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Been working on this for quite some time now !

All 3D done and rendered in Blender. 
Textures from various sites, and some maps generated with AwesomeBump.
Post-production done in Blender and (mostly) in After Effects.

Please tell me what you think of this image ! :)

!! Also, ZOOOOM IN !   (some high-res rendering was done here)  and see some crispy detail :)
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Man, I would love to see the node set up for that wax candle and the cups. Great work!
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It's stunning! I honestly don't know what to say except that it looks extremely photorealistic! For example the leather cord! Keep up the good work!
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Thanks a lot !
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haha thanks 
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I love it! From the color palette to the theme itself, composition and materials, everything looks amazing!
Be careful when posting such huge images though, nice stuff like this gets stealed all the time
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thank you thank you !   

Wait really ?    Like, who steals this, and where do they use (sell?) it ?
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There's people who steal it just to claim it as their own, and there are lots of sites that sell them as prints and a whole lot other stuff (once we found a site that sold Deviantart art as embroidery patterns!) or just use them on the stuff they sell. A friend of mine found a site selling Iphone cases with his art, including the huge watermark he had added to stop thieves -.-  And most of the time you don't even know because it happens on some random site across the world S:
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Oh, that is good :)
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wow this is realy AWESOOOOME Wow! 
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Thank you !
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Incredible work, love the details!
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Thank you !
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Holy shat how do you only have 6 favorites.
I love that candle also.
you need more watchers!!
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Wow thanks a ton man !   I'm not really active in dART these days, so I don't "mind", but , very nice hearing that !

(and thanks for te watch fav etc. ;) )
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Very great work :clap: this twine is amazing Love 
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Many thanks !
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:wow: Absolutely jaw dropping! Render of the month!
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:wow: Thank you so much!    I mean, really ?   So good to get nice returns, as, you know, when working for a long time on an image, you kind of loose objective opinion, and need some fresh new pairs of eyes to check it out :)
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Well I am a very brutal critquer (<-not a word, but you know what I mean) with people I don't know, and this don't have a single flaw! :D 
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