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After a long delay, the next official #WerewolvesAtHeart group contest is officially under way!

The contest deviation must be in short story format based upon the writing prompt as outlined below:

"You wake up shackled to a chair and can't remember how you got there. Two voices are talking. You recognize one of them."

This prompt is purposefully loose; we decided to encourage as much freedom as possible while at the same time giving enough of a framework to maintain some kind of direction.

The goal of this contest is to create the most interesting werewolf story you can think of. You can use the mood alluded to by the prompt or take it in a completely different direction. The story can be tragic or cheerful, suspenseful or carefree, happen night or day, in the summer or winter, in the city or the forest, in modern times or old, it’s up to you! The more creative and original, the better!

Contest Deadline is August 7, 2010.

See link for contest prizes!

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I might be able to take part in this. I like the prompt and already got a few ideas in my head.
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I've really enjoyed this comp. It was great fun to write to a prompt, and great to read the other submissions. There's some good stuff in there!
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This definitely looks interesting, and I've got a vague idea for something to start scribbling on. No idea whether I'll have anything presentable ready in time, though.

Couple of quick questions about the rules though.
(1) Is this open to anyone or just to community members?
(2) The rule about there being no original characters confuses me somewhat. Does this mean I can't use characters I create myself or is it other people's original characters that are prohibited?
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We'd love to have you if you're able! :D

This contest is open to group members (because one has to be a member to submit to the group gallery), but it's very easy to join.

As far as OCs are concerned, it just means that the character has to be original for the story (no character you already have or one somebody else has created). I'll go ahead and make it more clear in the blog.
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Just a note: don't forget to click the title for complete contest rules! :D
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I'll definitely try it out. :D Started plotting already--but I have a question: can it be written in a sort of free-verse style, like the book Sharp Teeth?
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I'm not familiar with that book, but pretty much any style you'd like to use in writing the short story is fine as long as it adheres to the rules as outlined in the blog. :)
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sure! im in! :D just like everyone else ive got a story a brewin'! :D
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Oh a question how do I enter the contest?
I mean submit art to the group or what?
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Yes, just submit to the group gallery in the folder called "Short Story Contest." :)
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I'll join. I've already got a great idea brewing in my head
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heh I'll join ^^
I'm with a story on My head already!
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Just one question about the subject. Instead of being shackled to a chair could the character be locked in a room or something Like that?
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Yes, that would be fine :)
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This might be a great chance for me to step outside my usual art-realm and to stretch my literary pursuits out a bit. Sounds like a contest worth attempting! :)
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