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How to Draw an Arctic Fox

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Step-by-step drawing tutorial of an arctic fox. Enjoy! :heart:

Cream fox: [link]

You can view the individual steps of this tutorial at a larger size here: [link]

Don’t give up if your first drawings aren’t perfect. Art is not something that can be learned overnight. Drawing is a skill that must be practiced and supplemented through observation, so keep a sketchbook, and take it with you everywhere. Look around you, draw what you see. Visit the zoo and sketch animals. Sketch people at the mall. The more you draw, the better you’ll get. See this article [link] for more animal sketching tips and resources. Good luck!
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Thanks dude! This is real helpful.
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NamelessOkamiProfessional General Artist
This is a great reference!
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kika-foxStudent Digital Artist
aw so cutie
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mochajellyHobbyist Artist
eeek I love foxes!!! My favorite animal!!! >v< This was very helpful, and the result looks amazing *u*
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BlueScars001Hobbyist General Artist
the firstb one i drew looked like it had one too many cupcakes...but im gettiing the hang of it cause of this awesome tutorial!!! thank you!!!
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Nice tutorial ^^
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Which logiciel did you use for this one ?
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LCibosProfessional Digital Artist
Which... what? All of my art is pencil lines with digital coloring in Photoshop CS3 if that's what you're asking. :)
SorahChan's avatar
Ps CS3 :D Okay thanks for your answer
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Wow! Just got your book Draw Furries about a week or so ago. Helped a lot with some of the things I've been having trouble with. I had no idea that you had an account here though! Your artwork is amazing
LCibos's avatar
LCibosProfessional Digital Artist
Oh, thank you! I'm so glad. :) I have a sequel book called "Draw More Furries" coming out to bookstores in November. If you're interested, I'm currently taking preorders for the book on my website. [link] As a bonus, I'm giving away original art from the book with every preorder. :)
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Oh, wow! I had no idea about that! I eagerly look forward to the book And I'll definitely keep the preorder in mind, just in case I can manage to figure out how to order things off of the internet.
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SnowBumbeeStudent Digital Artist
Wow ! This is so great ! Your style is really beautiful, and I love your shading ! Amazing work ! :clap:
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Thank you! *cries*
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TorotielProfessional Interface Designer
Do you have any tips on how to get an interesting pose looking in proportion? I look at a lot of references but I still can't really imagine how to make something different look right.
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LCibosProfessional Digital Artist
Oh, good question. If I was drawing an animal I hadn't drawn before, I'd do several pages of warm-up sketches from photographs or videos (preferable so you can see how they move) to feel out their form, proportions and personality before moving onto thumbnail poses and the final illustration. The warm-up sketches can really help loosen you up and get you ready.

As for proportions, try measuring the size of the head to other body parts. Try to find landmarks that you can use to double-check yourself. Also try flipping your drawing (by holding it up to a mirror or shining the light through it to see it from the other side). This will give you a fresh look on the drawing and may reveal problem areas or lopsidedness that you didn't notice.

Good luck! :heart:
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animecat33Hobbyist General Artist
wow i though it would take even more steps than that XD
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StellarCometStudent Digital Artist
Wow, This is wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing! :love:
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ashigaruProfessional General Artist
I love your dynamic style! Thanks for the tutorial!
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azzaiHobbyist Digital Artist
this cute style inspires me to draw 8D
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kwinzillaStudent Digital Artist
Brilliant tutorial :D <3 Love the pose c:
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