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Paper Cosplay Wing Tutorial

By le-shae
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So after I decided to cosplay Crowley and my friend Liz (whose wing was used above) wanted to do an SPN Gabriel we both hit the wall that feathers, even in bulk, are extremely expensive. As in $100+ per large wing.

Neither of us have that, so that left me to find a new way to do it. This was what we came up with, and assuming you have most the supplies sitting around the house it cost about $5 for a 4ft wing.

I'm not extremely good at tutorials, so if anything was unclear please just ask!

Also I'll probably do a later explanation of the harness used in Liz's case since we wanted to have six wings and be able to fold them down when she moved through crowds.

Hope it's helpful! ^^
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Thanks for the tutorial! :)
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Thanks for posting this. This could be very helpful
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Great tutorial. Is there any way I could maybe articulate the wings using this method?
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Thanks so much for this tutorial!  I used the basic idea behind yours to make a wing (or at least the forewing) that attached to my arm for a more mobile variation.  I used lightweight shawl, pinned to the forewing with some bobby pins, to complete the wing and I love the effect!  The creases in the feathers really help flesh the wing out, I think that's my favorite part.  I put some pictures of how it turned out on my blog =]
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What was the duck for? :iconrubberduckplz:
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Mallared duck
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What is the purpose of the wires?? haha this is great I'm a little confused tho
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Hold the wings sturdy and have them be mountable/wearable, I'de think.
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:iconsensiblebunny: :iconmika-ki: Duuuuude we need to try thiss!!!
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I don't even have a cosplay in mind but I still want to try making this just for the heck of it. They look great!
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Hey :) I'm actually planning on cosplaying Fem!Castiel and I was wondering, would this method also work with construction paper? And do you have any tips on making a harness for the wings? I would REALLY appreciate it! :)
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I don't see why it wouldn't. If you're going to a convention with them, I'de honestly say get some colored stock paper to do them with, only for durability purposes because people knock into things without thinking all the time. 
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I Love the wings they are awesome one day i will make this but in black ^U^
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This is extremely useful thank you! I'm actually doing a Gabriel cosplay too and the 3 sets of wings would of costed a fortune :P I'm interested though on how you got the wings to fold? It'll definitely come in handy. Again thank you and I bet the cosplay a ended up looking amazing!
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What does the back look like?
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For the back I just 'pinched' the feathers a lot less so they laid flatter--but that was only because we have six of them to fold down. 
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Thank you so much! I've actually wanted to do a Card Captor Sakura cosplay that's winged and I just couldn't believe how expensive the feathers would be!  This also has more dimension than craft foam and is less expensive! 
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I'm glad it helped! ^^ and good luck on your cosplay <3
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Remind me again as to how you attached the wings to your back? This tutorial seems quite doable for me but yeah I just need some idea as to how I'm gonna attach this to myself for my Hercules' Pegasus cosplay..with my Toga dress.....
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(just copy pasting from the other explanation) 

We're using a type of ring-shaped harness that's a slightly modified version of this gerundish.tumblr.com/post/2450… Only difference being that feathered wings can't fold directly down and lay on each other without damaging or squishing them! So there needed to be an extra set of locking 'clips' to hold them apart-- (my babbling will make 100x more sense after you read that tutorial)

If you're doing a toga dress you might be in luck because the fabric drapes should make it easy to hide most of the supports and such! If you need more help I can explain it further ;u; at this point I've gone round and round two cons with these things...
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What did you do to hold them on?
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