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Current Residence: NYC bay-bee!
Favourite cartoon character: Jessica Rabbit, Lilo, Stitch, Woody, Puck/Owen (from Gargoyles)
Personal Quote: A G-String is the sexiest thing a woman can wear - second only to confidence.~ a Playgirl Centerfold

Favourite Movies
Big Fish, Moulin Rouge, Down With Love, Cats Don't Dance, Hercules, Lilo and Stich
Tools of the Trade
Old fashioned pen and paper, with alil bit o' 'puter thrown in for good measure
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stuff and nonsense, literally
Thanks so much to everyone who replied to my last entry! You guys are awesome and all your info/opinions gave me a lot to think about! Looks like my next computer will be an IMac! Heeheehee! I'm terribly excited..SO MUCH PRETTY!!  Sadly after stalking Mac stores and demos by Mac owning friends, I now want to ACCESSORIZE YO!! I want an Ipod and Itv and Iphone...I want an ILife!! This will bankrupt me, SURELY... But also thanks to your helpful advice, I managed to patch up my old PC so that it runs well enough to handle my freelance, so the computer purchase doesn't have to be immediate..I have some time to get my financial ducks in a row fir
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Okay people I need your help!! My computer of 4 years is SO DAMN SLOW it's making it REALLY difficult for me to do my freelance or even surf the internet (it took me 3 min to empty the recycle bin of ONE item this morning) I've tried all sorts of tricks to try and get it back up to a decent speed, but I haven't had any luck...I think I might need to get a new comp before I start the animation portion of my freelance in 2 weeks... SO!! the eternal question: Mac or PC? We're down to the wire now people! I can't decide what to do!!! Imacs are SO EXPENSIVE and the thought of going into that much debt when I'm already SO CLOSE to paying off my CC
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Computer Recs?

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Apologizes to folks who may have seen this if some DA-ers could help me out with my dilemma... It became VERY apparent to me this weekend while I attempted to work on my long owed commissions, that I am probably going to need a new computer sooner rather then here's my question for you tech savvy folks out there... I've ordered my comps through DELL before, but Matthew told me that recently you can only get your Dell with the Windows Vista OS (EW Vista!). Now I've heard rumors that Vista doesn't always run older programs, and this could be very bad indeed. I have my Flash MX 2004 (and Dreamweaver etc etc etc) which I actually PURC
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lberghol, you will (if you want) redraw my aladine pictu. and you like it??? I love you art!

Do you do art trades?
I like your Hermione and Ron fanpicsRequest: Confetti la plz 
u got a lot of views
You've been gone for nearly ten years now!
I loved your art, went over it every night in 2013
Guess you had to move on in life...