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Boniour/Ciao/Hello/Hallo/Hola/こんにちは (Konnichiwa)/Здравствует there and nice to meet you! I'm Lbat1901, but you may call me Lbat just to save time. I'm an artist/author

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I live in Northeast Minneapolis, Minnesota (also known as the Land of 10,000 Lakes or the Gopher State). I've been drawing ever since I was in Preschool and I want to keep up with my drawing skills. So I'm working hard and I'm trying my best.

I was diagnosed with autsim but mainly Aspergers when I was in elementary school and to be honest it's hard to live with, but don't ya worry, I managed to live through it. I'm also trying to survive with depression which can either be dormant or active. I can also be a bit self deprecating sometimes.

I support the LGBT group, because if someone out there can't decide what their sexuality is, then why should we hate them? Exactly my point, they're human beings just like us. If you're apart the of the LGBT community, you're safe on my profile. Heck, we can even be friends if you want.

I'm a huge 70's/80's/90's fan, but I mostly like the 80's. I'm also a huge fan of retro gaming and retrowave.

I'm okay with any pronoun you give me. I'm gender fluid but sometimes I get mistaken as a guy even though I'm a gal pal. I'm also Pansexual

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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Since Pokémon Let's Go! Pikachu and Pokémon Let's Go! Eevee are coming out next month, I've been do top 5 lists starting with the my top 5 list of my least favorite Pokémon. As I mentioned in the top 5 hardest battles in Pokémon, I said that I'll be talking about the things that weren't great in every new game that comes out after saying something about Gen 7's habit of guide touring even though veteran players didn't like it. 

Now to get this out of the way, I like all of the main series games and I don't hate a single one of them; however, there were some things that could've been better. Just a small little disclaimer, you're favorite region will get bashed some point as we go further, but to make it clear, we may look at the positive sides while ignoring the negative sides a lot.

Without a further ado, let's get into it shall we

Generation I 
(Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow, February 1996 - June 2000)
Gen1 by Lbat1901
We're starting this discussion by going back to the very first generation of Pokémon. Generation 1 is far known to be the starting line of the series and it holds that title over 20 years later. It was the first generation that introduced us the world of Pokémon along with the original types. However, despite being the first generation, it came with it's own faults. Generation 1, may at the time, were great games; however, there were many problems. Look, I know that this was first generation and I know that these games were released on the Gameboy, but let's face it, known of these games aged that greatly. You want to know why? Well, let's just say that these games were filled with glitches. I mean a lot of glitches. With a lot glitches means that pretty much everything in these games were so broken. These games also had moves like Wrap, Bind, Clamp, and Fire Spin that continued hitting for up to five turns in row. What's even worse it that if you were to be hit with one of these moves, then you would be unable to move. Speaking of moves that won't stop hitting you, the Psychic types were way too overpowered. How were they overpowered? That's because of the Special stat. 

In case if you didn't know, there was no such thing as the Special Attack or Special Defense stats. These two weren't a thing till in later Pokémon games, but back then, they were together into one stat. The good Psychics types in these games were both Alakazam and Mewtwo. Alakazam in general was really overpowered and to make matters worse, Alakazam was impossible to defeat. Oh wait, are you trying to tell me that Dark types could defeat Alakazam? Well they can, but let me tell you a little something: there weren't any. That's right, Dark types weren't introduced in this generation. The only types that had an advantage were Ghost types and Bug types; however, they were some problems. The Ghost types were part Poison type and the only good Bug type move was Twineedle; however it was only exclusive to Beedrill, who was also part Poison type as well leading to the fact that the Psychic types had no weaknesses at all. I can go for hours about the things that were broken in Generation 1, but I've already rest my case. 

Generation II 
(Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal, November 1999 - September 2001)
Gen2 by Lbat1901

Generation 2 was the second generation and the continuation of the Pokémon franchise. Although being the new generation and adding new features back in the day, you think that it was an improvement, right? Well of course you're right. However looking back into it now, there were a couple of problems. There was no team building at all due to the newly added Pokémon. Also to make up the mistakes of Generation 1 they added two new types, Steel and Dark types. Here's the catch these two types can't be attainable till after the post which I found to be so dumb. Why introduce two new types and only make them available till you beaten the game? That's like saying that you can only get Fairy types after you do some long difficult quest that finishes till after the main story in Pokémon X and Y. That will be so wrong on so many different levels. Speaking horrible team building, the Special stat is still seen and there was still no balance between types. The only good Pokémon to use will be your starter, your Ampharos, and the red Gyarados just so you can steamroll through these games. I know what you're going to tell me and yeah, you can use the three roaming legendary Pokémon including Ho-Oh or Lugia. Here's the thing, good luck catching the roaming legendaries because you'll be needing it. To be honest with you, the roaming legendaries were and always will be a pain in the butt to get. Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver fixed the problems that I said about the originals, but they can still be felt.

Generation III
(Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, November 2002 - October 2005)
Gen3 by Lbat1901
There are a couple of good things I can say about Generation 3 and there's a lot of bad thing that I can say as well. The only thing that many people had issues about these games will be that Game Freak got rid of the day and night cycles, which isn't an issue at all. The only thing I can agree with is how the region of Hoenn was designed. I'm seeing a whole lot of water and surfing here. Also they introduced double battles yet this feature was only seen a few times. My only concerning issues would be the storyline. This is the first generation that tried expanding on the story part of the main game and to be honest Game Freak tried. I understand, but did they real,y had to make some of these characters uninteresting? May and Brendan are "meh" rivals, Wally you don't even see for about 90% of the game, and despite both Maxie and Archie being different leaders of different evil Pokémon organizations they're basically the same with some slight difference in dialogue. They don't even have a good evil intention to keep me entertained. They only characters that have great personalities would be both Wallace and Steven Stone. Some of you are probably going to argue with saying that Zinnia has a great personality and yes, I agree with that and I do like Zinnia, but let's be true here. Zinnia was only introduced in Generation 6 not Generation 3.   

Generation IV 
(Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, September 2006 - May 2009)
Gen4 by Lbat1901
Oh this is going to hurt me so much. Generation 4 was the continuation of Pokémon since Generation 3 became the decline of the franchise so Game Freak decided to step up their game a little. They managed to do this by releasing Pokémon Diamond and Pearl onto the Nintendo DS and it was a smash hit. Despite Generation 4 being the franchise's saver in sales, they were some problems. To get this out of the way, I love the whole design of the Sinnoh region; however, they were some areas that I wish didn't exist. Why you ask? Let's just say that everything about Generation 4 was just so.....slooooooowwwww. The story was slow, the battling was slow, surfing was slow, going through every route and town was a drag. The only saving grace was the fact that story starts to get fast once Team Galactic got to their plans. Other than that, everything was a pain. Oh the blizzard route, the marsh plains route, the fog route, and some other routes felt like they were designed just to you down. My main problem with these routes is that there so long and if your Pokémon get hurt a lot you're forced to head back to the town you left from just heal up and stock up on items before going back to the route. Also this was the generation that introduced the term of HM slave, oh honey this region requires a whole lot of moves including the ones to get through the place that makes me want to reevaluate my existence. The place that I speak of would be the dreadful Mt. Coronet. Oh my's ridiculous. The main issues with Diamond and Pearl were the lack of any Fire type Pokémon but thankfully Game Freak fixed this issue in Pokémon Platinum; however, the damage has been already been done.

Generation V
(Pokémon Black & White, September 2010/Pokémon Black & White 2, June 2012)
Gen5 by Lbat1901
Oh another region that's going to be so hard for me to say anything bad about it. Well how can I? The storyline was amazing, the music was good, the characters were memorable. They only thing that I find that are worth complaining about would be how the region was laid out. The Unova region had many areas to explore especially if you look at the oval shape of the region. You know I've always believed that that Game Freak was going to give us the choice to go around the oval and choose which gyms we wanted to go to, but nope. Instead o giving us that option, they closed of eastern Unova and used it as a extremely difficult post game. When Pokémon Black and White were released, Game Freak expanded the region by adding even more places. We thought that they were going fix the issues but once playing these games we found out that Game Freak only closed off way more areas than the previous games. 

Generation VI 
(Pokémon X & Pokémon Y, October 2013 Worldwide)
Gen6 by Lbat1901
Now we're getting down into the nitty gritty things in every Pokémon generation. The Kalos region may of been a great region to explore but......everything about these games was just too easy which really kills the replay value of going back to them which is just sad because I really like these games.

Random person in the background: Hey, you do realize that the problem was that you had the EXP Share on the entire time

Umm....excuse me? Listen here buddy, I've never in a single Pokémon game had ever used the EXP Share. I play each and every single Pokémon game by grinding and training my Pokémon like a normal human being. The thing is with Generation 6 is that the EXP distribution was so broken. Some may believe that all the veteran players (myself included) were gifted god like powers which is why these games were easy. Well....this isn't the case because I can struggle a bit while playing the older games. Here's a way to describe how easy these games are: I can be playing Generation 6 without items, without healing my Pokémon, without Mega Evolution, with my hands tied to my back along with being blind folded, and doing it with only the hardcore advance rules of a Nuzlocke challenge and still these games would be still too easy. Hey, it would've been a lot better if Game Freak were to add a hard mode but....that didn't happen.

Game Freak: Hey kid, thanks for buying Pokémon X and Y. Here have a free Kanto starter and Lucario that can both Mega Evolve along with two free Mega Stones your Kanto. Now go have fun and be crazy! 

Lbat1901(me): Um okay. Do you mind handing me those other Mega Stones as- 

Game Freak: Nope! They're too broken. Wait till the post game.

Generation VII
(Pokémon Sun & Moon, 2016 Worldwide/Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon, 2017 Worldwide)
Gen7 by Lbat1901
I can sum up what's Generation 7 like for you in these couple of words: 

Pokemon-sun-moon-review-spot-1 by Lbat1901

Pokemon-soleil-lune-gameplay-rival by Lbat1901

normal Guzma by Lbat1901
(I really like Guzma btw)

Pokemon-sun-moon-tapu-koko-1 by Lbat1901

Alright, alright, look I have nothing against the cutscenes in these games it's just the fact that there's no reason to show them every time where you go somewhere new. Speaking of somewhere new, you're always stopped by a different character mostly by either Professor Kukui, Lillie, Hau, or any random character just so they can explain something to you that's really important. You don't even get the freedom to explore at your own pace, well you do, but it's only barely since these games hold your hand and protect you from people like me that you'll see at the mall or at Disney World. Oh Game Freak, oh Game Freak, why ARE YOU HOLDING MY HAND!?

I've been playing all the main series games for a very long and I've thought of Game Freak as being one of my favorite video game companies. I now realize that they're just trying to make things great by making me sight see places instead of letting me explore the region myself. Why is that Game Freak? Are you worried that I might get lost or something? Well guess what? I know where I'm going by either walking in some direction or by looking at the map.

I know that Game Freak wanted to try something new, but I'm not a huge fan of it to be honest here. Alright that's enough ranting for one day and again, I'm sorry if I said something salty about your favorite region, it's just that I really had to get this out off of my chest.

Anyway this has been Lbat1901 signing out. See you next time. Take care


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