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Lireal - Sabriel

Lireal in her Library Uniform from book 2 ;)

Characters (c) Sabriel by Garth Nix <- give it a read folks!!!!
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I love those books! Lireal is my favorite :) I like the quiet defiant look in her eyes :D
cmaribegonia's avatar
Please draw more Lirael sketches. :3
cmaribegonia's avatar
Hah! I found it! A beautiful sketch of Lirael! :))
happyasafool's avatar
awesome books;)I bought the first one and I read a few pages and I was like "neahh" .and than it end up somewhere under the bed and came out after a year when I stayed up all night to read it *omg,so freaking awesome**awesome* aaaaand so on..:lol:
SilentKittyK's avatar
Wow =) this looks great!!
nokomis1022's avatar
This is my favorite book. It's awesome some one decided to do fan art. :)
HarukaJiyoung's avatar
you spelled "Lirael" wrong twice >_>
rats-rox's avatar
I love these books so much... :)
KnightSavtrian's avatar
Wow, I haven't found an artist who loves this trilogy as much as I do..and convey there characters so I have! So AMAZING
coolmoosekate's avatar
OMG! I loved those books. :) Excelent job.
Kashatan's avatar
i love how the library uniform has armour :)
leialoha's avatar
i love the way you portray the garth nix characters, they're awesome! i read the books after seeing your drawings and they are amazing!
randomcharlie's avatar
Yusss! Lirael ROCKS! Seriously, she's awesome.

Did you know Garth Nix is an Aussie? He's the only Aussie fantasy writer I read.
joshcmartin's avatar
oh yeeeah! Lirael's my favourite.
TurtleSensei's avatar
So what's it take to get a commission from you? I'd love on of one or two of my characters...
Sugar-Kat's avatar
Lireal! I love how you drew her she looks so cute >w<
silveredtears's avatar
ah i love these books so much
SerafinaRaven's avatar
YAY! I love it! Finally, someone else who's read those books!
0-lethe-0's avatar
Awesome! Such good books. D: This looks just like I imagined her.

And feel better soon!!
redtenko's avatar
she looks great!

I do love those books! makes me wanna do some fanart too
c13h18o2's avatar
Having been a fan of your work for a v. long time, it is pretty fantastic to see you've started doing fanart for my favorite book. You're the best ever! <3
remembrall's avatar
that's really good!
ok. random question.
how long does it normally take you to draw these pictures?
n-th-green's avatar
NO NO NO and once again NO!!! i agreed with your image of Sabriel, but.. no, no words for that. Sabriel was good, Touchstone is adorable (he looks more like himself than in my imagination) but THIS Lirael is HORRIBLE. i'm sorry to say that. but she looks so.. GIRLY! terrible, terrible. i'll have to go to some psychologist to get over that. :faint:
Zel-Damondred's avatar
whoa, i think it's the other way around...sabriel and touchstone were all wrong in comparison with the images i had, but this picture of lirael looks pretty much how i saw her while i was reading....near the end at least, at the beginning her stance wouldn't have been anything near that confident.
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