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Revelry and joy filled the Hunter’s guild estate, pokes laughing and drinking their fill, a well-deserved celebration after all the toils of the past months. All of this was lost on Barnett as the machop sat in the lounge, nursing the various Andalusstian and Iaponese drinks. “How droll this all is.” He thought to himself “Of all the things we could be using these resources for, this is what we-“ Barnett was cut off by a large paw on his shoulder “Quoite dah fesverval eh Barnett?!”

He turned to see his associate Dimtail covered in a myriad of paints, looking very much like a harlequin “What is this now?” “Dey was paintin faces, Oi couldn’t stand still oi was so happy an well…” he finished with a grin “Why am not surprised.” Barnett sighed. “Somin da matter?” asked Dimtail “I am simply not the type to waste their time on frivolous pursuits, parties especially!” “Now dat ain’t da way tah be durin a fesverval, let dah spirits take yah!”

Before Barnett could say anymore Dimtail had grabbed him from his seat, dragging him to the dance floor. “D-Dimtail stop it this instant!” Barnett pleaded to no avail as he made his way center stage “Hoi everyone!, Naow if yah never seen ah Taggerzan dance before, den you ain’t seen dancing!” while the crowd applauded and made room Barnett leaned in closely, whispering “What exactly do you think you’re doing?”  “Just follow moi lead.”

“Oi strummers, play somin fast an loud!” as the band began to play Barnett had to admit to himself he was curious to see what Taggerzan tribal dance was exactly. As Dimtail began it didn’t seem like anything special, a step-hop-step-hop kind of dance, that was until he gave Barnett a none to kind bop to the back of the head “What was that for?!” Barnett yelled.

Dimtail said nothing however, he simply frowned and continued his dance, bopping him on the head every now and again, every time a bit harder and slowly Barnett’s patience evaporated. He grabbed Dimtail by the shoulder and yelled “I demand you explain to me this instant you oaf!” he looked at his friend with a smile before punching him as hard as he could in the gut.

The crowd went silent as Barnett barely stood, and as he stared at the dumb expression on Dimtail’s face he could feel his anger boiling over. His hands curled into fists as he shouted “Yu flotsam edded wall o’ blubber! I’m gonna boil your e’d in oil and chop yer tail fer a belt!” before running after him with the intent to beat him into the floor.

Everyone whooped and hollered as Dimtail dodged out of the way of Barnett’s blows, still keeping up his step-hop-step-hop. Barnett meanwhile was using the one thing he had on the massive zigzagoon, his mind, watching his every step with razor focus and foresight. When the time was right he shot out into a fury of blows, each connecting with the shaman’s face before being laid flat with a vicious uppercut.

Barnett stood before a stunned audience, breathing heavier than ever before, what was paint and what was Dimtail’s blood was hard to tell. The tension in the air was broken as Dimtail began to laugh heartily “Harw hawr hawr! Now dat’s dancing!” As Dimtail threw his arm around him and the crowd cheered Barnett felt his anger replaced by confusion “W-what just happened Dimtail?” “We danced, pretty good if oi do say so mahself!” he said plainly.

“That was not dancing.” Said Barnett as they walked back to the bar “That was you provoking me until I grew furious, at which point I attacked you, before knocking you out.” “Yarh dancing!” Barnett simply sighed in defeat, chalking it up to another tribal custom. “So whart was that about chopin moi tail off?” said Dimtail with a grin.

“T-that, well um you see ah, as much as we ah wish to um distance ourselves from our origins we ah cannot fully um remove them…and wipe that idiotic grin off your face!” “Oi sir!” he said putting on a face of mock seriousness. The two were about to return to the bar when Dimtail began to walk outside “Oh what now.” “Ah don’t be sad.” Said Dimtail “Oi saw a big foire outside with other pokes telling stories, and I knaow how much you loike mah stories an-“ Barnett needed no further provocation, almost dragging Dimtail to the bonfire.

“And the voice was right behind him!” yelled the young charmander, his elders applauding in earnest. “A scary story eh? Noaw I don’t know if oi can beat dat!” chuckled Dimtail, sitting down next to the charmander “They’re the best!” he chirped “Aye, I gottah an old story passed down from an old friend for yur all.” He looked back to Barnett “Yah gonna sit doawn friend?” “No, no, go ahead Dimtail I am fine with standing.” “Very well…” As Dimtail began his tale he seemed to get older, wiser, and a reverent sound filled his voice.

“Long ago a small village was terroroized by a great spirit in the shape of an ekans as red as blud with eyes as blak as evil! He would storm into da village and eat any who weren’t fast enough, and crushed homes with h’s giant tail! One noight all the villagers met in the da chief’s tent and asked of what to do, the chief could think of only one thing “We must seek the great spirit of the woods, the noctowl!”

An so da chief and ten o is best warriers went deep into dah woods, carefah to avoid dah ekans. But soon ernurf dey found da noctowl at his shrine and said “Oh great spirit, there is an evil kin of yours terrorizing our village and eating our pokes, what do we do to stop him!” tah which the noctowl reploid “I know of the kin you speak of. He is greedy and dim, find him while he rests in the night and paint his tail like a bidoof and hide in the trees when he comes to feed again on your village.”

An so they did, for the spirit’s path o destruction was easy tah follow, an high did dey cloimb, up to tah hoighest branch! An at noight da spirit came tah eat dah villagers agin, but e would find none! In anger e thrashed abart nearlah knocking doawn da villagers! As da spirit lay exursted on da grownd he notaced a bidoof, and a fat one at dat!

“yesss.” Hissed the spirit as he struck his own tail, so greedah e never felt da pain as ate an more an more an more of imself, till e ate his own head and dissapeared! An da villagers cloimbed down from da trees, an threw da biggest celebration da forest ad ever seen! But keep in moind of yurr greed, or yah may find yah tail in yah mouth!” the pokes around applauded Dimtail, the charmander looking at his own tail in confusion.

Barkskin had certainly been busy since he arrived nearly dead weeks ago. Eight different gangs now called him boss, those who didn’t submit to him were quickly convinced, or eaten. It still amazed him how soft lived such a big village was, and all the wonders it had, blankets, sweets, fine wine and finer pokes. All of this and more was at his new base of operations, a long defunct warehouse in the poorer area of the city.

As he marveled at all of this a small pidgie flew to his shoulder from out a broken window “Vat do you have to veport?” he growled “I-I’m sorry boss but we’ve looked through the city and we haven’t found him, none of the zizagoons we found match the description of yours. Though on the plus side we have heard the trade routes are up again, so that means new stuff to steal!”

“A trade vroot you zay?” he said, stroking the pidgy with his blade “y-yes boss, I swear on my life it is!” Barkskin made his way to his hoard, grabbing some of the nicer things and putting them in a sack and throwing it around the pidgy. “Vat is zour name?” “Nikki the knick!” “Visten to me good Vikki, you vill fly far from vis village and find a var camp in za great woods next to a mountain in za shape of va lizoone. Vind a tribe by za name of taggerzann, go to za chief and prezent deze gifts to vim, and tell him Barkskin vas a found a prize in Aldruzust!”

Nikki needed no encouragement as he knew what happened to those that angered the boss, flying as fast as his wings would let him. “As soon vas Riptail zees za wonder of dis village e vill forget Dimtail, maybe even make me a second zin command.” Barkskin thought to himself “An who knows, mayve e dies on da way, den again dis is village is full of danger….”
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Well I had a blast writting this, also this marks the first time I'm begining to go more with my own little story along side the PMDU story, expect the Taggerzann to invade te city!
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