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The Last of the Polar Bears

Read The Last of the Polar Bears webcomic here: I post a new page every Monday. Please check it out! :heart:

The Last of the Polar Bears is my online graphic novel about a mother polar bear and her two cubs and their struggle to survive in the warming Arctic of the near future.

It has been a long journey getting to this point. I began work on The Last of the Polar Bears at the end of 2009, researching polar bears and the arctic extensively, plotting the story in detail, designing the characters, and storyboarding the complete book. All that remains is to illustrate the pages.

You can read about the making of this illustration here:…

Pages available on DA:
Pg 17…
Pg 16…
Pg 15…
Pg 14…
Pg 13…
Pg 12…
Pg 11…
Pg 10…
Pg 9…
Pg 8…
Pg 7…
Pg 6…
Pg 5…
Pg 4…
Pg 3…
Pg 1-2…

Read the rest of the comic at

Also see the character designs here:
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And now in 2017, polar bear numbers stand somewhere between 26,000 and 32,000 - over 5 times higher than they did in the 1970s.
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1) We don't actually know how many polar bears there were in the 1970s. Population #'s in the 1970s were not as accurate as they are today. They didn't have the same counting methods back then.

2) The increase in population is because hunting of polar bears was banned in the 70s. This is a GOOD thing. Hunters were decimating the bear population with aerial hunting and other methods in the 1970s.

3) 20,000-30,000 is not a large or thriving population number.

4) They are still threatened by other factors including decreasing sea ice.

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If I recall correctly the population count in those days was done by scientists hired by the WWF, who used those numbers to help cut back on hunting of the bears. Those numbers were also the basis for funding raising by them and other environmental groups.

The Innuit have a pretty good idea of how numbers were back then, and they have been saying for much of the past decade that there are quite a lot more, too many more.

Polar bears do the bulk of their feeding in the spring where sea-ice has only very marginally begun to decline. They do the rest of their heavy feeding after September, at which time sea-ice is rapidly growing. During the summer they are foragers / scavengers, which is how the Innuit know there are so many more of them because it is Their communities the bears are visiting.

This years' bears have been Very well-fed, one injured and / or out-competed bear in recent news notwithstanding. Also in  recent years there have been a larger number of triplet births.

'not a large or thriving'....... we have less than 60 years' worth of population information, how could we Possibly know what a 'proper' number would be? I also note that recent paleohistory of the region includes a tree-line Much further north than it is now from only 3400 years ago, indicating much warmer conditions in those days, hence less sea-ice should be a logical conclusion. In fact quite a bit less…
Yet the polar bears quite handily survived that- and the even warmer Eemian interglacial.

Recent research shows only one of the 19 sub-populations declining- the other 18 are either stable or rising……
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hey I just wanted to thank you for a book you gave me. Its great and is helping me alot!
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sound fun i will read it i just love comics (i like wolf comic the best )
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Aha! Yes! I knew you had an account on here!:D
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...It's so cute!!!!! D8

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Wow! Your work is amazing, I love it!
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this is sooo cute!
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Awwww! this is soooo cute!
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I'm reading this right now, and it looks real beautiful!! You colouring is exquisite... very different from your earlier work! XD
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Love this. Finally someone made a comic about stopping global warming and how it effects the polar bears!
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OMG! Adorable!!!
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The little polar bear is just so adorable :)
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awwwwwwa! love the little bear face! I love polar bears an this looks like a must read
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Are Polar bears really in danger?. Well, I hope not, because I love animals and I want them to be safe. But my two dogs are the best animals ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
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This is so adorable, I love it! Your drawings are so amazing, I'm excited to read the entire thing. ^^
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Yayyy, I'm glad that the relaunch has finally arrived!
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awww...the bear is sooo cute :D
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