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Welcome To Superjail! by Lbat1901, visual art

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My Bio
Are you just gonna pass on by without saying howdy?

Hi there. I'm Lbat1901. You can me Lbat for short.
I'm an artist, writer, and a voice actor.

I am the creator of Hetalia: The Lost World, Eddsworld: At World's End, Untold Tales From The Future, and the upcoming series Eddbusters. I am the concept writer to the series Dropshot, a Eddsworld basketball AU, with the amazing archonedd.

I never tell people that I have autism considering the fact, that I can be really awkward and shy at starting conversations.
I also have depression which can either be dormant or active.
I can also be a bit self deprecating sometimes.

I support the LGBT community, because they need love and they don't deserve to be hated. I mean if someone out there can't decide what their sexuality is, then why should we give them hate? Exactly my point, they're human beings just like us.
If you really need someone to talk to, then jump aboard on my christian minecraft server (if I can even call it christian that is haha).

I'm a huge 70's/80's/90's fan, but I mostly like the 80's. I'm also a huge fan of retro gaming and retrowave.

I'm okay with any pronoun you give me. I'm pretty much gender fluid.
I'm also Pansexual.

Where to find me in other places, look here:
Discord: Lbat1901 #7647
Superjail Blog: dictator-future-warden.tumblr.… (yes, I have a future warden blog and yes, I use it)
Eddsworld Blog: twopilotspaulandpatryck.tumblr…
Hetalia Blog:
Khonjin House Blog: ask-khonjin-house-pent.tumblr.…

Languages that I can speak:
Prussian Language Level - THE ORIGINAL by Icy-Roulette American English language level EXPERT by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Stamp: German Language Expert by MafiaVamp Spanish lang4 by Faeth-design Japanese language level INTERMEDIATE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Russian 2 by Faeth-design
French 2 by Faeth-design Italian language level INTERMEDIATE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Norwegian Language level 2 by kiaracarriedo

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Hello world, how are you?
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Oh look you've made it to the bottom. Surprisedly nobody looks down this far. So here's a couple of rundowns that were given to me as questions:

Can we be friends?
Sure we can. I like meeting new people

What's your favorite color?
I personally don't like this question, but since you asked, well I like red, purple, black, blue, some pastel colors and aesthetic colors

Do you like receiving llamas?

Do you roleplay?
Of course I roleplay. Just shoot me a friendly message! :3 However if you're under the age of 18, please keep it safe, I don't you to be exposed to such sexual content at a early yet innocent age. If you can handle it then....we need to build up some fluff first.

I can angst, fluff, and regular ropeplay type stuff.

Do you cosplay?

Do you do commissions?
Unfortunately I do not

Do you do art trades?
No, and if I then it would probably be for friends only

Do you do requests?
Here's a quick thing to know:

1) Requests are for one person at a time
2) Depending on what it is, like an OC or some character from a fandom, I'll it
3) I only can do traditional art at the moment considering the fact the current laptop and tablet that I'm using is outdated meaning that it runs slow and would often crash on me
4) Please do be patient. You can ask me about the progress if you want
5) I can be very busy which will make your request take a longtime to be finish and I can procrastinate a lot so be warned

If you said that you've use to draw things digitally, what were the art programs that you used?
Paint Tool Sai and Adobe Photoshop

What are some of things that you like to draw?
Mostly things from many different cartoons usually stuff from fandoms

Do you do anything besides drawing?
I write, play video games, compose/listen to music, do reviews, do a full analysis/history on a subject, and I sometimes play sports

Can I thank you if you fave my stuff or watch me?
Sure! Go right ahead. I don't mind

Can I give you a virtual hug?
Yes, I like getting virtual hugs

Can I ask you questions that aren't listen here?
Sure as long as they're not too personal

Favourite Movies
Back to the Future triology, Ghostbusters (the first two movies from 1984 and 1989), The Goonies, Star Wars, Wayne's World, Home Alone, National Lampoon's Vacation movie series, basically any horror film, and a couple of comedy ones
Favourite TV Shows
I have wayyyyyy too many to list, but i do like cartoons, comedies, and some drama shows
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Not just bands, just songs in general. I sometimes compose my own music that being video game sounding like
Favourite Books
I have too many books so it's kinda hard to pick
Favourite Games
Dance Dance Revolution Extreme, GTA IV/V, Super Smash Bros series, Super Mario series, Mario Kart series, Resident Evil series, Bioshock series, Guitar Hero series, Pokémon series, Mega Man series, Outlast, Amnesia: The Dark Descent
Favourite Gaming Platform
SNES, Sega Genesis, Nintendo 64, PlayStation 2, Gameboy Advance, Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 3, Nintendo DS Lite, Nintendo 2DS, Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4
Tools of the Trade
Couple of papers, some pencils, and anything to color with and you're golden
Other Interests
Retro gaming, art, astronomy, music, cartoons, memes, reviews, and being in so many great fandoms

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Happy Birthday! :)

Thank you so much for all of the favs! *Free Icon/Emote* Totoro ( Heart) I really appreciate it! Heart pastel small 2 And happy birthday!! Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-06 (Kawaii Dance) [V1] Pink Heart Icon

You're welcome and thank you

Thx 4 all the Faves^^