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Hi, we're LB! We're a multivarious cyborg who make mental health comics, zines, and psy-fi and have done so since 2007! Abraham Riesman of Vulture called us "the best cartoonist you've never heard of" and says, "LB Lee makes one rethink what it means to be human." We were cover artist for the Prism Award-nominated anthology, Being True, have been excommunicated by a religion we never joined, and once saved a horse from lameness.

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Wild Zero, Dirty Dancing, Paprika
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The Binding of Isaac; Celeste
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alas, shoulder issue = no more gaming for us
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Clip Studio Paint, GIMP, Cintiq tablet, assorted pens and Col-Erase pencils
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nonfiction info-comics, monster romance, and the history of stupid plural slapfights

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Hey! I didn't expect to see you all here. You guys wrote that very helpful history of the plural community, and it actually helped me feel better about getting diagnosed with DID when I went through and read it completely. I had been so worried about what a diagnosis would mean for us that seeing how the community had been initially more unified felt a lot better about how I shouldn't take a diagnosis as pressure to see it as only medical in origin or approach.

Hi! Yeah, we've been on DA a long time actually, just... went through a rough patch and had a hard time uploading anything for a while. And we thoroughly believe that diagnoses are a tool. Their purpose is to get you where you need to go, and we feel really dubious about making them a part of your identity, just because they're so changeable according to bureaucratic whim. (We ourself could've gone through at least three different diagnoses, depending just on WHEN we got diagnosed, and by who!) Every time the diagnosis changes, I see a lot of people go through an identity crisis, and it seems so sad, and so avoidable: health insurance shouldn't be dictating anyone's identity. (Of course, we say this all sagely now, but went through our own identity crash when we had to accept that we were disabled, so we're so not above it. :p)

If it's any comfort, we've been stuck with a diagnosis for a decade, but are only recently dealing with the religious ramifications of our plurality. So fear not, you aren't trapped!

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Aw, Kat, you're so nice!  How are things going with you these days?  How's comics treating you?
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Yay, new things here!  Many are not things at which one can say "yay!" on while commenting, so, here is the landing pad for positive happy spiffy-ness-es until I muster the time and focus to comment better else-a-wheres. :D