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Felt the need to do a separate page for my commissions

~Chibi Commissions:
Sketch: $2.50
Inked: $3.50
CG: $5
Copic Marker: $6
Additional Chibi Characters: $2
Backgrounds: The standard chibi commission comes with a free simple background.
Any other kind of background like a landscape or structure will be an extra $4 (backgrounds are difficult sigh)
~Regular Commissions:
Head busts: (Same prices as chibi commissions in all forms)
Full Body:
Sketch: $3.00
Inked: $5.00
CG: $7.00
Copic: $ 7.50
Additional Characters: $4.00
Backgrounds: $.50 simple/pattern $4.00 structure/landscape
Payment Options: I only accept Paypal. I apologize >.>

If I feel I have enough commissions to handle (which I doubt I will I'm not very good at this >.>;) I will stop accepting commissions until such time I finish the batch.

I would appreciate it if you paid up front but I know it will be difficult for some people so as soon as possible please >.<

Any questions you have will be answered when you note me.
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Submitted on
January 17, 2010