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Barnett and Dimatil walked the markets of city, both their research done for the day. Barnett looked to his lumbering companion, whose expression was now grim and fearful “Something the matter Dimtail?” he seemed to be talking more to himself then Barnett “Somin don’t feel roight, der be somin evil in de air, evil spirits oim sure.”

“Interesting, now what do you connect these “evil spirits” to, bad weather, illness, or is it a bad omen in general?” suddenly Dimtali shot his head into the air, franticly sniffing “What is it now Dimtail?!” he asked in rapt curiosity “Food!” and with that Dimtail dashed away as fast as he could, his companion lagging behind.

Eventually Dimtail had led Barnett to the manor of Sundance, he looked around still sniffing the air “Da food’s got ter be ere somere…” Barnett simply rolled his eyes “Of course you would led us to food, just when you began to talk about something interesting.” he soon felt a tapping on his shoulder, looking around he saw a rather cold looking pachirisu with an eye patch staring at him

“I sincerely apologies sir, my associate was attracted by the scent of food to your domicile and I assure you we were just about to vacate the premises.” The pachirisu smilled and said dryly “I’m assuming you’re a researcher.” “Whatever gave you that idea sir, though I suppose it may have something to do with my coat and obviously articulated speech.”

“Something like that.” He looked over Barnetts shoulder to get a better look at Dimtail “Were you at the egg festival a few weeks back?” Dimtail simply nodded lumbering over to him and grinning widely “Yurp, oim Dimtail boi da way, and dis is moi friend Barnett!” “Charmed, I am Rowanhardt. My younger master has spoken a bit about you Mr. Dimtail, something about a big zigzagoon with an even bigger stomach.”

“Sounds loike me!” “Perfect, now Mr. Dimtail I was woundering if you wouldn’t be able to help me with a bit of a problem.” Barnett spoke up “What would that be? I’m sure I could be of assistance as well.”  Rowanhardt looked away from Barnett “Anyway as I was saying Mr. Dimtail I am in need of a performer, the Hunters have a very important guest and our previous troupe of actors cancelled at the last moment. While it is completely unrelated we did have a luxurious buffet arranged for the occasion, back to the point Mr. Dimtail, would you be interested in performing?”

Dimtail shook his hand vigorously “You bet oi would sir!” “Excellent, I’ll give you some time to set up and bring the guest for the performance, and take this in case you need some supplies.” He handed Dimtail a small bag of coins and left. Barnett meanwhile was fuming with anger “Snuff me like that you bushwa cad!”

Dimtail put his heavy paw on his friend “E probabahly knew e didn’t even ave to ask yer. Now can ya get some stuff fer mah, oil need it fer da story.” suddenly Barnett’s gripes vanished “Story you say, one from your tribe I assume?” “Yurp, a gud one too!” “Very well, tell me what you need and I will see what I can do about obtaining them.” “Gud, now oid need….”

Rowanhardt returned hours later with the dignitary and his servant in tow “So what will be the performance for tonight?” “It will be as much a surprise to me as it will be for you ambassador, though I assure you it will be of the highest caliber.” The ambassador let out a sickening laugh “Ooh a surprise performance how charming!”

as they came nearer to the spot Rowanhardt had left the Dimtail the stronger the sound of drumming could be heard. The ambassador craned his neck in the air “Is that incenses I smell, I do hope this isn’t a meditation that would be rather droll.” Rowanhardt gulped “I’m sure it’s not ambassador.” From the shadows stepped out Barnett “Follow me sirs the performance is this way.”

“We even have a little attendant how droll!” he led the tree of them to a circle of stones, in its center was fire and standing over it was Dimtail, covered in bright body paints with his eyes shut tight in meditation, drum at his side. Barnett motioned the three to sit, handing a bowl to Rowanhardt “Drink this, pass it on, it will help with the performance.”

Rowanhardt sniffed the clear liquid suspiciously, it was sweet smelling, akin to incense. Cautiously he drank from the bowl, passing to the ambassador and his servant. After the three had drunken Barnett tapped his companion hard on the shoulder, signaling it was time. He looked up his eyes still shut, grabbing his drum he opened his mouth, sweet smelling fumes bellowing out.

Slowly he beat his drum as he began his dance, his words thick with ecstasy “Listun noaw, Childrun of dis world, open yur eyes dat do not see, and yur ear dat do not hur, for naow oi have a tale, one as old as toime. Befurr dis, our world, when dere was only de Otherside, ere da three sister dwell, singen dere songs an giving ut shape. Fer many moons da sisters were appy with de Otherside, until one day one sister ask de others “Sisters dear, oh sisters dear, do you ever tire of our world of twisted shapes and floating notes?”

“Aye sister dear, aye sister dear yes we do. Wish for a new world, one must sing only once.” An so da sisters sang, dey sang of skois so blue and strums so clear, grass so soft and trees dat touched da skoi.” With every word Dimtail spoke he became more consumed in ecstasy, beating his drum faster and dancing until a blur. For the audience the effect was even more pronounced, for them the story sprang to life before their eyes, watching as the sisters sung their world to life

“Again fer many moons da sisters were appy with da new world, but again da sister said to da two “Oh sisters dear, sisters dear, do you ever tire of these floating notes that drift by like the wind?” “Aye sister dear, aye sister dear, Wish for others to look at the sky so blue, drink from the streams so clear and climb the trees that touch the sky.”

And so dey did, singing all loif into da new world. Da sisters were appy to play with da new pokes dat filled da new world, but soon da pokes got greedah, asking da sisters to sing for dem new dings, dings to urt, dings to make dem powarahful, dings to kill. Soon da sister could take it no more, da sister cried to da two “Oh sisters dear, oh sisters dear, do you tire of this world and it’s greedy ilk?!” “Aye sister dear, aye sister dear, we must leave this world now, make one world two.”

And so da sisters sang da world’s asundur! Montuns breathed foire, lands splut in two, and with da roaring of da wind de Otherside was ferever slupt four ours. But da sisters knew not all were tah blame and left in dere place a shaman, one who could talk to dem and da spirits, to forever keep dem connected to dah world dey loved so. Still dey watch us noaw, in the reflection in dah water and in dah mirror, and dey smiole at dere world and its childrun.”

With the story finished Dimtail set his drum down and retrieved a powder from Barnett, he threw it over the fire with an explosion of blue green. The audience blinked there glazed over eyes, looking to one another. The ambassador was the first to break the silence “My word that was…incredible! How did he manage all those effects? Psychic type moves perhaps, no it was too Real for that…”

“I don’t know either ambassador, but I think it’s safe to say it will be a long while before I experience something like that again.” The ambassador laughed his sickening laugh and looked to Dimtail “My good sir that was simply a splendid performance, this city is truly blessed to have a poke such as you!” Dimtail said nothing as he stared at the ambassador with a cutting gaze, his fur on end making him even bigger then he was before.

“Oh performers, such an odd kind. Now Mr. Rownhardt you said there would be other activates this evening? Though I think they shall pale in comparison.” “Yes ambassador right this way!” he briefly looked back at Dimtail “You’ll find the buffet over to your left!” Barnett walked out of the shadows, looking over the recording he had done “I don’t think I missed anything, would you mind looking it over?”

Dimtail didn’t though, he was at the direction the ambassador had gone “Dat poke, e’s evey with evil spirits. Notin gud can come of im.” Slowly he began to walk away “Not even going to go the buffet, it is the whole reason you agreed to this.” But soon Dimtail was far away from Barnett, leaving him alone in the circle “Interesting…”
Client: Rowanhardt
Errand no: #4
Date Issued: 12th May 2014
Date Due: 16th May 2014


Well I got this done just by the skin of my teeth, I like how it came out in the end, but that's all I have to say.

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