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Sonic Forces: Dusk
So, funny thing. I've been a fan of a lot of things over the years: Mario, Mega Man, Transformers, and Sonic the Hedgehog, among others. Over the years, I've made fan characters for some of those (not all of which are in my gallery. Maybe in time), but despite being a Sonic fan going back almost to the beginning, Sonic was not one of them.

Not to say I didn't make any, but one was a one-off I wasn't fully invested into for a one-day RPG (and was another blue hedgehog, at that -- my creativity was not with me that day), and another was an evil black clone of Sonic made by Robotnik who drew power from a black Chaos Emerald. Nothing outstanding -- I don't even remember the name of the former. Might have been "Shawn" or something, since I do remember him being inspired by Shawn Michaels, for a lack of anything else to grasp onto.

But aside from those early 90's brain spasms? Nothing.

Enter: Sonic Forces.

After I stopped laughing at the thought of the oil and fire of the internet causing an explosion over the revelation that you'd get to make and play as your own "___ the ___", I was actually rather into the idea. I figured if they gave me the right tools, I'd make a good go of it, and call the result my Sonic fan character.

The result is an orange and yellow bear in glasses, a cowboy hat, and a trenchcoat... with some other accessories attached. There are also some boots which remind me of the Thwomp Stompers from the Super Mario Bros. movie. Had to go with those.

Sadly, customization isn't quite as robust here as in other character creators that I could just take the coat, or alter colors of the clothing. Maybe sometime I'll try to draw a modified version -- maybe lose the shirt and perhaps the pants (*hears wolf-whistling* Stop that.), make him a little thicker in stature (I could go for just a little less speed and a little more strength), maybe add a little more red somehow. I definitely would like more red, but not at the expense of the form of what's here. Red coat, maybe? We'll see.

In terms of story, his pretty much begins as the events of Sonic Forces take shape. He awakens during Infinite's attack on the City a couple of months prior to the start of the game, no memory of who or where he is, just in time to be maliciously spared by the villain. He eventually joins up with the Resistance, and... well, if you've seen the game, you know how the rest goes.

Looking out at the sunset with Sonic before going on to find his way, he finally decides on a name for himself: "Just call me 'Dusk'."

(Dusk the Bear, but just "Dusk" will do.)

And yeah, I know the amnesiac bit is cliche -- it's not even the first time I've used it for a character. But rather than be a "I'll figure out their backstory later" fix like it usually is for me, it actually serves a purpose here... one I may go into more detail with another time.

I like that my character has a grappling line -- something other characters of mine aren't unfamiliar with. As for weapons, he mostly operates with a Burst Wispon, though he's also proficient with Lightning, and is partial to the Drill, even though he (I) am not as good with it.

All said, I'm actually rather pleased with how this whole thing turned out. Yeah, Sonic Forces is a game that has a million things wrong with it, and I can name at least half, but you know what? I had a blast playing it (for the most part) just the same. For $60, I don't think it would have been such a good deal, but at its lower price point? I feel like I got what I wanted out of it and then some.

I just hope I might get the opportunity to use Dusk in another game someday (I'd have so loved to be able to use him in Team Sonic Racing, but it sounds like that's not happening).
Kevin Owens Cosplay - Otakon/Fan Expo 2018
This year, I really didn't feel like doing anything too big or elaborate, so I took advantage of my natural look and cosplayed as former WWE Universal, United States, Intercontinental, and NXT Champion Kevin Owens.

Incidentally, none of those titles were readily available to purchase, so I "stole" the Cruiserweight title.

Fan Expo is later this week, but I plan to wear this at least once, so I'm including it in the title. Maybe for that one, I can get a pic that shows off the permanent marker tattoo I got on my shoulder, since I didn't take that into consideration with my pose.
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David Oxford
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