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January 29, 2013
zeal by ~lcaico
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Kingdom of Zeal
Chrono Trigger
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© 2011 - 2021 lcaico
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This art rocks and you also rock as well.

A breathtaking interpretation of 12,000 BC in Chrono Trigger! Well done, dude!
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holy shat that is amazing!!!!!!
I love your work. Have any more Chrono Trigger or FF Game pieces that you'll be doing?
wow!, you should do more of these!
Hello Icaico

In admiration of your work, especially this piece "zeal" I wanted to share my fascination.

I wanted to ask, can I use this piece as a backround of my Youtube channel dedicated to old RPG's and other games worth playing.
I will await your answer. All credit of creating will be signed on my channel I don't steal. I you agree there will be link to your gallery also.

Untill we meet again..
Beyon flow of time..
Janus of Zeal
Hey Icaico, this is a gorgeous piece of art! I've used this image to create an animation; I hope it does your art justice :)…
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Beautiful artwork. My favourite place in my favourite game, so anything Zeal always has a special place in my heart. :) (Even the music there is one of my favs)
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Gorgeous artwork. :D
I really miss this game, it's a terrible shame that Square has ignored the series for so long.
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Is there anyway I can purchase the original raw to print this out once if you aren't selling prints? I'm looking for a 300dpi or greater image.  Please let me know.  I'll do all the printing work if you do not want to be bothered with making them. I'd appreciate it :) Willing to purchase.
I've been in love with this artwork for a long time. You are so talented! The Kingdom of Zeal is my favourite fictional location ever and this is by far the best rendition of it I've ever seen.

Do you think that you will ever sell prints of it?
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One of my most preferred and revered fanart ever. Thank you very much.
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this is amazing, good job!
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hey icaico, incredible job with this!  just wanted to let you know that i used it as cover art for my corridors of time cover.. hope you don't mind!…
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feeling nostalgia
it's my favorite game
i want to see more PLEASE
I recorded an acoustic version of Corridors of time and used your image (if you're not confortable with me using the picture tell me and i'll put down the video). Anyway, I thought that you wanted to hear how it ended up, so, here's the link.…

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You added more floating island then there were in the game. :D
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I need to have this as a giant wall poster! It is so beautiful and representative of the fantasy felt while playing chrono :3
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Can you say new wallpaper? This is beautiful beyond words.
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