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Swat Kats

This was one of the cartoons of Hanna Barbera that I love!
One of the best animations of my childhood!
I hope that you all like and enjoy this Illustration!
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© 2008 - 2021 lCaiolSBl
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Please help support the Swat Kats in their time of need!!!!
Mega Kat City needs YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
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This is a really cool cover ^_^ 
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I was always kinda freaked out by Dark Cat (or is it PastMaster?). But I love/loved this show! (Sometimes it plays one Boomerang X3)
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does anybody know the name of this old show cat series: its about a Victorian *or some sort* black cat who was cursed to be a painting on the wall & becomes a real life at night in a museum *or somthin* & he has a magical pink ring on his finger, & he was discovered by a female orange feline *she maybe be a detective or reporter, i don't know really!* & later they formed a light romantic relationship through the middle of the series??!!!! please i need 2 know the name of this 80s-90s series ASAP!!!! -_-;
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i used to love this show!!!
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This was my favorite show.
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epic i recognize the main characters but whos the character in the back with the clock?
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the character in the back is the Pastmaster!
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i got to see those episods i only saw like 7 in the 90's
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wow, only 7???
I think that I watched all of them in the 90's!
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Very cool dramatic work. It could have been used in their advertisements.
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Thank you!
It would be really cool if it were used by them.
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With the renewed interest in the 90s (which I'm lovin!) they might bring back SWAT KATS. Who knows?
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Would be really good!!!
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It would rock if they use the original cast too.
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Desenho Legal !!!
Ficou show de bola !!!
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Ah, brings back some fine memories. Turner needs to hire you! :clap:
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It would be really cool if he hire me to work with him!
thank you!!!
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To purchase a scroll with a similar image you can find it on e-bay: LARGE SIZE: [link]
SMALL SIZE: [link]

Beware, I saw this morning that some enterprising souls are selling the new DVD for the SWAT Kats from Warner Brothers at obscene prices. It's still available at Warner Brothers for far less than that. I own it and know.

Here's the website to purchase it. Unfortunately, its not available to overseas fan lovers yet only the US. [link]
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