Team R.O.B.A.T April Errand #3: Spirit's brew.

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The room was permeated by the sickly sweet scent of potions and chemicals wafting in and out of the duo’s nostrils. Barnett went over to the source of the smell and began looking at beakers and bottles, swishing them around experimentally “Interesting…”

his companion looked at him, the zigzagoon tilting his massive head “What is it?” “I have no idea, I’m an anthropologist not a chemist. In all honesty this more your field of experience Dimtail, albeit less crude.” He simply grinned “Ouw tanks Barnett, so wut are we su’ossed tah be doin?”

“Simple, you’re going to drink the various alchemical concoctions and I’m going to write down the effects.” “Oi see, ouw aboot we start with dis one?” he said grabbing a small, bright orange beaker. Barnett was quick to grab a pen and board “Proceed.”

Dimtail drank the beaker in one swill. His fur began to change color from deep red to vibrant blue all the while glowing bright enough to illuminate the room. “Very interesting, how do you feel Dimtail?” he simply chuckled “Oi’m possessed boi all sorts of spirits, none of em angry dou, oi feels foine.” Barnett simply rolled his eyes “noted. Now let us move onto the next one…”

Dimtail would ingest many more potions with many more bizarre effects, like split tails, shrinking, growing, four eyes, no eyes, and many, many more. At last they had only one potion left, it was unsuspecting with clear liquid in a dull old beaker.

Barnett handed the beaker to a still recovering Dimtail “Go on, drink up so we may be done here and get to more important research.” Dimtail nodded grimfaced and downed the beaker in one fowl gulp. Barnett watched as Dimtail’s eyes went wide and his paws went over his mouth, all the while sweating profusely. “Dimtail, what are you feeling?”

Dimtail simply shook his head in discomfort “Come on out with it now Dimtail, sooner you tell me the soon you can-“a huge column of fire erupted from Dimtail’s mouth knocking Barnett from his seat. The column went through the ceiling, and the next one, and the one after that as well, soon the entire researcher’s building was erupting in panic screaming and gathering of precious flammables.

But as soon as it had started the column of fire flickered out, Barnett slowly approached Dimtail, smoke spewing from his open mouth, and asked “So what effects did you feel?” Dimtail looked at him with tearing eyes “Fire spirit, vury angry, vury destructive…oi must rehmember to get dat potin recerpe.”

Client: Chelle

Errand no: #3
Date Issued: 3rd May 2014
Date Due: 7th May 2014

Another quick one, hope you enjoy.

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