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Nothing felt solid to Dimtail, mist surrounded him and what he could see through it made no sense as formless things flew through the air. Even he didn’t fell right, it was if at any moment he would join the shapes floating up in the air and never get back down. “So you’ve come at last, you should have been here sooner child, but then again Rimscorn was never much of a shaman much less a teacher.”

Barnett’s mind watered at the massive octagonal stone towers of the Basalt Halls, never before had he encountered a place like this, eager to see what could be here or who had been here before. All the while a Barboach hid around the corner, waiting to strike from the dark. As soon as he walked through the threshold he sprang into action “Halt in the name of Wussey Whiskey Montgeomery Mu-“

An old Delphox stood in front of Dimtail, many years had taken most of the red from her fur save a few fiery strands, her hand resting on a long gnarled branch she used as a cane “Rap-Knuckle?” she smiled at him, showing some few teeth she had left “You still remember me boy, I’m touched.” Rap-Knuckle looked him over slowly “Seems you’ve grown into quite a warrior, odd you’re a shaman then but I suppose the sister have their reason.” “Why am I-“she struck him hard on the paw with her cane “Don’t interrupt me Dimtail! Now where was I? Yes, welcome to the Otherside shaman.”

“Hmm?” Barnett felt something small squish under his feet, fumbling in the dark he felt the limp body of a Barboach on the dungeon floor, the spark flying from its whiskers providing the smallest of illuminations “Oww…” it moaned, squirming weakly as Barnett picked him up by the tail “You must work for that Whiscash.” “You will address him as Wussey Whiskey Mon!-“ “If you don’t stop talking I will address you as dinner, understand?” the Barboach gulped in understanding.

“The Otherside?” she struck him hard on the paw “What did I just say! Your spirit brought you here, it is time for you to become a full shaman.” “It, it is?” once again she struck him on the paw “You’re not an echo boy, stop acting like it! But before you can become a shaman we must change you, replace your weak body.” With a swift flick of her cane she had cut Dimtail apart, leaving him as only a head. He watched as Rap-Knuckle went to each different part, replacing his bones with iron and pouring molten led in his veins. Before his eyes his body began to change, becoming bigger, stronger than before.

“Now listen to me well, I am Barnett Furnivall Malinowski of team R.O.B.A.T of the Researchers Guild. I have no time to trifle with the territory laws of your leader, you will help me investigate this dungeon fully and in return I will not harm you, are we clear.” The Barboarch nodded “There’s a torch in the room to your right, the dungeon isn’t lit so you’re going to need it.” Barnett walked foward, unable to see the malevolent grin on his forced assistants face “Thank you, things are much simpler when pokes can put aside differences and-“

“Rise shaman.” As Dimtail got up he could feel weight to his body once again, no longer did he fear he would float into the shapeless sky above. “So I’m ah shaman now?” she sighed “Yes, but not a very smart one.” As Rap-Knuckle spoke her arm stretched far above both of them, coming down with an ekanse made of water “I bind this spirit of the river to you young shaman, it will serve as your companion to do your bidding in the Otherside.” The ekanse wrapped around Dimtail’s forearm, slowly sinking in before disappearing into him. “Thank you Rap-Knuckle, I’ll nevar forget this.” She smiled at him “I know Dimtail, now awaken! Your friend needs you.”

“How could I be such an idiot?” still images flashed though Barnett’s head like a photo book, the stealth rock trap striking him squarely between the eyes sticking out. After the brief moment of unconsciousness he found himself bound in a different room with two other barboachs looming over him, one with a bucket in lieu of a proper helm. “What should we do with him captain?”

The bucket headed captain stroked his whiskers “You said he was a researcher? You’re one of the squishy ones, we could and should do allot to you trespasser!” “Maybe we could use him as leverage, ransom him off for good stuff!” piped up one of them “No, we need something to show these trespassers we mean business!” the captain bellowed *Crack* “What was-“

“Shadup!” yelled the captain “Whatever it was the guard can handle it!” he looked back to Barnett with a sinister gleam in his eye “I know what to do with you researcher, I’ll bash in your head and leave your body outside as a warning for anyone stupid enough to trespass here! Praise King Wussey Whiskey Montgeomery Mudsuckery Sedimus Munge IV!”

Those were the last words the captain ever spoke as a mountain of a linoone erupted from the doorway with blood red eyes. He leapt on the captain and devoured him in a single bite before turning his attention to the other two barboachs, scraps of bucket helm decorating his muzzle. They needed no more convincing as they fled deeper into the halls.

The brute looked down at Barnett, his eyes wide in surprise “You okay Barnett?” he said as he easily ripped the ropes apart. “Dimtail?” Barnett said in surprise as he looked him over, as a zigzagoon he had always been a foot taller than him but now he towered over him with bulging sinew as thick as ropes. Oddest of all were his eyes, the blood red had gone from them but instead of the blue eyes of linoone Dimtail’s were tinted the color of a pale rose.

“Aye, seems I’ve changed tough.” he said, seeming only to now really notice as he helped Barnett up“So, why are you here?” “You mean you don’t know, then how did you know where to find me?” Dimtail simply smiled “Let’s just say a friend told me where to find ya.” “Very well, it is good to have you back…friend. We have allot of ground to cover Dimtail, let’s not waste any more time.”

Barkskin sat in his pile of loot with a content grin on his face. A scrawny looking bidoof came crawling towards him, a terrified look on his face “B-Boss…” Barkskin scowled at him, absent midedly shuffling star coins around “Vat is zit! Vi’m busy.” “I-it’s the Barno gang, they’re dead, s-slaughtered every last one of em! They saw a fearow and a bunch of-“

Barkskin shot up as if stuck by lightening “Everyone! Vat da ell are you vall doing vook verstentable!” his pokes scattered helter skelte to look what they presentable was, noting the look of utter dread. No sooner had they all gotten ready when the door bust open and the savage Taggerzann came pouring in, led by Riptail and his shamans, a wicked smile on his face and many new tails decorating his kilt.

His eyes darted around madly “Well Barkskin you’ve made quite the progress, and were right about this village. But the size, this village will be fun to burn to the ground!” “V-va chief, ving is I ave a vlan.” He laughed venomously “A plan, you have nothing! Everything you have is because of me and I have come to take my place here!”

Barkskin shook with both rage and terror, hanging his head low “Ves…chief.” “Don’t sound so defeated Barkskin, you’ve served me much better than I thought you would. You may keep this weak tribe and your petty baubles, I can no doubt find more on the warpath.” “Vank you chief!” Barkskin smiled, belling the anger and murderous plans in his mind.…

I had allot of fun writing this, I have allot of plans for Riptail and the Taggerzan. Now for the record the Otherside scene with Dimtail was actually based on shamanistic traditions of southern and northern Asia. I recommend looking it up for yourself as it's highly fascinating.
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