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Ventuz Skin

So this is the end of waiting my rainmeter skin! Just use it anyway, feel free to download, use, and customize it!
Too little of information? Give it a try!

One must use Rainmeter 1.3 beta or higher, and has speedfan too. Get the latest version of Rainmeter from

If you encounter the font problem after installed. Then you must copy Eurostile Caps.ttf manually to Control Panel\Fonts. If any bugs happen, just comment it. I will try to help you. :D

And also you must click SET for changing every variables, not at the end.
thanks to remind me, jsmorley!

interactive 3d touch wall by stereolize-design ([link])
Enigma by Kaelri ([link])
Rainify 0.9 Beta by poiru ([link])
HTC Clock for Rainmeter by nardoxic ([link])
Rainmeter skin config by fediaFedia ([link])
Rainstaller 2 by poiru ([link])
Wallpaper: To Pierce an Evil Heart by ChrisCold ([link])
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Merci! tres belle horloge j'adore

cool and fucky work man!!😊😝
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The weather on it is a piece of $hit<=== not be hating but how the heck do u get the stupid code its so frustrating :( i know mine is NZXX0003 but after i input that and theres jack $hit at the weather part :(
its great thx a lot
my weather doesnt work.. :(
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Awesome futuristic design! :+fav:

Do you still have a PSD of the background (bg.png) for personal use? I'd like to tweak it a little and make my own categories..
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Awesome share thanx a lot
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How to set Ventuz show group as default.?
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How to install it? (Reinmeter 2.1.0 x64)
Really nice skin. Thanks!

A couple of questions though... Can you make it optional for it to display a 24h clock? We don't do 12h clocks over here ;)

And the gmail-thing... If you remove the build in "" and make people type in the entire address, then people who use Google Apps (with their own domain names, like me) can use the gmail-thing in this skin too :)
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Looking for a zip, ftp, or dropbox where I can download this. It looks interesting and I'd love to give it a try.
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I keep getting a error saying:

"The application has failed to start because Wlanapi.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem."


"Rainmeter plugin C:\Program Files\Rainmeter\Plugins\..\Plugins\WifiStatus.dll not found!"

This is all and well, I can fix this, but I dunno what the \..\ is. it doesnt say what foldier.
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dont know if its just me or something im doing, but im getting my code from yahoo weather and i input it but it does not set, everytime I set it and refresh rainmeter my weather is still not there I cannot find the code from im in Nashville, TN
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GREAT! But how i can change language of clock?
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Your skin has been ripped and uploaded with malware. I reported it, but dA prefers the original artists to do it.
Rip - Ventuz 2 by alif4 [link]
VirusTotal Report - [link]
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thanks, i have reported it to the dA
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just checked again seems fine

VirusTotal Report - Link
Coolest rainmeter skin I've ever seen yet
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