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In 1985 cabooses (cabeese if you will) were still wide spread throught out the land. Flashing Rear End Devices (F.R.E.D.) have just started replacing them. In less then 5 years they will be almost extinct. But this isn't 1985, it's 2006, and those aren't Chessie colors up front, those Geeps are flying CSX colors now. Seeing a caboose in Chessie colors takes me back to when I was 5 years old, and this line was full of Conrail Blue, and Chessie Gold and Vermillion.
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Same year I was born.
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Ah, yes, the caboose.

I wonder if they used cabooses on steam excursions train by now....
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Most excellent shot! I still can catch ATSF ones in Hodgkins occasionally. FRED is just not right!
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I did not know a caboose was hardly used any longer!!
Hope your holidays are wonderful for you and your family :hug:
They do see some use now a days.
Some like this one are used for long back up moves, while others serve as platforms for remote control locomotive operations.

Thanks! I hope yours were wonderful as well. :)
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I share your nostalgia! Ah, for the good old Chessie days!
I miss Chessie so much. :)
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Really nice shot!

Thanks! This one screamed to be in black and white!
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I completely understand. :D

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That my friend is a rare site these days. I miss the caboose or Cabin Cars as they called them on the Pennsy. Over the years I'd seen them in dirty black & red on the Pennsy, then Central Green and finally Conrail Blue. It was always a thrill to see an N5c with it's port hole windows pulling up the tail end of a long train. Those were the days!
Cool photo!
We have one of those not to far from us! There is something stylish about those N5c's.
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They seem to fit right in with the Raymond Loewy styling on the T1.
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I like this pic, en especial el carro final, muy antiguo al parecer
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The only time I remember seeing a caboose on the end of an actual freight train was when I was 11. There was also a red Illinois Central caboose at a local saw mill by the river. It still use to be there every now and then, but I haven't seen it resently. Even though I may not be old enough( I'm 18 now) to remember the cabooses, but that memory of seeing that one when I was little is still with me. Plus I have been seeing a trio Illinios Central short line switchers that carried a pair of silver passenger cars, one normal car and the other is rounded at the back like most early streamlined passenger trains, at the end of their trains much like cabooses. I don't know if I can photograph them or not because its a very rare event, and when i see it, it catches me off guard. I think there taking advantage of the luxury and the space that they offer, I don't really know. Nice photo by the way, its nice to see them again.
Cabooses will always be synonimous with railroading long after they are completely gone. I still remember seeing the Conrail local pass my farm when I was a kid with a blue bay-window caboose in tow. Many railroads are acctually going back to using cabooses a portable offoces for switching crews, so you might see more of that little IC rad caboose.

Those passanger cars might be hauling some execs. for the railroad on
an inspection, or they just might be someone's privately
owned cars.
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1985, a good year (my personal vintage number). There is a Chessie bay-window caboose stationed at Rockdale, and another that I found at Waterfall Glen. [link]
That old Santa Fe caboose is quite a rare bird. So is that Chessie Bay-window.
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Great perspective, especially with the pole line.
Thanks! It was just one of those lucky shots I get. I just happened to be cruising the area and managed to be in the right place at the right time.
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