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“So, what can you tell me about yourself?” Barnett looked coldly at the porygon-Z before him, his pupils darting spraticly around the room as he talked “Well WeLL, I’m I’M i’M E70Z07E, but BuT bUt Most mOSt most call Call cAll Me mE me EeEeEeeeeeEeeeEeEe…” Barnett nodded, taking various notes as E spun his head in odd dismay, “Interesting…” he muttered to himself.

Dimtail looked nervously at gorlett, everything about him set the shaman in edge, being an object possessed by spirits. His mind reeled at what kind of spirit called the gorlett home, one of nature, pokes, good, evi-“Um, are you okay, you’ve just been staring at me for, like, an hour. It’s really kind of creepy.” Dimtail giggled and smiled, trying best to hide his fear “Yarh, yarh, er lrts get bahk tah you.”

It took some time, but eventually he calmed E down, sitting back down Barnett asked “E, what do you enjoy doing?” E tilted his head, going over and ending upside-down “Well wElL weLL I i I LiKE lIkE liKe Calculating cAlCulAtinG calculating.” “Calculating?” “Yes yES yEs.” He sighed, putting down his pencil “Would you like to calculate now?” “Very vErY VeRy Much muCh MUcH.”

Not once had Dimtail made eye contact with the gorlett, nervously responding with nods, the gorlet however was more than friendly, prattling “Well I’m Albert by the way, boring name I know. I got a job at a café, making drinks mostly, it’s not a bad job I suppose, but I hope to get a better job eventually. Anyway I love chess, do you play?” Dimtail shot out, only now realizing Albert was talking to him “Er, yarh, I lovah chessah!” “Great, I’ll go get a board!”

“so So sO ((3+4i)/5)^10 is Is iS?” Barnett scratched his head, math not being his field of study “I believe that would be -0.988496588+0.1512431616 i” “yes Yes yES, Now noW nOW We we wE arE aRE ArE TieD tiED TIed! I I i would WouLD WOulD lIkE LiKe LIke a A a VerBal vERbAL VerBaL CalcUlatioN cAlCulatiOn CALculaTION.” “Excuse me?” “You YOu YoU CAll cAll caLL iT It IT A a A RiDdLE RIDdLE riDDlE.” Barnet smirked a bit “Very well, I have a found riddle from my home…”

“And that’s another win for me! Black or white friend?” for the past hour Dimtail had been simply staring at the board in confusion, to him it was a jumble of oddly carved pieces. But Albert, if he noticed, didn’t seem all that hung up about it, if the past six victories in a row were any indication. “Er blark…” said Dimtail disparity, thoroughly convinced that Albert was an evil spirit “Of course, now remember pawns may move twice on the first turn, but not on the…”

“Two sons and two fathers go to port, but only a son, a father, and a grandfather return. What is the answer?” E spun his head in thought “The THe tHe FatheR fATheR FAtHEr iS is Is Also ALsO alSo a A a Son sOn SoN! Two tWo TWo SoNs SOnS sOns!” E said with a good amount of pride, Barnett simply said “Incorrect, the right answer was “the other son and father pushed the other son and father off the pier, and picked the grandfather up from the tavern.”
“Lurks like ur win agern!” chuckled Dimtail nervously, Albert flicked a pawn down boardly “I know, I always do. You are trying to play aren’t you, you’re not just letting me win?” “Nawr, nawr, yur just dat gud of crse!” Albert slowly got up from his seat, making his way to the door “Well thank you for your time, but my shift is starting at the café and I need to get going.” And with that Albert left, much to Dimtail’s relief.

“Interesting….” Barnett watched intently as E literally bounced off the walls in rage, shrieking “What WHat WhATtTtTTTtTTTttTTTTtTTT!” eventually much quicker pokes had to be called in to restrain E, still squirming in fury as Barnett left the room, talking to himself “It would appear that beings of cold logic do not like to make mistakes, whether or not this a trait of this specific being or many of them is as of yet, undetermined.”
Client: Alexander
Errand Number: #6
Date Issued: 7/18/2014
Date Due: 7/22/2014


Well this was a fun one, quickly written up and hastily edited, I hope you sincerely enjoy!
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