PMDU November Team R.O.B.A.T: The Song of the Lost

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Barnett glared at Dimtail as they walked, heavy bags under his eyes “I do not understand why we needed to go at midnight, there are ghost type Pokémon there at other, earlier hours as well.” “It’s simple Barnett, it at midnight when da spirits who are lost find their way back.” Barnett simply sighed “Of course it is, and may I say your diction is improving remarkably, though I suppose I am good teacher.”

“It must be scary, Barnett.” “What is?” “Being ah lost spirit, ripped from your body with nothin but a few scraps of yourself.” “I suppose there is some fear in that, though to be frank ghost type is something of misnomer.” “Ah what?” “It is the improper definition!”

Dimtail tilted his head in confusion “what do you mean by that?”  “I wouldn’t expect someone like you to understand but simply ghost and spirits are a fallacy! They are simply a physical manifestation of an individual’s psychic memories, nothing more.” “And that’s what you believe?” said Dimtail “No it’s what I know, furthermore-“

Before either could continue the conversation they had made it Honehedge. The stone gate was surrounded by ghost types floating drunkenly around it with looks of confusion and fear on their faces, their aura coloring the structure darkly as wind howled around them. “So what now?” asked Barnett.

Dimtail said nothing as he sat down in the dirt with his eyes the only to be seen in the darkness. He took in deep breaths with each one longer than the last, and then he began to sing. His song had no words but only sounds, it began as low soft humming that echoed in the night. Then it changed into a deep bleating before jumping into a high pitch.

As he went on the ghost types began to surround him, mesmerized by the sound. Soon it changed into a melodic wordless chant, then back to deep humming but faster than before. Slowly the others joined in, singing their own song. Before long all of honehedge had become one headless choir of feelings both beautiful and terrifying.

And then Dimtail went silent as did the choir as took in the largest breath of all and screamed, and so did the choir. It was a scream of anger, of pain, of frustration and sorrow, and it flew as if on wings for as far as it could. Dimtail started back from the beginning as he got up and made his way to the city, and his choir followed leaving a stunned Barnett alone in the dust.

As they made their way through the city no one slept, many could only watch and listen to the wordless thing that made its way through in stunned silence. But ghost types, those who heard the words behind the sound joined in the song, out of empathy and nostalgia. That night Aldurest was ruled by the dead, and their song echoed until the rays of dawn when all rested.

Nikki the Knick never figured he’d die like this, to be honest the pidgy always figured he would die at the hands of someone ells not starving to death in the middle of field of fog. The food in the bag hadn’t lasted him for more than a few days. As he lay dying he didn’t know what he thought would have happened, he had no idea where Barkskin wanted him to go nor could anyone navigate the fog.

“Could be worse.” He muttered to himself “I could have been stabbed, or eaten by Barkskin…yeah there are worse ways to go.” Maybe he would drift off sooner than later and it would all be over. “Who is this I find, waiting here to die?” Nikki sighed, it seemed he couldn’t find any peace and tried to focus his eyes to see the new annoyance.

It was a strange Floette, all her color had faded to grey her save for the eyes, which seemed like stain glass windows. “The king of the mist who are you?” “I curtsy kind king, I am Madame Lilly who sees all things.” “Great…can you go away I’m busy dying here lady.  Unless you can tell me where to find the Taggerzann.”

“The Taggerzann I see, I would know where they’d be.”
“Yeah sure wha-wait you do?! Ah what’s the point were still lost in the fog.” Madame Lilly leaned on her flower in confusion “Fog you say, but it is such a nice day!” “Wait you don’t see all this fog?” she shook her head. Suddenly Nikki felt much better and much fuller.

“Well lead the way Madame, we have a chief to meet!” “As you say good king, but the Taggerzann give no kind things.” Nikki had long stopped listening as he was eager to finish his job and return to his warm bed in Aldalrust.
Team: Team R.O.B.A.T Application

A little backstory for you all, the song Dimtail sings in this was inspired by Shirin Nsahat's Turburlance, a haunting video piece. I also have no idea if Madame Lilly can actually see through the mist, or if she's just crazy, enjoy!
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