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Random booya. Sorry! :meow:

School & work have been digging a nice, deep grave for me. ; ; Ug. While I do love all my classes (WHAT?! YOU LIKE... SCHOOL!?- sometimes, yeh) there very much time consuming, but! I have had time to scribble here & there, mostly on paper. I'm getting a scanner in a few days, cause I feel more comfy drawing and having more control over lines, but I'll practice/experiment coloring more in Painter.

Current art trades:

:iconcopi-ninja:- (Sketching idear.)

:iconlouis-wannabe:-(Thinking/will start asap!)
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You wanted and Alice in Wounderland from me right?
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Hehe, now that I think about it, yeah! xD What about you?
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Uh I wanted my oc Tasia([link])with the madhatter (shaggy black hair and blue eyes. Rest is up to you lol) Maybe he could be kissing her hand or such. If that is okay?
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How long\short would you like the Madhatters hair to be? :3
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uh al little past his ears^^

And im glad it sounds fun to you I didn't want to over load you with something