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Kara looked at the crowd of pokes in frustration, sure there were allot of them, but none of them exactly yelled “I’ll mess you up six ways to Sunday” she sighed, trying her best to hide her disappointment “Okay pokes, as you know some punks think that they can muscle in on the night market, well it’s going to our job to remind them who runs things around here! Now
I don’t want any killing, fighting howe-“

Only now did Kara notice the large shadow casted over her. Turning around she was greeting to a massive zangoose towering over her. “Who the hell are you?” she said, trying to conceal her joy “Io’m Dimtail, ah shaman!” he bellowed, nearly knocking Kara flat “Shaman eh? Can you fight?” “Oi, I figur OI can.” “Great, so Dimtail, want to join the Kara Gang?”

Dimtail tilted his head in confusion “Kahrah Grng? Is dat yur tribe, is it ah big one?” “Were not a-Yeah, this is my tribe, were a big one, biggest in the whole city!” Dimtail’s eyes lit up “Biggurst yah say? Well chief you ave ah shaman!” he vigorously shook her paw, lifting her off the ground “Okay, okay your in, just stop shaking me!” “Rioght!” “Okay, now listen good, show up here tonight, we have upstart ga-er tribes to deal with, no killing, everything ells is fair game.”

Dimtail nodded sagely “Oi know ust what tah do.” And with that Dimtail ran off to collect all the things he would need for tonight. Kara looked back to the crowd, a fire in her eye “Well don’t let him upstage you, let me hear you pokes!” the crowd let out a whooping battle cry, and all the while Kara looked on with a smile.

The large crowd of pokes returned at night, but Kara was busy looking for Dimtail, who was nowhere to be seen, muttering to herself “Damnit where is that brick wall? He’s the best thing we have to an enforcer.” She sighed in disappointment, figuring the zangoose was going to be a no show “Okay pokes you know what to do, go into the market and flex for these  punks, if they do anything stupid give em a few-“

The mob of pokes parted as Dimtail walked towards Kara, covered in orange body paint with lit torches tied around his head, arms, legs, and many around his tail. His eyes were bloodshot to a dark red and as he spoke one could see he had covered his teeth with red dye “Oim ere chief, sorry fur takin so longah, getting all the dye took longah den oi thought.”

“What the hell is all this!?” Kara said in bewilderment “Oim an evil foire spirit, I’ll go in an scare da oder tribes, den you come in an take carah da one who don’t run.” “Okay, but how are you going scare them? I’ll be honest you don’t look that scary, a little stupid even.” He simply grinned and said “Loike dis, and cover yur ears.” “cover my ea-“ before she could finish Dimtail dashed through the night market, letting out an ear piercing wail, looking to all the world as a ball of living fire.

“This is going to be fun.” A chimchar sniggered from the alley “I heard Kara’s old man wouldn’t let her send in his enforcers, just goes to show how big he really is!” a murcrow boasted, the chimchar nodded “It’s our time now, let’s show these merchants who really-“ an ear splitting wail pierced the air, followed by shrieks of terror “What the hell was that?!” asked the murcrow, much of the bravodo gone from his voice

The chimchar glared at him, trying his best to downplay the wail “Oh you wuss don’t sound so afraid, probably just the merchants getting a taste of the new gangs.”  But the murcrow was less then convinced “You go and look then if you thinks it’s nothing!” “Fine I will, you big baby!” the chimchar looked out to the market “See you wuss there’s noth-“

A massive wailing ball of fire came wising past, piercing him with red eyes of hate and baring crimson fangs as it went by. The chimchar fell flat to ground, a scream trapped in throat. The murcrow stepped out from the alley “W-what was t-that.” The chimchar gripped his friend hard, shrieking only one word “Run!”

Kara watched wide eyed as a flood of thugs came running out of the market, each the picture of terror, leaving only a few tougher, albeit still very frightened, punks and many bewildered merchants. She looked back to her gang, and it only took her a moment to think of a plan. She stepped to the center of the market, a confidant smirk on her face.

“Let this be a lesson to you wannabe gangsters! Now if anyone you thugs still want to mess with the merchants go ahead, I’m sure Redtooth would love to make a meal of you, he loves stupid pokes.” The remaining thugs needed no more prompting as they quickly slinked away.   The night merchants applauded, very much relived to be rid of the thugs

Dimtail returned to a now reveling market an hour later, his costume long since removed save for the bloodshot eyes. He walked up to Kara “Did urt work?” she threw an arm around him, laughing “You bet it did Redtooth! Got to admit I didn’t think it would work, just goes to show you how yellow these punks really are!” Dimtail tilted his head confusion “Redtooth?” “Congratulations pal, you’ve just become an urban legend!”

How long had Barkskin been wandering through the mist, days, weeks, he no longer cared, both due to hunger, and the fact that he knew he would never find the apprentice. As his eyes fluttered and his mind began to fade he could see a massive tower of stone, and the sound of concerned voices.
Client: Kara
Errand: #8
Date Issued: August 5, 2014
Date Due: August 9, 2014…

I got to admit, this is the first errand I've had real fun with in a long time. On a lighter note if anyone wants to use the character of "Redtooth" as kind of a boogyman feel free too.
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