Team R.O.B.A.T April Errand #2: Egg Soop.

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    Dimtail had been following the scent all morning, the aroma wafting into his room at dawn, Barnett declined to join him on his quest, saying he had other things to do. Dimtail didn’t mind, he would make sure to bring left overs. Eventually his tracking brought him to the hunter’s building, everyone had their own spot for cooking, egg shells littered the ground and the enticing scent of spices filled the air.

    Dimtail’s mouth was practically a waterfall of saliva “Um hey there, you need a napkin, or a bucket?” standing in front of him was a wevile, a coat slung around his shoulders. He smiled, wiping the copious amount of drool from his chin “Naw, but what’s goin on ere?” “You must be new then, well were having an egg festival and-“ “Woi?”

    The wevile raised his brow “Why, it’s a festival it’s just for fun.”  Dimtail tilted his head in confusion “Dat don’t seem loik a gud idear, spirits won’t loik dat. Oi’d better partecerpat ust to make sure ya don’t anger em.” The wevile simply shrugged “Whatever, help yourself to whatever eggs or spices you need, and whatever your making make it good I’ll be trying it later.” He walked off, leaving Dimtail to cook.

    He grabbed a large cast iron pot, and setting it down grabbed every verity of egg he could find, breaking them into the pot. Next came spicy berry juices, nuts, then ended by mixing it all into an orange goo. A small fire was lit under it, not enough to solidify it, just enough to warm it up. Dimtail smiled, the first part done, then curled into a tight ball.

    It was about ten minutes before the wevile came around again, he scratched his head in confusion as to what Dimtail was doing, was he asleep, hurt, dead? He slowly began to approach him, just getting ready to give an experimental kick before he suddenly sprang to like with a deafening roar. The wevile fell to the ground in surprise, stammering “w-what the hell was that?”

    Dimtail looked at him, blinking several times and shaking his head “Oi was on de Otherside, oi was an egg and for a whiele oi ust sat dere, den I could feel spirits around moi, filling moi with life! I wus growin den, getting bigger an bigger, till oi urst out ere! Added da yolk to da rest!” the wevile stared at him blankly, slowly getting up “Sure…Anyway what is this, soup?”

    Dimtail shook his head happily “Yurp, egg soop, ave some!” he grabbed a bowl and filling it with the gooey substance handed it to the wevile. He looked down apprehensively at the bubbling goop, but shrugged in resignation “I’ll try anything once.”  It was savory tasting, going down thick while he munched on bits of nuts that had soaked up the juices.

    He finished the bowl, wiping the excess from his cheek “Not half bad, kind of surprised actually, nice job-” “Dimtail!” “Sundance. Anyway help yourself to the other dishes, I’m sure pokes made more than enough.” “Dat’s okay, oi figure I’ll finish off da rest of da soop.” “Very funny pal I’d pay to-“ with a staggering amount to strength Dimtail lifted the nearly full pot over his head, tilting it back and nosily slurping it up till the last drop.

    Sundance stood with his mouth agape, mindlessly taking a star coin and placing it in Dimtail’s goo covered paw, quickly walking to the next poke, though his appetite was somewhat curved. Dimtail looked down at the coin, licking off the goo that covered a fair amount of him “Hmm, fergot about Barnett, ah well oi can grab somin while oim ere, still ungry anyway.”

Client: Sundance

Errand no: #2
Date Issued: 23rd April 2014
Date Due: 27th April 2014

well here's a quick one, a bit rushed due to personal reasons, but I think it turned out okay, and a free tip, probably not a good idea to try and replicate the recipe, just a thought.
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