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There and Back Again by Le-RenardRoux There and Back Again by Le-RenardRoux
So I listened to Billy Boyd singing "The Last Goodbye" last night, and experienced ALL THE FEELS. "The Lord of the Rings" was my first and greatest fantasy adventure love, and little Pippin absolutely stole my heart. I drew like a fiend back in those days, mostly Pippin, occasionally other characters if I was feeling generous. These books and films were definitely what got me into drawing and fantasy writing, and if I'm completely honest- there's maybe a little bit of Pippin in my Elgin? Yeah. I think so. Anyway, I don't think I've drawn him once all these subsequent 10 years, so... I took a crack at it.
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Christy-off Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Haha, oh man I feel like we were twins back in 2004...I mean, I loved Frodo a bit more, but Pippin was almost tied for number 1, especially after hearing him sing. *_* I have plenty of amateur anime art like this too! It's awesome, I love looking back at old stuff like this..let's see what I can dig up to show you from my old dA.. Group piccy of DOOM by HapyCow Also from 2004, that's me holding Frodo and Pippin right beside me. XD OMG (I'm older than you so I honed my anime skills more by this point) Anyway, great redo of Pippin! He looks great :)
Le-RenardRoux Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2014  Professional General Artist
bahaha that's awesome! I thought you had said something about liking Pippin before XD

OMG, so many kidnapped characters. And I can already see your style starting to emerge. :D That drawing I picked of Pippin was the least bad one I could find, so... D: I basically gave up on anime, it never loved me back.
KarToon12 Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You've really improved a lot over the years!  :D
rufiangel Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's a big leap, Roux! XD; Awesome to see the difference! And that's a great Pippin :D
(Now that you mention there's a bit of Pippin in your Elgin, I can kinda see that? XD But Elgin is Elgin.)
Le-RenardRoux Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2014  Professional General Artist
XD I feel like it should be bigger of a leap omg. Hehe, but PROGRESS yay! :D

Yeah, Elgin's a little more "yay adventure" and Pippin is usually just "yay food" lol
Pure-Fire-Legend Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
wow. . . 
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