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Werewolf Pumpkin Halloween '08

Carving werewolf pumpkins might just become a tradition...
This time I used the werewolf pattern found here: [link] by :iconjadewik:.

I printed it, then cut out the dark parts with a razor. I taped the pattern to the already gutted pumpkin, used a wet cloth to make the pattern conform better to the uneven surface, and when dry went over it all with cheap acrylic paint to make the lines show up.

Since I have such an amazing camera (yeah, right!) the photo is a bit blurry.
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That is sooo cool! 100% awsomeness!
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Werewolfs are awesome no matter were there drawn on!

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lol kinda reminds me of myself
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Hey Lazywolf,

Your carving looks good. One suggestion that I would make is to create your own patterns. You can do this by finding a high-contrast photo or image that you like and then posterizing it (2 or 3 colors is best to start) in photoshop, paintshop pro or another image editor that supports posterization. Adjusting the contrast/brightness ration can work in place of posterization but takes more work. Hope that helps.

By the way, I appreciate the comments on my own werewolf carving. I'm glad you liked it. -- Rev
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Thank you for the suggestion! I actually like the idea of transforming existing images into pumpkin designs; I even did so with this [link] way back.

I like your idea; I'll have to try that technique next year...
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Also, if you really enjoy pumpkin carving, check out the forums at [link]. Lots of great advice over there.
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... as I flood your box here...

I uploaded the pattern.

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Lazywolf- I'm not sure how much time I have to draw something for you for 2009. I moved, so I'm a little behind on my own Halloween-- I'm working on paper mache filled candy "bombs" and a cannon to shoot candy at kids right now... If I have a few moments of free time, I'll make an attempt to draw something for you. Another werewolf, you say? HmMmmMm... I'll see if I can think of a good pose.
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Ok, sounds good! I know how it is to have limited time. If you're able to make this design that would be awesome; but if not I completely understand! ;)

P.S. Good idea about the candy cannon! :)
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Turns out I had some time tonite. I Got your email address from your "Celestial Wolf" website. Check your in-box.
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Revised pattern for more stability... check your email? Let me know you got it?
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I have used this template for a pumpkin before! Very Cool!
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Oh really? To the artist's knowledge, I was the only one who had done this before (or at least posted anything about it). Do you have any photos? I'd like to see those if you do!
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Hmmm...Now that I think of it, I do have a few. I'll see if I can find them. I will put them on my page right now. It was for halloween one year, i searched for some waerewolf pumpkin carving art, and after a few searches, got that one.
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If you did use my art to carve your pumpkin, I'd LOVE to see photos! =)
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I have a photo in my gallery that has it, and I might use it this year as well!
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Wow! I didn't even think anyone visited my Elfwood gallery anymore. Your carving looks superb. Thanks for linking me to the photo-- I really enjoy seeing my pumpkin art show up somewhere besides my own house on the 31st of October! I do custom drawings (for free) as I've time, so if you have an idea for next year's pumpkin, let me know. I'll see what I can put together.

This is a bit new for me-- I've been avoiding DeviantArt for years, but I had to create an account to leave a comment.... I guess I just needed a little nudge.
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Hey there! It's Oct 2009 and I'm looking for another werewolf pumpkin carving to do. You said you'd be interested in possibly designing another pattern? Let me know if you're still interested! :)
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Thanks! I'm glad you feel I did your great pattern justice! As for the custom drawings, I may just take you up on that for Halloween 2009! ;)
I actually found your pattern on Google as the #2 result for the keywords "werewolf pumpkin" and the #1 result for the same keywords in the Google Image search! I also inserted your icon in the comments to give you proper credit...
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killer werewolf! awesome carving!
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:dance: happy halloween
it is a beautiful
cool wolf
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