Team R.O.B.A.T PMDU May Errand: Window Pains

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“You have the other end Dimtail?” “Yup!” “Do keep it that way, I don’t enjoy the prospect of being defenestrated at ground level. Now keep a strong grip on that support under us, it’s the only thing preventing this from shattering.” “Got yah!”

The duo slowly traversed the roads of Andalusst, a long pane of glass between them. Unlike his companion Barnett’s nerves were tense and his eyes sharp, around any corner could be a clumsy street walker, a malicious ganger or simple bad luck.

He sighed “If we didn’t need the money…” “It ain’t dat bad Barnett!” “No, no, no Dimtail say it like this ‘It is not that bad Barnett.’ Now you.” Dimtail furrowed his brow in concentration “It’snot that bad Barnett! Loike dat, er, that?”

“Slowly but surely I will teach you how to speak properly.” “If you soi so Barne-““Jump!” the two pushed themselves into the air narrowly missing a stumbling Gravler. They planted down on the ground, shivering at the vibrations that went through the glass.

“Ow did you see that comin?!” “Call if foresight, and I have the feeling we have allot more coming at us.” The way to the Explorers Guild was a rapid series of swerves, ducks, jumps and sprints. “Dis seemed alut easier on paoiper, eh Barnett.” “Less talking more dodging, were almost their!”

the hole in the wall was like a beacon of light to the two, and the floatzel their savior. “Howdy their! Nice to see my glass, well ain’t that clever thing you got there, it’s like three T’s put together! Anyway let’s get thing set up.” Soon the three had put the first pane in place “Now ain’t that nice!...So where’s the other four?” the pair looked at each other and sighed “If we didn’t need the money…”
Client: Cassidy
Errand no: 5
Date Issued: 20th May 2014
Date Due: 24th May 2014…

Well got the titular pun out of the way, anyway this was just a little quickie, hopefully the next task I'll find a bit more meaty, till then!

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