuff done. I also think I'm going to make a sticker page with all those msuhroom guys I'm doing. I just... really like them. 
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The storm should be closer to a Category 2 or 1 once it hit here in Central Florida. I'm in a house made to withstand Category 3 hurricanes. 

In the meantime, I've completed two chocobo: 1 pink, 1 black with grey down feathers. I will take a picture tomorrow. I have a green one, but I have run out of the specific green that it is. So, its legs will be a bit different. The black one is also different, being slightly larger and with a new style of legs. The original legs were very time consuming, so I'm hoping to keep with the new style. I hope you guys like it, once the pictures are up. 
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Started a new job a few weeks ago. Yesterday was about the smoothest day. It's just been... crazy. Working on work at work and at home. 12 hour work days. Just... Just a lot. More art and crafts once things get into a groove. Until then, just wanted to let you know where I went. I have things to upload. Just not at this moment. ~.~ Just a little longer. 
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Draw Me As Campaign by Le-Smittee

An idea I had for a commission is back again! To have a piece done, you can contact me through here, deviantart, my website, or etsy to order a piece and title it what you are looking for. For example, you could say "Draw me as a Turtle". Then, in the main content area, describe to me what you are looking for.


Bunneh Lineart by Le-Smittee          For A Basic Lineart: $10 

    Bunneh Doodle by Le-Smittee    For a Basic colored image (click the pic to see): $15       
Rupert the Scribe by Le-Smittee   For a more detailed color: $20


Creature Scribe by Le-Smittee For a basic background: (Free addition)   
 Ani-May Drawing 2: Cats by Le-Smittee      For a more detailed background: $5 up charge



For 1 building or object (like a ball or a tree): No up charge (free addition)

For +1 Buildings or extra objects in the background: $5

To add another character in the picture: $10 each extra person (in same style as prior requested item, of course)

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There's my shop above. I reposted some expired listings, and I plan to put more up in the near future. For those of you, who would like to buy anything, there is news for you! This coupon below gives you free shipping on any item in the shop! Just put in the code, and there you go!

Any questions or customs you are looking for, just ask! (Realized not all my chocobos have been put up for sale.)

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So, I was battling with my signature for a bit, mostly because of name change and whatnot. And, I decided to go a full on different diretion. I'm just going to sign my nickname from now on. Completely wipe out the whole full name thing. It'll save me some time too, because I still have a hard time getting use to me new last name. It's more rounded than my maiden name, so I can just scratch it out like before. @.@ But, my nickname is quick and simple. So yeah. You see Smittee on my work, that's just how it will be now. (Had to cancel photoshop, so it may be a little longer till one sees that.)
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New case-Better Airflow
New Sata Cables-Don't get pinched kind
Graphics card on the way-Can do Mudbox things after that (Upgraded from a 460 to a 1059 Ti)
USB Hub- Since new case has only two

Then, arting and gaming will be wonderful! Now if internet was better, so many things would be easier. But, that I can't fix until after we save up enough for a new home.Where we live now (in a camper renting from father-in-law on property) the only internet available is Satellite (goes out when it rains) or Century Link (Maybe you'll get the 10 you asked for, maybe you'll just get 1.5). That'll be a while though. Just saving a little bit at a time for that. 
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Welp, the Sata cables went bad on the computer, and now can only access one of my hard drives... the ones without the art on it. So... I'll get to uploading art again at some point. Till then, sit tight. 
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My art sig has always been my first and last name. I just got married, and now I have a different last name. IS that... Is that an issue with art? I mean, it's my art, and my first name is pretty dang unique. So, yeah... Not sure of this situation. Anyone else come across this?
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It took about 3 months, but it has finally returned to normal! URL works, all the pages work, all is better!

Woot Woot

....Now I have to update it.
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I was tagged by :iconfrozen-sol: 

Rules: Tag as many people you’d like to know better 

My Real Name: Take the time and look at my profile, and you will know well.

My Star/Zodiac sign: Gemini/Horse

My Average hours of sleep: 6-9, depends

My Last thing I googled: Hong Kong Restaurant

My Amount of Watchers: 44 (I didn't even realize)

What do I post: Art, Announcements, apparently tag posts.

Do I run any blogs: Yes. I run two: Dumplings and Wolfie, and one for my DnD group

Do I get a lot of comments: I get a few

Why I chose my username:
 Smittee was my nickname in highschool. I had another deviantart, but it only had one art piece on it and I couldn't remember the password.

I'll tag..... Everyone on my friend list? Yeah. That works. >.>

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There are quite a few people on my friend's list of deviantart doing commissions. They are all such awesome artists, I neither wanted to just do a few posts for a few of them, nor do a giant posts with just a bunch of name drops. So! For those of you doing them, please leave a comment introducing yourself, your pricing, one example of one of your awesome art pieces. 

This allows for a few things:
-A list of different styles for people to scroll through
-A chance for people that may not be on your friend list to see your work 
-A chance to meet a new art buddy
-So that the artist shows the example they want to show, and not me sitting and waiting for permission to show an example art piece on the list (Yeah, you do the work, but it's the type of art you want people to know you will do.)
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Canvas Tutor Review

I reviewed this app, but I also wanted to post here about how simple but enjoyable this app is. It gives you daily quests with time limits, in order to get those creative juices flowing, with a way to upload and share with others your piece with others, who have also done the quests. For examples of the types of quests, just click the link to my tiny bit more detailed review. Or, if you want to go straight to the app:

Canvas Tutor
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I was tagged by :iconfrozen-sol: .

1 Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed?

2 Do you take the shampoos and conditioner bottles from hotel?
....Maybe. >.>  It was once, the hotel was very scary, and our car was totaled in their parking lot, while we slept. 

3 Do you sleep with your sheets tucked in or out?
Out. I tried it before. We would just pull them out anyways. XD Sometimes, we battle in the night for the sheets only to lose sheet, and most of the bed, to our beloved dog.

4 Have you ever stolen a street sign before?

5 Would you rather be attacked by a big bear or a swarm of a bees?
Bear. I don't know if I'm allergic to the bees, like everyone else in my family. So, if I die, I would rather it be quick.

6 Do you have freckles? Birthmarks?
I have a birthmark on the back of my leg, beauty mark (why do they call it that) on my face, and some freckles on my arms.

7 Do you always smile for pictures?
When I can. 

8 Do you like taking selfies?

9 Do you ever count your steps when you walk?
No, but I do watch where I walk quite a bit, unless I'm working. Then, I watch to make sure the students are doing their work more.

10 What is your Song of the week?
Hmmm... Song of the week.... "Foil" by Weird Al. Though I have a mantra I sing before I go into work everyday. I sing the very end of "Montego Bay" by Bobby Bloom. 

11 What do you drink with dinner?
Sweet Tea or Water

12 What movies could you watch over and over and still love?
"Van Helsing" (Favorite Movie). "Big Trouble in Little China" (Just all around good and cheesy), Fifth Element (who can't?), "Princess Bride", "As Good as it Gets" (Always puts me in good mood), "French Kiss" (makes me want Ravioli, for some reason), "Legend", "Labyrinth", "Dark Crystal", "Love at First Bite".... The list goes on. 

13 Would you ever strip or pose nude in a magazine?
No, but if people make a living off of it and enjoy it, go for it! Whatever they do, get their education though! Even if it's just their AA (junk courses), do it!

14 Can you change the oil on a car? Change a tire?
Yes, but oil changes may test my strength too much. So, fiancee does it. >.> Otherwise, I could do it in a pinch.

15 Ever gotten a speeding ticket?

16 Favorite kind of sandwich?
Favorite sandwich.... The Thanksgiving sandwich at Just a Cupcake. It has turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce... OH, is it a guilty please! They also have other AWESOME sandwiches...


17 Best thing to eat for breakfast?
Chobani Flip Key Lime Yogurt

18 What is your Chinese astrological sign?

19 How many languages can you speak?
English, 4% fluent in French, been learning Old Norse/Icelandic and Swedish (the Old Norse helps me with the other two). I know bits and pieces of others, thanks to a friend of mine who's on...well, who knows how many he knows now. 10+

20 Occupations you wanted to be when you were a kid?
Singer or a Teacher. Well, looks like I succeeded with that second one. 

21 Do you believe in ghosts?
Not anymore. Long story, and not a very happy one.

22 Ever have a Deja-vu feeling?

23 Take a vitamin daily?
Not after I realized that those things aren't regulated. 

24 Ever take dance lessons?
No, but I love to dance! I watched videos and did a lot of trial and error with tap shoes in the past.

25 Regularly burn incense? Candles?
NO! I don't wanna die! T.T So many allergies and the ASTHMA

-- This or That --
Hot tea or cold tea?

Hot tea

Have you ever skipped class?

Invisibility or ability to fly?

Invisibility. Fearful of heights. And I would need special clothes to go invisible too. On the first day of school, I can hide in the classroom, see how the students react to one another, what type of atmosphere that class was going to have, and then surprise them all when they find out I was there the whole time. 

Cookies or Cake?
That's tricky. I would have chosen pie...Cookie

Coke or Sprite?
I don't drink soda... Prolly sprite, if the tummy was upset?

Tea or coffee?

All Right. Who to tag?
:iconhalgalaz: :iconcyanerainblack: :icon King-of-Dark-Titans: :July-MonMon: :iconPrismblack91: and whoever else on my list may or may not want to do it. I don't usually do these myself, but today is an off day. 
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  • Reading: DnD Character Sheets
  • Watching: Tobuscus Literal Videos soon
  • Playing: POGO and FF9
  • Eating: Tomato Sandwich
  • Drinking: Water
I drew in the last page of my sketchbook a few weeks ago (I'll upload the drawing, but I warn that it is not supposed to be pretty. So, don't expect pretty or cutre on that one. XD)

I got myself a new sketchbook. The paper feels thick and coarse, like my last one. So glad I found another book I can use, since most of the art stores are an hour away from me (AKA Michaels). The pages are perforated too, for easy pull out. It's a little Mix Media book from Walmart. The brand is....Oh... I seem to have misplaced it.....

Well, there will be drawings from it soon. I have to do some finagling to get the scanner to work though. It no longer recognizes that it has a scanner, so I have to SD card it to the computer now. >.< When I can buy a new one, I'm going to enjoy whatever destructive thing I plan to do to it. Maybe more than one thing. 

Anywho, not too long till I graduate. Yay! After next week, and I pay $105 for the grad application fee stuffs (yes, those exist), I will have my diploma! SO EXCITED! I can not only do what I love, but actually get paid for it soon. That will be nice. The stress will be lifted. I can afford to finally replace the one that is totaled in the yard (drunk driver, parking lot, while we slept in a hotel), and start saving up for my big goal: My fiance and I will finally have a house. Not an expensive apartment, not a shed (long story), and not a camper. A real house! T.T Those are tears of happiness there. 
  • Listening to: 3D Printer
  • Reading: Lesson Plans
  • Watching: Ashens on Youtube
  • Playing: POGO
  • Eating: Chicken and Dumplings
  • Drinking: Cranberry Pomergranite Juice
Each section is labelled, so you can choose what you want to read.

Well, mostly fixed. One of the slots fixed itself, and the other works half the time. So, at least I can plug my tablet in at the front. And yes, that means I have a new cord for my tablet. I love my little Bamboo. Love 

Sick:On the other part of the news. I get sick REALLY easily. I had bronchitis, took antibiotics, antibiotics killed the bad AND the good bacteria in the body Nuu , got another infection as and effect of it Crying , and now am building my body's defenses back up with pro-biotic yogurt everyday. I am over all the sick now, but I'm going to keep trying to make my immune system the best it can be. I am super tired of being sick. ~.~ I thought I was through being sick all the time, once I moved out on my own and actually started taking better care of myself. Lately, I've been trying (and actually) losing weight, because of the fear of getting too close to 200 (at 186 now). So, while I was taking care of myself, I'm now going into overdrive! 

Pokemon Go: Speaking of overdrive, I am still playing POGO Pokeball. The daily streaks, the increase spawn rate in rural areas, and Gen 2 coming out in December are exciting. Some may ask," But the gyms and no adding friend system...." I literally turn it on, throw it in my passenger seat and, without looking, slap the phone with my right hand when I hear it vibrate because "I'm going too fast". I have an hour drive to work and back everyday. So, I just make my little Jigglypuff run its little legs off catching candy everyday (if I could have a Jigglypuff and Tangela army...). I go by a pokestop at least twice a week (My fiance and I go grocery shopping and I get the stop from the passenger seat from the one that is right at a stop light). I save those pokeballs, where I use one only once a day (unless trying to catch one I still don't have yet). Then, I get my streak. 

Guild Wars 2:  I also play Guild Wars 2 now. I'm a level 24 Ranger Asura named Grimloptin. If you want to add me as a friend, my name is Smittee.4789 . I am not on often, because of work. But, when I am on I play a long, long time. (Suck my day and possible half of the next day kind of long.) I may make another character soon, but not sure what yet. If you have an opinion of a good choice, feel free to say (and explain the choice please). 

tldr: Fighting to be less sick all the time, fixed compy, playing POGO and GW2.

  • Listening to: The gentle humming of my computer
  • Reading: Over my writing for errors
  • Watching: Yowamushi Pedal
  • Playing: Guild Wars 2
  • Eating: Mostocalli
  • Drinking: Tea