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*Spoilers* KH MoM Theory by Ldrmas *Spoilers* KH MoM Theory :iconldrmas:Ldrmas 7 0
The Time Has Come...
It’s weird knowing that your time has come.
You hear from other family, friends, in stories, and movies all the time that when the time comes one will know. You just always believe they are just saying that to make others feel better, not that it’s really real.
Miguel knows now that they were right, and that his time was tonight.
Miguel laid in bed looking around him as much as he could. He could barely see anything but whichever he could catch he wanted to see one last time.
He wanted to make sure he fell asleep before his daughter came into his room in a few hours. She didn’t need to see him go. She already went through that with her mother, his beautiful wife, Joana. Now that it was his time he didn’t want his family to be present for it. Besides his family was big, if they were all present for his crossing his room would be very crowded.
Miguel smiled at his own inner joke before nodding in understanding. When he closed his eyes, it would happen. He w
:iconldrmas:Ldrmas 10 6
Pie Coin Purse by Ldrmas Pie Coin Purse :iconldrmas:Ldrmas 7 5 Spn Rainbow Anti-Possession Symbol by Ldrmas Spn Rainbow Anti-Possession Symbol :iconldrmas:Ldrmas 10 2 Donatella TMNT Cosplay by Ldrmas Donatella TMNT Cosplay :iconldrmas:Ldrmas 1 0 You are Not Alone by Ldrmas You are Not Alone :iconldrmas:Ldrmas 6 0 'LOVE' Supernatural by Ldrmas 'LOVE' Supernatural :iconldrmas:Ldrmas 20 2
A Cup of Christmas Coffee
It was just another night before Christmas. Eight nights to be exact, and the coffee café was practically glowing with holiday warmth. Angel’s Brew and Café was down to it’s last few customers of the night. The family that ran the shop had been leaving the doors open just that much longer these pass few days, to give those late-night Christmas shoppers a place to relax with a warm mug and an even warmer friendly atmosphere.
Gabriel would stay as late as he could, but with having two munchkins at home, that meant he had to duck out of his shift at least by nine o’ clock. It was almost that hour and his brother, Castiel, had already agreed to stay and would keep the place open for at least one more hour. Cas had closed the shop by himself plenty of times, so Gabe had no issues with that.
This night, however Gabe was hesitant to leave, for his baby brother was acting rather fidgety. He asked Cas again if he wanted him to stay and they could just close the shop
:iconldrmas:Ldrmas 6 2
SuperNatural Destiel Charm Bracelet by Ldrmas SuperNatural Destiel Charm Bracelet :iconldrmas:Ldrmas 6 4 SuperNatural Christmas Tree by Ldrmas
Mature content
SuperNatural Christmas Tree :iconldrmas:Ldrmas 3 0
Mature content
Jason Comes Home chap 1 :iconldrmas:Ldrmas 1 0
Welcome to Our Gotham! by Ldrmas Welcome to Our Gotham! :iconldrmas:Ldrmas 0 0 I'll look after your son... by Ldrmas I'll look after your son... :iconldrmas:Ldrmas 0 0 My First Tattoo by Ldrmas My First Tattoo :iconldrmas:Ldrmas 4 25 Pirate Day outfit by Ldrmas Pirate Day outfit :iconldrmas:Ldrmas 1 0 Anna Pirate Design by Ldrmas Anna Pirate Design :iconldrmas:Ldrmas 4 0
I know it's not very beautiful and that I can't draw very well...and that all I can do is write crappy fanfics, but I'm very proud of my gallery, cause it's mine and mine alone. = D

Random Favourites

TOTWB. Page 16. by Lord-Evell TOTWB. Page 16. :iconlord-evell:Lord-Evell 69 5 TOTWB. Page 17. by Lord-Evell TOTWB. Page 17. :iconlord-evell:Lord-Evell 91 20 Demyx - Bubblegum by Sardiini Demyx - Bubblegum :iconsardiini:Sardiini 291 19 +Roxas as Satine+ by Sardiini +Roxas as Satine+ :iconsardiini:Sardiini 76 14 Akuroku - It'll be alright by Sardiini Akuroku - It'll be alright :iconsardiini:Sardiini 180 20
Artic Production's msn chat
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The Norwegian Demyx: Why is no one on....*sigh*
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Scandinavian BANG!!: Dummy, calm down...
The Norwegain Demyx: Don't call me Dummy! You freaking DUSK!
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Scandinavian BANG!!: I'm not a dusk, you stupid wannabe dude!
Edward from Norway: WFT? Are you talking about me Dei?
Scandinavian BANG!!: No Ed... I'm talking about Dummy...
The Norwegian Demyx: Stop calling me Dummy!!!!!!
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Edward from Norway: Hi Ranma :)
Artic GirlyBoy: Whats up gyes?
Scandinavian BANG!!: nothing much...
The Norwegian Demyx: YAY!!! Now is all the boys on =D
Edward from Norway: ...
Artic GirlyBoy: ...
Scandinavian BANG!!: Eh... Demyx... Ranma is a girl....
The Norwegian Demyx: What is a girl???
Scandinavian BANG!!: *falls down from the chair* WTF!? You don't know what a girl is !?
Edward from Norway: Let me explain to you
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KH2+FF7 - Chemistry Club story
Chapter 1: Xehanort
Pulling away from the findings underneath the microscope, at long last Xehanort allowed himself to breath.
Outside it was certainly a beautiful day in Radiant Garden, as all days within the city ought to be, even with the coming fall. One of the laundry-maids was humming lively tunes as she hung the dripping clothing, and there was the distant clatter of dishes in the kitchen far below, but for the most part work was stalled while Master Ansem was away. Tutoring was cancelled and independent study was encouraged, leaving the six apprentices to devise their own experiments at their whims, and they had broken off in eager segments to each learn something new.
It was a relatively perfect sort of day, in fact, but Xehanort was paying little attention to the weather, or the absence of his mentor, or the mental state of laundry-maids. There was something much more wonderful afoot.
His recent bacterial test-subjects had exhibited near-gaussian distribution when graphed aga
:icon8-13:8-13 10 15
Ghost hunt of tengoku by maxwindy Ghost hunt of tengoku :iconmaxwindy:maxwindy 1,843 136 -yuri- Playing With Colors by DarthSlatis
Mature content
-yuri- Playing With Colors :icondarthslatis:DarthSlatis 9 4
Giga Madness by DarthSlatis Giga Madness :icondarthslatis:DarthSlatis 1 43
Look up at the stars
If every star
contained a single word
Every shining star
contained a loving word
Every bright star
contained a caring word
Every falling star
contained a comforting word
Be patient
on a bright
warm night
you'll look up at
all these stars
You'll feel loved
safe and comforted
Right about then
You'll know the words
to explain your feelings
:iconlittlezoefje:LittleZoefje 4 14
Who ya gonna call by Nire-chan Who ya gonna call :iconnire-chan:Nire-chan 459 83
Embracing Past ch. 2
Chapter 2: Insomnia
Just thinking the whole day over made the walking a little easier and by now Vivian had reached his front door. He put his key in the lock and opened the door. With a deep sigh he entered the apartment and put his coat away, he pushed the door to the kitchen open and walked to the fridge. While opening it he yawned. ‘Vittu…’ he said when he saw there was no vodka left in the fridge. While looking at his watch he cursed again, the shops closed hours ago. He stretched his muscles and walked to the living-room, where he dropped himself on the couch, reaching for the remote. When he found out there was nothing interesting on the television he turned the thing off and made his way to his bed.
At the same time, somewhere else in Tampere, Julian was fighting himself in an attempt to fall asleep. He kept turning and turning in his bed, only to get madder with himself as he failed to fall asleep. With a loud groan he got up and walked to the kitchen. Su
:iconlittlezoefje:LittleZoefje 3 2
Embracing Past ch. 1
Chapter one: Can you make hot chocolate?
The darkness was softly embracing him while he walked down the streets. Slowly he made his way back home. A deep sigh escaped from him while he kept putting one foot in front of the other.
His hair was dancing around his face, but he didn’t care anymore.
He didn’t care about a lot anymore lately.
The boys kept telling him that he should get out the house more. Again something he didn’t care about anymore. He knew he was going down and that he actually should care about himself, take some better care, but he just couldn’t get himself to do that.
Since Rachel left him things kept going down, Joya didn’t come by as often as he would love her to and not as often as he and Rachel agreed. On the other hand, if he couldn’t take care of himself, how could he take care of a three-year old?
A conversation he had earlier that day with Julian crossed his mind.
‘Vivian?’ The happy voice of Julian asked while he
:iconlittlezoefje:LittleZoefje 3 9


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Kingdom Hearts 3 has finally be given to us! 

I've beaten it and cried and become confused and cried some more. But still many happy things have come from this game and I am ecstatic that I have been alive long enough to see this story be where it has fallen. 

I got a mighty question for all of you if you have seen the epilouge and secret movie at the end, but you guys can message me and we can talk about it there. 

What were your thoughts on the game, I'd love to hear them all! 

Happy Gaming! 
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  • Reading: How to NOT fail at life.
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*Spoilers* KH MoM Theory

**Major Spoiler for KH 3, if you have not Beaten the Game then watched the Secret Movie and Epilogue you should NOT continue!

**You have been warned!!!

So I have beaten the game, done some deep research, and even though I’m just going to settle with forever being confused when it comes to this games plot, but from what I do understand, I’m going to throw out a theory here for you all.

Could Demyx be the Masters of Masters?

So I’m thinking this because in the ending the only character not present is Demyx!

He drops off Roxas’s Vessel and then disappears from the game.

Now the other explanation is that Nomura just doesn’t have the respect that I have for Demyx and literally forgot about him when it came to the ending of the game. It would not surprise me and if that is the true scenario then truthfully, it is a big missed opportunity.

But really think about, on all sights and through all games the character we still know the littlest about is Demyx, with the exception Luxord, who erases himself from the line, but I’ll come back to him in a minute.

So I do not know much about the Five Foretellers, Luxu, or the Masters of Masters other than what I have seen and heard from Jskeleton and HMK, who you can find on YouTube, then I have also watched the Back Cover movie. I did not fully play the games involving these characters so again I know very little about them.  

Now here’s the thing of why I think this is, knowing the little bit that I know. The Master of Masters, who from now I’ll call MoM for short, just disappears after giving Luxu the black box and the No Name keyblade. So Luxu aka Xigbar does his part to make the events in Kh 3 happen and then we get the surprise slash reveal that all along Xigbar was Luxu.

Now wouldn’t it be an even bigger surprise if Demyx was the MoM?

Let me go further on how Demyx is just gone after dropping off Roxas’s vessel. So he brings the vessel to Zexion under Vexen’s orders. Then Zexion, Dilan, Aeleus, Demyx and Master Ansem all reunite and begin working on Roxas’s vessel. (See Image A)

They succeed because Roxas shows up for the ending fight and then we continue on with the ending, but during finally during the ending cut scene Demyx is nowhere to be found!

We jump to where Namine wakes up and Zexion, Vexen, Aeleus, and Dilan are there to greet her but now Demyx is missing!

Not only did this piss me off that Demyx wasn’t present but the other problem is that look closely at Even/Vexen.

Even/Vexen’s eyes have gone back to their natural Green Color!!!

The spell of being Norted has left him and now he is just a regular human. All affected by Master Xehanort were made whole again after his defeat. After each of their defeats, but there’s the catch, Demyx didn’t fight! He didn’t want to be in the battle, he didn’t want to fight, he didn’t want to be benched either, but he didn’t want to be part of the fighting. And the only other one who didn’t fight is Even/Vexen. He didn’t get defeated but he still went back to being re-completed after Master Xehanort’s defeat.

Then the only one who had golden eyes left is Xigbar and we are to assume that he kept his Norted state so that he was able to hold the No Name Keyblade because that blade still rightfully belongs to Xehanort even with his passing.

So again that begs the question did the spell of being Norted leave Demyx because Master Xehanort was defeated or is he still Norted and was just forgotten by Nomaru or is it even a bigger thing where he’s disappeared because he has followed Sora and Riku to the new world and is going to confront them as the MoM?

Let me go back on why it comes down to the MoM only being either Demyx or Luxord. If we stick with the theory that Nomaru wants the MoM to be a surprise character that we have known all along, just as he did with Luxu being Xigbar all along, then it would have come down to those two. The big except though is what Luxord just did in KH3.

Now let me go even further on why it has come down to just those two as candidates for the MoM.

If we again keep it in the Organization then everyone had obtained or have return to their role as after the events of KH3.

Ienzo, Even, Dilan, Aeleus, Lea, Isa have returned to Radiant Garden. Roxas returned to Sora as well as Xion. Xemnas has returned to nothing because the Terra body was destroyed, also it wouldn’t make sense for him to come back because the Xehanort saga is complete. Braig/Xigbar has been revealed as Luxu. Now onto Marluxia and Larxene. Marly and Larx somebodies were both part of the fifth’s Foretellers union the dandelions as Lauriam and Elrena! (See Image B )

So again that only leaves Luxord and Demyx left. Now Luxord had erased himself from the option because of the wild card he had given Sora after his defeat. This is assuming that the card actually means something. It could have been just a last bit thing or Luxord’s last trick as a Nobody but I feel the wild card is actually something and will be used against the MoM in the next game. (See Image C)

Imagine it this way, Luxu goes through life jumping body from body until he finds Master Xehanort, someone who is crazy enough to start the Keyblade War. Well right after Luxu leaves the MoM follows and disappears as well. My belief is that he too traveled from body to body and made sure that his apprentice was doing as he had to do. Now Luxu settled into Braig to stick by the No Name Keyblade and to play his role. So the MoM settled into Demyx, someone block head who wouldn’t be expected by Xigbar but could keep close to his apprentice to watch over him.

Now what if Luxord figured it out. If Luxord figured out Demyx’s and Luxu’s true schemes and identity’s, then it would make sense for him to help Sora by handing him a card that would “turn the tables”. It’s why I don’t believe he’s the MoM because why would he give our hero the means to defeat himself, right? Plus let’s be real, Luxord is totally from the Pirates of the Caribbean world, lolz.

So again the only one left who could be the MoM has to be Demyx. But again, this is all based on if the MoM isn’t a completely new character!

But from what I seen of the MoM and Demyx they act very similar. Plus the MoM follows the Book of Prophecies and which other character do we know has to write down instructions so he remembers to follow them, that’s right Demyx. Demyx and the MoM’s poster and body movements are very similar. Then in the Secret Movie of KH3 we see the MoM’s chin for the first time and again it looks a lot like Demyx’s, plus it’s another reason why it can’t be Luxord because the chin does not have facial hair. Even in the KH3 the new voice actor for Demyx sounds A LOT like the guy who voiced the MoM back int the Back Cover Movie! (See Image D)

Then again this is all just a theory from my anger and sadness that the one character I asked of this game to get a happy ending did not.

What you all have to understand about me is that the ONLY video game I play is Kingdom Hearts.  When we were finally promised and given KH3, I knew deep down that characters like Axel and Roxas and Zexion were all going to get a good ending or that they were going to be fine, the only one thing I asked of this game was that Demyx got one as well.

So you can imagine my anger and frustration when I noticed that he was literally just erased from the game after the “Roxas vessel” scene.

Anyway, I’m going to call it now and am saying that Demyx is the MoM but I guess we’ll have to wait for another 5 to 10 years to find out.

Let me know what you all think? 

Kingdom Hearts 3 has finally be given to us! 

I've beaten it and cried and become confused and cried some more. But still many happy things have come from this game and I am ecstatic that I have been alive long enough to see this story be where it has fallen. 

I got a mighty question for all of you if you have seen the epilouge and secret movie at the end, but you guys can message me and we can talk about it there. 

What were your thoughts on the game, I'd love to hear them all! 

Happy Gaming! 
  • Listening to: Face my Fears
  • Reading: How to NOT fail at life.
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I'm here to stay!
United States
Stamp: Stop SOPA by TheRyanFord

I'm very normal, not tidy and single. Not much else to say, except I'll be an amine geek til the day I die. No one can change me!
I love all sorts of things. I’m very easy to get along with and am told that I am very polite.
My pets at the moment are two beagles, my still chubby but loveable Jasmine and the over excentric Reno.
I do NOT know bands or artist but I do love music of all kinds as long as it has a good beat to it, but my more lean to fav is anime music.
I’m from Germany, dad’s side, and Ireland, mom’s side, but I’m more Irish because I’m even part of the O’Riley Clan!
I’m a blonde but now more of a dirty blonde because I do not ever want to be revered to as a dumb blonde. EVER!
I use Deviant Art to escape from life, only for an hour or two though!
I’m still deciding what to do with life, but who really knows what they want to do.
I have blue eyes, with a hint of mint green!
My past time is making cosplay costumes and writing fanfiction, doing art to from time to time.
FAV Games are all the Kingdom Hearts Games except CoM, there is also Mario and any snow boarding challenge. GUITAR HERO TOO!? I want to get into Rock Band, though.
FaV Food is spaghetti and a lot of things that are Italian!
My favorite drinks are sprite and sweet tea.
Platforms for my games are a PS2, Nintendo DS, PSP, and I even have a Nintendo Color!
My DREAM JOB is to work at a book store in the manga section, which will come true! I guarantee it!
My favorite places in the world are home, Books A Million, the movie theater, and DISNEY WORLD!
I really dislike people who think they are all that, youtube suspending channels! *grrrr*, people not accepting that men and men are allowed to be together, pushing religion on someone, pespi, cockroaches, I hate hate hate hate hate living in a state that allows girls to walk around with incredibly short shorts on and have the word ‘cock’ over their butts and living in a state that allows stores to be called ‘cockizar’ that has nothing but women’s clothes!

Current Residence: XD
Favourite genre of music: Anything that's got a rockin beat
Favourite photographer: Fox--Kit
Favourite style of art: Again ~DarthSlatis
Operating System: Computer
MP3 player of choice: Again anything that has a rockin beat XD
Wallpaper of choice: Rainbow Girl
Favourite cartoon character: AXEL (I soooo love Him)
Personal Quote: "Got it Memorized"


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