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The forest was livid with various pokes, and for many of them it was a satisfying act of selfless kindness, Barnett and Dimtail were not one of those pokes. Barnett sat on a stump, looking intently at Dimtail, his reason for being here. He watched as the massive zigzagoon arranged saplings in a ring, taking excruciating detail each and every one of them. “So what is the significance of the saplings arrangement? It certainly is not for future loggers, it will make it impossible not to have them fall into each other.”

“Da ring is ah portah to dah Otherside.” Said Dimtail as he looked over his work “Like the one made of stone you constructed for the story.” “Yurs, but dis time it’s for complrtlah different purpuss.” Barnett said no more, simply sitting back as Dimtail bit his paw, drawing blood. He went to each sapling and drew a strange symbol with his claw, using his blood for ink. When he was done with that he went to the center, drawing a symbol on his forehead, and began to dance.

He danced franticly in the circle, leaping and diving as he chanted, his voice reaching higher peaks of ecstasy “Oh yung spirits of dah trees, ere mah now, a umble shaman! Oi ask of de, with spirits of dah urth, trap dah evil spirits of dese woods, oh burth our make, and of dah sisters! Trap dem in yur roots and in dah circle, take dem far away from ere, to dah Otherside, and keep dis forest pure! We dank you fur dis tarsk, and dank your fullow spirits of trees, who’s flrsh we use fur our omes, and protect us from evil spirits as you do dese woods!”

At this point Dimtail had gathered a considerable crowd, his huge voice echoing through the forest “Spirits of dah urth, hold yur yung luvers firm, hold strng agnst evils spirits of wind dat wud tear dem from you, and evil spirits of foire dat would burn dem! We dank you fur dis tarsk, and dank you fur givin us places to build, and holdin safe ur crops!”

And with that the dance ended as Dimtail collapsed to the ground in exhaustion. As the crowd dissipated slowly got up to help his associate, muttering to himself “Interesting...”
Client: Gavina
Errand: #7
Date Issued: July 26, 2014
Date Due: July 30, 2014…

Well this was a fun one! Seriously though I had a great time writing this little quickie. But who cares what I think, it's the readers who tell me if I'm good or not. (probably not.)
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