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Date Joined: 9/21/13
Current Funds: 6 St

Merits: **
Strikes: *


Barnett Furnivall Malinowski
Species: Machop
Nature: Calm
-Characteristic: Thoroughly Cunning
Gender: M                     Age: 24
Ability: Guts

Strength: 3(1+2)          Agility: 4
Intelligence: 5              Charisma: 0

Total Points Left: 0/10
Type Bonus: Fighting (Str+2)

Move 1 Focus Energy
Move 2 Foresight
Move 3 Wake Up Slap
Move 4 Lear


-Item 1: Blessed Coat
----Description: A lab coat “blessed” by Dimtail, covered in unknown written in his blood, and modified by Barnett to fit various notebooks and writing tools. (Voucher used.)

-Item 2


-Item 3



Species: Linoone
Nature: Hardy
-Characteristic: Good Perseverance
Gender:  M                   Age: 22
Ability: Pickup

Strength:5                 Agility: 4
Intelligence:0               Charisma: 3 (1+2)

Total Points Left: 0/10
Type Bonus: Normal (Chr+2)
Move 1
Move 2 Oder Sleuth
Move 3 Rest
Move 4 Belly Drum


-Item 1: Body Paint
----Description: Ekanse painted on forearm

-Item 2


-Item 3


========== WRITTEN TEST ==========

It's midday in the Dreamer's Eye, and your team has just gotten themselves registered at the Researchers Guild! Having some free time, your teammates decide to explore the open halls, but when they round the corner to move to the next, they encounter a group of Pokémon blocking the way. Many of them are chatting amicably, but a few in the back can be heard grumbling and snapping irritably, and the cause is revealed to be a somewhat tall Flygon attempting to shove her way through (and by the sound of it, accidentally hitting several Pokémon with her wings and tail as she goes).

"Ohhh... Excuse me, pardon me, Leader's Assistant comin' through... C'mon guys, can’t you have your little meeting thing somewhere that isn't blocking a hallway? 'scuse me, sorry, jeez..."

When she finally makes it out, you see that her arms are laden with a surprisingly large pile of thick paper scrolls. A large blueprints tube can be seen on her back, the strap crossing her chest diagonally and connecting with a metal clasp, while her wrists bear one gleaming armband each; silver worn on the right, and black worn on the left.

Your team has only a couple seconds to take this in, however, as an unfortunate misstep results in paper flying everywhere and the Flygon falling flat on her face.

Dimtail was quick to pick up the scrolls, even if he had no idea what a scroll was “ere ya go marm! Don’t feel to bad, da spirits are ust funning ya.”

"Oooof, so many papers... There we go,"
the Flygon mutters, balancing everything back into a manageable pile before straightening and breaking out into a cheery smile. "Thanks so much for helping me pick all these up. I swear, that’s like the fifth time I’ve tripped today; I’m such a klutz…" She blinks. "Heeeey, wait a minute. You don't look familiar. Are you visiting the Guild?"

Barnett glared at her coldly “Madam I know we are new to the guild, but I at least thought the lab coat would be an indicator I am in the guild, however altered it may be.”

Upon hearing that the team has just gotten done registering, she breaks out in a warm smile.

"Well no wonder I don’t remember you, you're new!" She inclines her long neck in the best bow she can manage without dropping everything all over again. "Welcome to the Researchers Guild! I'm Kali, I'm one of the Guild Leaders' assistants here. Pleased to meet you! And you are…?"

Barnett looks at her haughtily and says “I am Barnett Furnivall Malinowski, you may call me Barnett, or sir prefurably.” Dimtail smiled dumbly and said “And oim Dimtail! Please ter meach yer Kalhle!”

She smiles again. "Nice names! You don't hear many like that around here, but then again Andalusst is kind of a mish-mash of a whole bunch of different kinds of names. It's always nice to hear 'em since Pokémon do tend to come in from all over the place, after all. And speaking of which, did you guys get here from the fog or something?"

“If you must know madam I was studying a tribe of cave dwelling Pokémon when my team and I were ambushed, leaving me the only survivor, albeit severely wounded at the bottom of a precipice. I made my way out and wandered the fields aimlessly, I would have died if not for Dimtail and his simple tribal remedies. We wandered around after that and eventually found the fog and ended up in Andalusst.”

Would you look at that. Whether you like it or not, it seems you’re stuck with Kali for the time being, as she seems to be quite curious about your team.

"Really? Hmm, yeah, that's how it is for a few people around here. I'm not an Andalusst native myself, but I figured I'd stick around. Anyway, now that you're here and you've been registered as a team, what name did you pick?"

“We are R.O.B.A.T, which stands for the Remnants of B.A.B and Taggerzann, my research team and Dimtail’s former tribe.”

"Hah, that's so much better than the name I used when I signed up, wow. I was kind of, uh, young and silly back then, I guess you could say, so the name I used was... yeeeeaaaaah, pretty bad."

You notice she doesn't say the name she used, but before you can ask about it, the green Dragon-type tosses out another question with a curious tilt of her head.

"So what's your reason for joining the Guild, anyway? There are three guilds here in Andalusst, and even if I like it here with the Researchers, I know it's not the best fit for everyone since we're kinda knowledge-oriented; you could've just as easily registered with the Hunters, or the Explorers. So why here?"

Barnett shot her another icy glare “I thought that would be obvious madam. I chose to join the guild for the information and facilities, and I suppose fellow researchers.” Dimtail spoke up, shuffling his feet nervously “Well I suppose oi joined cuse it’s eh big group and oi got okes ou may be lookin fer me and oi likes da pertection, dat and moi friend joined.”

Kali listens quite intently as your team tells its story, her earlier cheerful expression changing to one of thoughtful consideration. She waits patiently for the response to wrap up, before speaking again. "Wow, that's quite a tale! Not many Pokémon come through here with a story like that. Seems like everyone in the Guilds has a driving force behind what they do, and some reasons are... well, better than others."

She pauses, before her voice regains its chipper tone. "So that’s the "why" and the "how"; what about the "what"? What do you think made the Guild decide to accept you into the ranks?" She says this with honest curiosity, not a trace of taunt or teasing in her tone, and listens as your team lists off their skills.

“Well obviously the guild saw the value of an anthropologist such as myself, frankly I’m surprised I had to come to them.” Dimtail stroked his chin in thought “well oi gues it’s cuse oim a shaman. You sciouency toyps probably don’t know ou to deal with spirits and need me to deal with em, no orfens marm oim sure yur real smart! Also oim rurlly strong, and ard to kill.”

"Oh wow, that's pretty cool! You guys are lucky. Y'know sometimes I wish I had a better skill set like that; then maybe I’d be more help to the Guild. Pretty much the only things I do around here are draw and deliver papers everywhere and, well, get stuck helping Archie."

She says the last part with sudden venom, and your team gets the feeling that she’s not entirely fond of the Pokémon in question.

"I mean yeah sure he's one of the Guild Leaders, but he's just so... so... annoying, always bossing people around and taking credit for everything and acting like he's so much smarter than everyone else. And I'm always the one having to put up with him since someone has to help him but everyone else always runs off before they get stuck with him instead!"

Kali lets out a great huff of frustration, glancing away for a moment before remembering she has an audience. Giving an embarrassed chuckle as her face slowly reddens, she says, "And oh gosh, there I go running my mouth, ahaha! Sorry, I'm not talking too much or anything, am I? I kind of have a tendency to ramble on sometimes... And I probably really shouldn’t be bad-mouthing Archimedes...”

With a sudden, panicked expression abruptly crossing her face as she remembers the mass of paper in her arms, she blurts, "And OH MY GOSH I still need to take care of these!"

She starts running down the hall, then abruptly pulls an about-face - accidentally whacking a passerby with her tail while doing so - to stammer, "Uh, it was nice meeting you! I'll, er, see you later, I hope?" She attempts to raise an arm to wave back, but stops when the paper pile in her arms wobbles precariously, and instead flashes a quick grin before stomping briskly away.

Barnett sighed with relief “Finally she’s gone.” “She was noice.” “She was an idiot and an addlebrained fool, I can only hope I can salvage the wasted time from her prattling.” Dimtail ignored Barnett’s scathing remarks, speaking to himself more than anyone ells “She seemed not to loik dat Erchie aracer, she’ll aract ungry spirits doing dat.” He sighed “Oi guess I got’s moi werk cut out for me.”
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Please link mission 1 on this application.

You need to change and use the nature and characteristic of your pokemon, choose the one that you like.… Nature… Characteristic

Could you go to the Atlas, your team's logbook, delete application, then resubmit the application so that it will be approved once the changes are already made? Its the only way for me to approve rejected apps.